May 30, 2012

How It's True, How Come, and Here

Here and here and then here

Hereafter, heretofore, hearsay

We're back to falsehoods

And wide open expanses

Receivers, receivership, travel

Regulation is the order of the day

Systems come in all sizes

Contexts were born to cycle rapidly, haven't you heard?

Rules were made to fill the heads of rulers

Palm readers were made

Here's the connection

Here we go

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May 27, 2012

"hyperion wiki" and Us

Then "Not your phone. Mental knowledge."

Aphorisms like, life and nine year-olds are always testing us

Makes me think about tests and strands of hair and lost heart

The sun makes me make vitamins or something like that

The sun makes me wish my sunglasses weren't in the car

A substrate of fear keeps me from getting them and makes me think of Dr. Strangelove -- maybe I'll watch that tonight

And the horrible dream with the lock of hair, the label, the dufflebag

It's drive-in season

It's crab season

There's a softshell festival going on

This is sun season, pool season, escape season, by-the-ocean season

There is no season to end all seasons -- just like there is no ring to rule them all -- those are fantasies

Three is the birth of triangles and a hundred colors

Planes, balance, civility, etc

Three is the birth of "on the way to four," and "on the way to everything"

It's a little known fact that four is actually the birth of trigonometry

Look it up

I'm gonna swim a bit

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May 24, 2012

That's About That

An endless variety of fallacies

Countless heresies

Supplies and sundries

Especially paper products for a rugged world

Or rough-shod

Horses, races, powers, places

Forces, faces, flowers wasted

Like the saying says

The candlestick maker

Like the saying says

I've been taught to eat bread, to eat rice, to give thanks

I've been learning

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May 23, 2012

Tired and French Fried and You

None plus sense plus you

Non-onesie attitude onset

Adult outtage's outer rim

Ought to haughty run-through

Pressure by the atmosphere

Planets by the ├╝ber animal

Awe, cue the pilot

Joy, hang up the phone

Answer the call

Rock the house

Shake it, shake it

And that's when everything falls into place

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May 22, 2012

Let's Go, Friends

Choices, freedom, liberty

Livery, equality, equivalency

Laws vs. rules vs. that's the way to be, guys

Fair hair on better days

Dig it out, the grass, and high-gloss on hardwoods

The seam

The zeroes piling up one after another

Into the ground, another

Into the air, one more

Water vapor and we're out

Absolute zero and we're out

There's iron and then we're all gone






It means you're breathing


Again, afghan, cleaner now, forever, and that's it

I Didn't Forget About You

Ma petit chou-chou

AKA lovely little thing that I adore

I just had a few chocolate cookies and now I'm going to bed

The eternal battle of I should sleep more

While I'm making progress on this "three meals a day" thing that I'd highly recommend

Maybe you're in a sleep-all-the-time phase

Maybe you're too busy ignoring everything

Maybe you lost my cell number, or you're bat-shit crazy

Maybe you prefer email

I was thinking about that moment where a soft shell crab becomes a fried soft shell crab

And then thinking about different time-scales and hitting like-I'm-stoned thoughts like, "what if the diseases we get are like soft shell crabs getting breaded alive and dropped into oil, but by some different otherworldly something"

And then I was thinking that was stupid, because there was no real time-scale issue involved

And that it was the not-sleeping

And then that it would be much more appropriate if this whole thing -- from the Big Bang to the Entropy Wins and Everything Is an Undifferentiated Equi-Dispersed Gray Mass Stage was that soft shell crab going into the oil for some other-other-worldly something or other

Yeah slinkies

Yeah frisbees

Yeah sines and signs and cosines and co-signers

Dark sciences, housing prices, the reality of unreality, the reality of everyone deciding what reality is gonna be and agreeing to it

Then the naysayers and jeremiad-ers

Maybe they are Jerimiahs

I've got your fire right here

No, no

I'm kidding. I'm in bed, remember. That's a picture of the cat up there. She was just in my lap a moment ago and it wasn't some fire-for-rhetorical effect that made her go.

This has become the 5th voicemail in one night, hasn't it?


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May 18, 2012

Hup Hup So While

The trip in tears, the self-defense, the open windows

Thrown sashes, game sevens, sharpened senses

The more harmlesser the lesser heralded

Here haves the currs

Cure-alls and fear-ails

Your chills in softer buckets

Brace yourself for braver winds

Beer tips and deer ticks, how can you say such things

The talk is all over town

The storm clouds and the darker somethings

Trusty steed, holier heads


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May 14, 2012

That's Where I Am

5:38 and in motion

Rolling slowly rolling stop

A confusion of papers

Tires and ties and wheels and girders

Bolts and concrete and iron and rust

Shoulder bags, shouldered bags, baggy drawers, and all kinds of kinds

The drawers sounded good, nobody's pants are poorly fit here

Ears and neon, fasteners and faster

Just been one of those days

You'll read about it

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May 13, 2012

More more more more more

What do you put in a toaster?


