February 12, 2017

What the Continuation

One button, two buttons, three buttons, four.

Mathematical perceptions-insights-intentions meet constant awe and unintentional gendered preference, some say. Then photography and all its chemistry and Marie Curie and all her hands and countless other stories countless because we forgot to tell them and remember them and write them down but we're not done.

Bright eyes the thing not the guy, good lighting, turn of the century wall paper, wall hangings, low-slung couches and other couches, too. Piles of things surrounded by piles of people with piles of thoughts.

Views from high places.
Street-level views.
360-degree photography and shoot I don't have the degree symbol on this keyboard because that little circle woulda been perfect just there.

Sunday is in motion on the edge of the edge of the edge. Carbs are a good idea at times like these

as in, Eat 'em if you got 'em.

Location:N St NW,Washington,United States

February 7, 2017

The Things I Would Say

I mean the noise

I mean a taste in your throat you just can't run from

Baggage claim, ticket stubs, the bad kind of Saturday morning however rare it is or was

Motion on top of motion on top of motion

And then friends all around

No. No.


Location:Seabrook Rd,Lanham,United States

February 6, 2017

I Mean

So many of me
So so many of me

So many of you
So so many of youz

Your hair
Your car
Your diamond rings

You're real
You're there
You're what you mean

The weather, the weasel, the westward wind

The winches, the witches, the when you win

My friend Taylor
My friend Justin
And then Houston and New Orleans

There's something
There's nothing
That's what I mean

Location:I-195 E,Hanover,United States