August 30, 2013

That's It for the Freaking

Enough sharp intakes of breath

Enough of this day that came after the previous and so on

The sun will come up tomorrow

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August 29, 2013

More an Additional Script than a Postscript

Nightmare: there is a trigger that never burns out

Or a fear

There is a crawling that never grows up

The infinite numbers that extend beyond the horizon vs. infinite numbers that exist between two right in front of you

Lonely numbers, like on a clock

Rational numbers, like on a spreadsheet

Imaginary numbers, like if electricity is your thing

Preachers never people my nightmares, but I find them effective in horror films

Because I find creepy more effective in horror films than terror

Like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, I believe in the violence that happens offscreen

I believe in summers in the South, or at least am starting to

I believe in the blessing that is spiders

The cats, they think I should be sleeping

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August 28, 2013

Some Things Hold While Others Do Not

I'm working on this sequel to a poem because Joe Young said the right thing AND more poems should have explicit sequels by now

But this isn't that sequel

That sequel is three memo pad pages scribbled while driving on 95 and if you know me that makes sense

And more of it is rattling around in my head -- but I want to let it do that for a bit

I can't believe we lost that game to the Sox

I won't let that rattle in my head

I swear

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August 27, 2013

Summer Theme #Latergram

More paint

More tires

That was the Summer the Collins boy went missing

That's the abandoned mine

Well the buildings

And that's where we came out

I want to tell a complicated myth about the Rambo II that never was and how it was all intentional, never sloppiness

So many of the leaves are already turning

Up here Fall comes earlier

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August 13, 2013

Some Would Call It a Wheelbarrow

And maybe thanks for calling is the way out.

If centripetal force isn't what it seems, what is anger that goes in a circle.

Oxen go free, red barrels, exhibits of poor judgement at rodeos and state fairs and county fairs.

The dream of matched weight and volume without crushing uniformity.

The dream where uniformity stops crushing.

The dream with corners you take in stride, gears that never grind, and well-used turn signals.

What would you break?
What would you squirrel away for still tougher times?
What would you polish a little too often?

Hello in the air tonight.

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August 11, 2013

So Many Somethings

When there is something going on

Climate control


Lacking a certain focus

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August 7, 2013

All Kinds of Applications if Pressure Physics Does Not Make

You see how they did that? Long Lost Longshoreman Blues. Full of pills, full of days, full of so many things to do for so many people. Full of lists. Full of people and full of food.

Empty it out and call it a day. Look at how lights paint places. How far we've come, how fast. How time melts.

And tunnels, and building wraps, and refrigerated shipping, and one position followed by another.

Hives, mobs, teams, queues and switchbacks for queues, assortments, amassments, massives, collectives, groups and gangs and things that just come together. Dozens.



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Did we really lose you? <eom>

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August 5, 2013

Surface Texture

I want to give some piece of my brain over to this kind of writing

It's a better world with a group of people out there plugging away at ones and zeroes, whatever the polar opposite of a fad diet is

And all that biomass churns until something for everyone emerges

And I feel like I'd be better off if I could keep a quarter that way

Dreams of connection and disconnection collide


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August 4, 2013

The Things We Do

This should be one in a series of millions and exceedingly mundane

Like the ones I want to do that are just reportage on various articles of clothing

Like observational data tracking the sun from one equinox to the other

Subtly shifting arcs across the sky

"Cutting cool arcs across the sky" would sound good, but the sun rarely does "cool"

Pictures of the sun wearing sunglasses

The sun cold in the sky on a cold and hazy late-fall day

The Voyager probe looking back at a pinprick of a sun as it leaves the solar system

Tangled up in perspective and the tricks shifting adjectives play

Half of that isn't like me and I'm sure wont be something I'm writing about a day from now

The things we talk about at parties vs. the things we write in poems

O'Hara vs. Whitman

Stevens vs. Williams

Was the "Carlos" a middle name? That's easy to find out

Wikipedia vs. The Mystery

These are all fake battles

Truces are for Sundays

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