Two people are rambling through an historical, architectural landmark, and on its grounds they happen upon a subject that is at once thorny and obvious depending on the time of day, rainfall in Spain, and the aperture speed of an old-fashioned "film camera." What do you call it?

I, too, wonder what the world is waiting for

Have you seen the gun show?

Have you floated through the night?

Have you seen a shooting star? And/or a bat capture her prey?

Have you said hello to the sun?


Put your hand in the air.

Wave it around like etc.

Which did you pick?

This time something young and Spanish

This time something young and French

This time something older and Southern

Some other day, they'll be something to worry about

But peanut brittle, wheat products, dairy, and yeasts

Poison pills, sunshine, new drapery, and stone


What the salt water did for our skin

We're beautiful

And he's never been deader

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May 12, 2012

When You Action This Way

"You can dance," "For inspiration," "Come on," "I'm leaving"

Sometimes you vote against a candidate, don't feel bad about it

And panic, remember it is a choice

If you live in a house, it is full of spiders and every single one of them is a good spider

You can have a laugh about boy spiders

You can see the whole world as one highly specialized sentence piled on top of another and another

You can worship at the Shrine of Is

I've whiled away hours there because whiling is what we expect

But I've done other things there, too

Elsewhere I've tried to focus on my shoulders, then my knees

I've thought in 3D

I've fought past the sensations on my skin

And I've tried to feel all of my skin all at once

I need to get back to these things

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May 9, 2012

Land of the Home of the Brave

The smell of victory

The taste of early morning shadow

The heft of your last good idea

The season for seasoning

The ever-growing pile of things

Stickiness, stimuli, serenade

Promenade, prominent candidate, pride, pride, pride

Close your eyes and count back from ten

Find yourself in the middle of something

Churn gears for miles

Churn years for sense

Focused on breathing

Bringing it home

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May 6, 2012

Multi-tasking Vs. the New Black

All kinds of things big and bite-sized

14-second intervals, thumb-typing, morning coffee

There's lots of time travel once you open yourself to it

I'm starting to think perspective is what I do

And atom smashing

Or particle smashing or juxtaposition or whatever you want to call it

"Be the Large Hadron Collider. Be Beautiful" will be the book I write

Introduce the A Machine to the B Machine and see if they talk, basically

Oversimplifying is a lot of fun, too, if you give it a chance

Not recommended for application to the peoples

Cheering for anything? Also fun

Raise the stakes, make it matter, make it ridiculous, care

And care as in take care, too

And Tyler, too, too

What's the weather looking like there?

Looking good here

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May 5, 2012

Right About Now

Meal of multiple courses

History, pre-history, just cause, probable future

Probably canine, lupus lupus, fox by night, well-studied

Taking candy from everyone

Taking on water

Taking in sun

Taking on lightspeed

Here comes the everything, it is the very best everything you've ever seen

Where do we go from here

Location:S Bethel St,Baltimore,United States

May 3, 2012

All of This Can Be Yours (All of This Can Be Mine)

They call it DC for a reason

It's the District of Columbia

It's an amendment, you can look it up

It was a diamond until Virginia got all lame and took its ball back

And that's why gay people can't get married there

It sucks to be Virginia!

West Virginia left because they thought people shouldn't own other people

Virginia is hosed!

This is for all the great people I've met in Baltimore and all the wonderful ways they've changed me

They got me texting!

They got me writing more!

They got me a band!

I'd say Adrienne Rich got me all these exclamation points, but that'd be a bald-faced lie.

America got me these

She's pretty awesome

Someone should talk to her about Virginia

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May 2, 2012

There Will Be Times When You Feel Like You Don't

I've never really bought into the space elevator

There are the hills

Or a force always perpendicular to facing the center

There is the bald man and his edges

We've always loved the edges

And come from behind victories

There is a thing wrapped in blankets and stuffed to the back of the closet

There is a thing that wears its home

Pay special attention to the soaps

Regulate the water

There the citizenry will follow

Welcome them into your arms

All of them

Acquire mass and heat

Get serious about gravity

Soon it'll be gone

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

May 1, 2012

May showers bring

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