October 12, 2021

More of the Same

October 11, 2021

How Many Pieces How Far

At some point the angles stop adding up

Torque meets time rather than try a little tenderness

And waves of whatever drown out the wonder

Graying figure and graying field

There’s no way home now

So we stick and move till we make new spaces

Thread threats to whose trouble now

But every matter leaves a mark

Sounded seams on covered ground 

Two of us and then three of us and then more

How does it end

October 10, 2021

What You See or Feel

Pressure nailed
Erased in column
Air and sea and certainly stone
Following faithful to heart
Fast-found the squandered castaways
Call it what you will
Deep breaths, calisthenics, cardio
Overhead and through it
River water again
And the first and second rails
Miles of perspective