May 29, 2013

There Are Things I Do


Closing time

Hope beyond hope and gambling that refuses notions of investment

Breathing near bodies of water

Manhattan is an island

Returning "pivot" to its noun roots

Legacies, nominal, nomenclature

Last Spring, wingspan, birds are dinosaurs

Flocking behaviors, jellyfish, sea wasp venom

See it all happen here, now

See it all before your eyes

Reinterpret it until time never ends

In chains in the basement

Streams of sunlight

Snowdays are heaven

Courtesy of America

Location:Whitehall St,New York,United States

May 28, 2013

Catch Me While I Can

Location:Edgemoor Rd,Edgemoor,United States

May 27, 2013

There Were Absolutely No Gators in the Water Latergram

That's absolutely how the day rolled

Long stretches of a heartrate you could be proud of

Remembering it took 2.5 of the planet's 4 billion years to terraform this place, one bubble of oxygen at a time

My facts might be a little weak there, but the spirit holds

My aims are true, but I'm heading for less aiming

We were in the sun most as long as it was out

We ate food in between stretches of not eating food

And then another day

May 26, 2013

Where Have You Been To, Where Did You Go

Pictures are not people

People are not trees

Irises, wild or domestic, are not arboreal

It's an amazing thing to see an iris pop up back and forth down a riverbank

The plant that makes the flowers, I mean


Think of the times that the picture was better than being there

Now think of the times that the picture just didn't grasp how amazing it was

Think of the times your head, the next morning or the next day, couldn't grasp how great it was

Or couldn't put it into words

Couldn't share it

With dreams, with times

Walks, music, moonrise, momentary connection, things that arrive at just the right moment, a scrap of paper on the pavement or something scrawled in chalk on a brick wall

Take the time to think about each of these and get your head around what they mean to you

What do they mean to the world

I mean everybody that's not you


There are numerous strategies for getting certain about uncertainty

One of my callings in life may involve all of that

Heisenberg's principle is an equation for god'sake

There are people getting their heads around that all the time

As long as higher education stands


I've been thinking about a P.K.Dick-ian time to come when we better understand the inner-workings of all these relay arrays in the human mind and we are able to create moments across the surface of your brain

I know those things mean very different things, but bear with me, I'm talking about that time to come when they no longer do

And at that time things like virtual reality have gone to the Nth and there is no difference between an experience and a manufactured experience

And, of course, this will involve all kinds of bodywork, not just brainwork, let's not be shallow

And I'm thinking about, Well, what then?

I'm thinking about whether it all comes down to economics and history at that point

Do people cease being people at that point -- or at least cease to "matter" -- and it all becomes flows of equations

That's when there are starships?

Cryo ceases to matter because living doesn't?

I don't know where all this goes

I don't know that it'll keep a toe-hold in my head and I'll get it somewhere as a story or a something

I don't know if this will give it a hold in some other head

It'll matter, or it won't


It's Sunday morning

I've seen so much wildlife the past 24 hours

The sun is out and rising higher

The wind has finally died down

So many birds all around

May 25, 2013

We Meant Everything We Did

There will be a city named Los Angeles

Elsewhere, the wind sounds like waves and the sun has set

Vacillate early and often

The entire pack moves quickly to the answer

Some things just feel right

Some things are better for the courage required

Some things hover above and behind your right shoulder

Don't aim, just throw

Location:Brooks Rd,Madison,United States

May 21, 2013

I Own Some Orange Shoes

And here I am at Union Station

Late at night and I've been here a while

And I'm typing like hell with my thumbs

Don't worry, this is a blog

This is how we roll

And the Orioles just won on a walk off from McCoulth (sp?) with his fourth homerun of the year in the bottom of the 10th

I think I oughta' stop right then there

Location:Massachusetts Ave NE,Washington D.C.,United States

May 20, 2013

Two Gone, No One On

Trails and one two three and we've got a game

Long silences on the network

Well, not that long, but you're waiting hard

I mean intently

It was an intently kind of day

Lots of running but little exercise

Lots of something else but I'm filling in the rhythm

Then the accusations that are just jokes

Admitting and joking and dealing with it

There's always somebody in left

There are always people

And then they bring out the flamethrower

Location:S Greene St,Baltimore,United States

May 19, 2013

Before All Kinds of Things

Phones before texts

Before we knew that birds were what was left of dinosaurs

When there were ripples for miles

Beguiling as distance can be, still it's distance

And problems arrive unwelcomed

There are monsters that will wait at your doorstep

While others are out there somewhere and yet every step brings you toward them

The way every point in the universe is the center of the universe

The way light is constant

Like if you never had a chance

Like the ocean when it swallows you

Or the desert when it just doesn't care

I mean, it never had a chance

And here we are, now

Drunk on our chances

Our eyes spilling over with sunrises

Location:S Greene St,Baltimore,United States

May 18, 2013

There Is in There

Oh fingerpuppet forlorned!

Oh who shouldst 'scape whipping ?

And all that


With the weather, and quotes from Cugini last night, and my second time through Joe Hall's "Devotional Poems," I am thinking

Do you think Revelations is spiritual?

