July 24, 2013

World Grip Gravity

When everything is moving, what is moving?

Sequences from Michael Bay movies slowed to half-speed.

When everything is balletic, what are bullets?

The things they can do with graphics; the things the planet does with water; sunsets for years after a real good volcanic eruption.

Cancelled vacations; falling objects; breathing meditation.

Insertions and deletions; fair taxation; an approach for a day like tomorrow.

When everything is an opportunity, what does the corner hold?

Stanchions for miles on a good day.


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 23, 2013

Seven Left-hand Hitters

No make that six left-handers

Backdoor, ganders, point breaks, outs, holding

Networks go gone

Gobs go greater

What will save us from this pile?

Like what's the going rate on eBay?

Going O, going gone what're you gonna do with it?

Go as the End of Times?

Go as Edo before the fall? Should we call it an infestation? An infilitratrion?

Go as some who's numbered his days?

See what you'll do. Then see what we'll do.

Cuba's a ways away.


Location: On the way from NYC to Baltimore; not quite past Trenton

July 22, 2013

Words Like Monday Come Around a Bend

There are those that have the fur and those who wield it

Weld, welt, welp, welcome

Savannah, meadow, forest


Target acquisition
Advanced target acquisition
Predictive target acquisition

Adjustments for velocity, relative velocity, gravity, wind, atmospheric distortion, planetary curvature


Tracking, trackball, scouting party

Excellent soundings

Excellent plaster casts of the getaway cars tire treads

You are a database search away from breaking this case wide open

And pay phones are rarer and rarer


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 21, 2013

A Wooden Sorry, Good Night

One tree planted after another without so much an apology

Later there would be fallen trees, lichen, moss, mushrooms of all sorts

What was growth changed to become undergrowth

There will be a time for sleeping and softness

A wooden sorry, goodnight

This isn't who I am, it's what I do


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

There Is Some Rain

Verbs vs. title casing. Camel casing. Intestinal casing

Breeds intention. Breaded reading. Buffalo sauce.

Mean, mean, measure, better.

Mean, plan, measure, better better.

Butter churned from.

Protein in all its many forms.

Cheap and dirty chemistry labs when efficiency be damned

When the rewards are so obvious

When the timescale is so glacial

Geologic, epic, meteoric, dynastic.

Dynamic duos vs. trios vs. confused mission statements and circadian rhythms.

Vs. Autumn

Vs. gravity

Vs. the great and crushing crusher that's not quite space

The meat quite literally falls off the bone

The day pitches

Some seem crazy

Others have forgotten the sound.


Location: Swan Lake Swim Club, Baltimore, MD.

July 19, 2013

Bridge + Expanse

A collection of wood

A thing that is both small and ugly

A dress for the drycleaner

The sound that comes with sunset

The right doughnut at the wrong time

The way of the quiet office worker

This stress before bad weather

This envelope properly posted

This question heard but not answered

You begin and you begin again

You circle the point then circle the circle

You bring it to another home

July 18, 2013

Everything to Everyone

I just don't have it for erasures right now

I have it for the firehose and the flood and the synchronous

I have it for the Collapse of Space and Time taking a look at us and saying, silly humans, this has nothing to do with singularity

I have it for a view of everything breaking down to neutrinos being anything but gray or just not giving a shit about gray

All these images in my head that aren't pictures

Strings of words and/or rhetoric and/or narrative shreads

Jokes and half-ideas and half paragraphs

I want to make some space for rabbits, so I just made some space for rabbits

Brown ones
Whites ones
Spotted ones
Those giant ones with the long fur
They are German?

Noses and then otters and then rivers and then the air

From whatever-saurs to hollow bones in how long?

It's all amazing


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 17, 2013

I Lost a Post

And I meant it and that's a bummer

I mean, I meant what I wrote

Even if I was on the Metro at the time

And I was metro-ing between U Street and Dupont Circle (transfer at Chinatown)

But that's not enough to put it back together

Funny what autocorrect won't correct

Funny this time of night

Funny what time of morning I'll be up

And out

And "Hey Yeah" was a great song, you're right

It still is

Let's put it on tomorrow

[I wrote this a few days ago, but found it in my drafts instead of having been published... Whoops.]

Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 10, 2013

Amtrak, Weeqhuahic Park

Sixty-four pitches and we're still in the third inning

Some people are red-hot

Some people are doing well

Some things are not forthcoming or are working their way around or are taking a little time

Some things are wild.


Jargon. Dialect. Heteroglossia aka mixing it up.

Remix. Collage. Cut up and cutting it up.

End. The end.


Sometimes you'll even have something to say.

July 7, 2013

No Trees, Now

Heat on heat
Heat on humidity

Near-charcoal smolders under a fine layer of ash, not because I dug around for the right word, but because that's what it does

What it's been doing all night
Night after night

Fan it and fan it some more

The sun will come up and splay oranges and reds down the way

The sun will go down and a host of other stars will get a turn at making you dizzy

You're floating
They're floating
And they're burning, too

Get some sleep, Monday is on its way