July 29, 2012

You Should Slap a Mosquito Bite Instead of Scratching

It's a feeling
It is more

There are better things
There are so many places

Where a map has four cardinal directions
You have thousands and you haven't even counted the backwards

Inertia is a ruthless beast
If you're going or you're not

Friction is a demon
Tension is a weapon

The anxious inherit the earth second after second
You are fully programming you from one moment to the next

Random access, random operations, probability waves, possibilities
Collisions upon collisions over time and divided by nothing as important

The French have a way with food. It's true
So do the Japanese, and the Ethiopians, and the Mexicans, and pretty much everybody else

You do live in wonderful times, even if they aren't always wonderful
Your lost heat will destroy galaxies some day

One little, accumulating, accelerating bit of waste at a time
There's no other way

Every act is part of the end

Riot Is What Riot Does

A riot is a riot

And rot is rot

Sunday is a day of the week just like the other days

Crush stone

Crush garlic

Crush your enemies while you keep them closer

Crush ice

Shatter so well

Crush a root or a flower

Crumble and powder

Power and transmission

It's "you'll have it when you need it"

Wires in mud all over again, with more wires and more mud than ever before

I will give them the last word and pretend they begged for it

Crush cans to a better place

Crush bicycles under truck tires

Crush nuts for a cake

Crush arms in accidents

The rocks, they were crushed into dust

And will never be unseen

Like ice's long, slow journey to the sea

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 27, 2012

Tell Me What To Say What-To-Say What-To-Say

Summertime summer time

(I got interrupted in the middle of writing this a couple days back, so this is what it'll be)

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

July 18, 2012

There's a New Kitten Up in Here

There it is.

And there it is.

No photos here yet.

There's the previous kitten, too, in a different room, occasionally growling, hissing.

There's sleep on my mind, allergies on my eyes, and a helluva day behind me.

Make 'em all helluva

Eat more shellfish and French food

There's this list of nouns welling up inside me and I hope I carve out a buncha time for George Herbert this fall

I love the kinda bad ass that stretches across centuries

I love the ephemeral kind just as much

Come October, why don't I buy some bourbon

We'll hang around Justin's fire pit and you can read me Herbert

And we'll eat burgers

If I were a cult leader, prayers would roll something like that

And there'd be lots chairs because the more chairs the better the cult, I'm told

We'd get silly transmedia, too

And there'd be something about fish, why not


Get yourself a jar

Drive around the county listening to country

Speak up over the music when the time is right

The ding ding ding of "your keys are still in the ignition" when you open the driver-side door

Dust swirling in the beams and grit doing what grit does

Trains and gunshots and thunder in the distance

Midnight creeping over the horizon

Saying dome, stars, ways and means more and more

Some some some more and more

Everything hushes out and is gone

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 16, 2012

Another Shout Out to Chris Toll

"I have only 144 characters to save you"

With witches lost people

With early 21st century arrowheads and aerodynamics and switchbacks

The century where sheep will forget slaughter

And forgotten floating will lose people

Everyone will become kings and queens and so no one will be kings and queens anymore

What fate will sequins suffer when our clothes get smarter?

What fate fares glitter?

Questions have plagued us since the Civil War

Massive beasts have been our friend and will be our friend again

But in the middle times we are dinner

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 15, 2012

Rhymes With Phased Closures

I'm radiating heat on a hot day

I'm consuming fluids, breathing air, firing synapses, and the like

My manners are in good shape

But I snap when snapped

I have a thing for celery

I lazed about a good bit and fell asleep in the sun

I celebrated, I ate, I took note, I slept some more, I read, I watched, I brushed my teeth

I got ready for more

I meant to just put together a string of things

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 14, 2012

Aiming to Catch Up on Sleep Asked a Good Question

Something about the kids you thought were crazy looking at the kids behind them and saying, shit them kids are cray cray

The sudden emergence of a universal system of measure

Your burn pattern after a welcomed lazy day

Water everywhere and new ideas about where it all came from

The writing engraved around the ring to rule ten all, glowing in titles and when fresh out of the fire and at other times

Javelinas are closer to hippos than boars

Pigmy anything never getting tired

Big big big big eyes the better to see you with vs. can you even see through all those chibi highlights

Stories roll off his tongue, a sample case, smart tailoring, sunsets

Location:Emory St,Baltimore,United States

July 9, 2012

This Is the Life

Get to know four on the floor

Any old time you choose it

Some open road driving

Some don't sweat the construction here and there

The soft, safe hands of navigation

Stars, moon, gentle rain and more

Summer air vs. my coming-up-on autumn ways

I've got an umbrella or a roof over my head

I've got movement and things I'd recommend

Let's pound the pavement for many years to come

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 8, 2012

Something Is Speaking in the Street

Many somethings, many streets

Car doors closing

All houses here

Even some shared

A story about a summer of endless heat that spawns a midnight culture. Everyone lays up in the daytime, but it isn't strictly a vampire story.

It has the feel of secret summer loves

It's about children at the heart of it -- up at odd hours and living in an entire world alive at odd hours

The smell of 104 on the street today was the smell of putrefaction, I think

I don't cousin with putrefaction so often

What the hell is going on our there?

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 5, 2012

Some of My Favorite Starships

Some of my favorite starships are vampires

And then there is the flying, the sky, etc

Some of my favorite starships are equations

Algorithms is one of those words like an affected foreign accent

I love how French speakers talk about supermarkets

I love a good hot dog, I'm not going to lie

You've heard things through walls and through floors and so have most people

You've dug your feet into the sand as the tide rushes out and so have most people

There are people in Kenya and Burma and France and a whole slew of French-speaking places

Are redundancies more fun when they sneak up on you?

If the NASDAQ falls in a forest

If the flow of Spain is altered by wet weather

If you left your mask at the dry cleaner

Just call me

Better yet, text me

I'll keep an extra for you in the bedside stand

With my expired passport

I've got your back

Rhymes with live naught corps track

Go figure

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 4, 2012

Will Gonna Sometimes Selective Frequency Range Again

Emptiness last testament performance minus in

What we're talking about when we talk about lack will force it's way onto the scene

There is a circle of people, a stray cowering, a hear source, and the kind of attraction that you expect among magnets and metals or metals familiar with a current and so on

Not the kind of attraction that cones with pheromones or cultural similarities or cultural difference or more or less the type we tend to wrap in outfit after outfit

All over

All over your body

I'm going to dress up smart tomorrow because we're expecting heat

Phrasing as in a chord

Something about jazz

And then we're back to the floor, the importance of counting, square meals, and the occassional CPU


Sent by email because I don't have the app sorted out on my new phone yet (and I don't know why it wasn't in the synch in the first place)