I saw Mark Wallace read last night, too, and with our paired interest in horror (though his river runs deeper and faster than mine), I want to ask him that same question

And I'm asking me that, too

Is it like the number one NOT being a prime number

Because the definition just says so

And I'm wondering if super-maths have a real definition for that that takes curved number fields and deep theories on thingness vs. absence that would take years to get your head around so they just give you the "because the definition says so" to save you a whole lot of brainspace

As in all things, there is no conspiracy

And no deed goes unpunished

Trust falls off skyscrapers, also thanks to Cugini

It's all about the falls or the skyscrapers, because I know it isn't about both


There are these breathing exercises that people do


I, mean, Revelations is certainly a horror story, right? Mark?

I was about to say the Shining wasn't spiritual, but maybe it is

Under the Dome certainly isn't

Maybe 50% of Lovecraft?

When you achieve abject terror / abject horror, does that mean you've got a lock on spiritual?


Endocrinology is way more interesting to me, most days

The colors in a dogs coat

All kinds of flooding

Knowing the right time to dip into the reserves or outright drain them

Most times you'll stop for a red light

And the stars are always there, of course

And a lot of times the stars are out, whether you are looking or not

Find a well

Draw slowly

Until you are ready

May 16, 2013

Which Way Is

Yes, my shoulders are a little sore

I've been away awhile right here

I should be working on the deep breathing

There's a point where relaxing is stressful and you have to push through it

Just like a lot of things you read will have boring bits you have to push through

It's all worth it

Fish have to be cleaned before eating

Most would recommend

There is stretching and muscle memory and sunlight

A Polaroid needs time to become what it'll be until it fades into something else

Constance constant consonant

Contact context contested

Contrail con queso conquistador

Confluence, that just isn't funny

Not at all

May 11, 2013

I Thought This Would Be a Good Time

Start with a fork or a wash

Add some direction, some might call it motive

Procedurals and process share a root in Las Vegas

Aboriginal people are from everywhere

That's a point of view

Dinosaurs to birds is a trick, too

I don't know where I'm going with this

Sometimes you are right where you are

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

May 9, 2013

So Many Things Continue to Happen

There were far fewer Americans named Perez when I was young

But I guess there were far fewer Americans, too

And now a Perez is driving in a run against the O's in the 8th and how am I supposed to feel about that

Early May and behind late

Rain never came delay

Digital pedals vs. analog pedals

Fuzz is fuzz

And a brokedown amp is rarely the culprit

Or the king

Stories about the King

Carpets throughout Graceland

Paul Simon, too

A mess, I say

And soon, crab season

Sun, sweat, short pants, short nights

Sunburns feel best at night -- like on-board air conditioning

I remember Summers in Long Island

Jones Beach, softshell crabs fried and in white bread, Mel Brooks movies and me missing a lot of the jokes

I'm rambling

Let's go, Nick

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

May 8, 2013

These Are the Days of Minor Mountains

There are questions about horses

About gym teachers

There are ballistic records and watch lists

There is one down in the bottom of the eighth

They are at each other

There are pants that are grumpy and pants that are fashionably tight

There are cakes and cookies and more

Take the day and knead it

I mean beat it

I mean submission but in the form of contemplation

Conception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a revived and aging Romeo

You'll love it

Here's your popcorn

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

May 7, 2013

Approach, Process, Better Days, Priceless

There's so much confusion here don't be scared

Rocked on your heels for a snap and a song

Soldier on soldered shoulders

Physical problems amidst fiscal results announcements

Plural and plural and singular and partitives

Partitioned hope

A box of water

A blanket of air

Waiting, waiting, gone

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

May 6, 2013

Soft Return v. Hard Return

Stranger things have happened, this perspective

Do you belong where this is

And this is

And this is diminishing value

Stutter-vision vs. moving pictures

Calculation upon calculation

Like sunshine and greenery

Like budding and twigs and stacks of stones

Trade winds as in tried and true

Spun around a stake flagging a line in the sand

This ditch is a salt flat is a desert

In your eye and yours and yours

Stumble backward or forward, let gravity guide you while it lasts

Your next

Location:Snake Hill Rd,Middleburg,United States

May 3, 2013

On This Day in History

Would it make sense for there to be a well that never fills up?

Take a piece of paper and write mystery on one side

And humor on the other

This is like a personality test

If you put the words at the top and bottom you will have the exact number of children you meant to

Actually this is more like a palm reading

If you put 'mystery' on the left and 'humor' on the right you are far less interesting to me

If you put 'mystery' on the right, you should get a lawyer and devote some time to getting yourself OFF the no-fly list -- you've been wrongfully targeted

If you wrote 'mystery' on the front and 'humor' on the back then you have an 'e' in your first name

And if you don't, well, you really do and there is a lot of family drama you'll be learning about this year

If you live that long

And if on top of all that, you're all, like, who the hell are you to say which was the front

It's Freedom Rock, man

Well then turn it up, man!

Then you're really not going to like where this family drama takes you

I'm talking intrigue, and secret adoptions, and deformed left hands, and heaps of evil eyes from when the Old Country was the Old Country

And if you didn't write anything down

Then you breathe air that is mostly nitrogen and/or

You are just short on office supplies and didn't mean any disrespect

Thank you for your time

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States