April 18, 2018


Under over again again

Somewhere someone’s gonna hang themselves up on a lip and lose their board

Somewhere someone’s gonna wind a clock that much too much

And the places where that camera shutter sound on cellphones is mandated by law

They surveil the surveillance

They milk the cows

They come up with words for different clouds and colors and sunsets

Somewhere someone’s reading a book or making a drink or making a drink and reading a book

All the things versatile

All the things that this way come

All the days and the nights

All the pains staked

Somewhere someone is hunched over a screen

Somewhere someone is learning

Somewhere someone is disappearing

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 17, 2018

Back Back Back Back

This isn’t the day when all the things are coming

As opposed to this news piece that was playing back some wicked mudslides out in California

But like mud, like clouds on a cloudy day, like soup

When your friends throw you in the back of the boat

Half the phases of all the moons

And so the threads fray so so you go

More salads for more meals

It goes around whether you like it or not

Let it

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 12, 2018


Find your thing
Vascillate, regulate, respirate
Muscular or not
Macular, vascular, vellum
Skin skin skin
Several that sound several that safe
Pieces of wood, wingnuts
Ditches on the sides of roads
All of Canada, the whole goddamn’d thing
The things that bring us together before the thing that tear us apart
Years, altitude, levity
Languishing, longitude, leverage
Everything translated
Everything mediated
Everything present when the present just doesn’t exist the way it used to
Speed, degree, volume
Vacillate again and better
The sun’s down and we’re making the most of it

Location:10th St,Bowie,United States

April 11, 2018

This Is Like What You Like

Give gave the Given the Giving

Bird leaf bird leaf bird

Vegetable matter, animal products, what’s more

Wince and wind and a whining hinge on a cloudy day

Save it so you can save it

Almost all

Quiet still

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 10, 2018


Tag tag Allen take Allen all’s tag

Burn bellow bet bet belfry better best

Willing will whelm no over none now

Selling search leeching lent leavening levering levetating last

Heels, toe, heels, ball baller ballast best

Best best best best best best best

Nesting nest nestled joist joust gentry

The skies, all of them

The days, all of the Them

The nights and the eclipses and the solstices and the stays of execution in the non-moritoriumed states

Moribund mausoleum like mouse like mousse like master

Matter of fact Mayflower

Death is all around

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 9, 2018

Faces in Fog

Static, sand, waves, smoke
Smothered vs. smoldering, shouldering, shunt
Shoved and shut up shut up shut up
Centennial and saviors
Savory sauces
Scrawl my name scrawl my name
Severance and seldom and shut-eye



It’s all practice
It’s all space
It’s all stars
It’s all taste

Open the opener
Better bailed
Best be gone

Location:Terminal Access Rd,Boston,United States

April 8, 2018

Sonnet (Because Too Much Heat Is Vibration)

Because too much heat is vibration

Transitive properties or transitions or perspective

Substitution or constitution or salvation

Where the First Things and the Last Things meet (deep in the heart of Texas)

Sidelines or sideways or similar or seldom less

The threads you pull when the pulling’s good

Fixed width vs. finer grains

But salt you make from the sea

And all manner of things that come ahead of schedule

Arrival and aviator and everything grayer

Brackish and branch and blinding

Because so much heat is inoperable

As epic as awe as mythic and falls

The bottom is still, always with us, all around

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 7, 2018

Whip the Horses and Make Them Stand Up

No no no

No no no no no

All you birds that were dinosaurs and your quantum eyes

All you trees that talk to each other and get shit done

All you waterbears chilling in space

All you bacteria that say fuck it all the time

All you wolves and humans with your social structures that externalize what everyone else internalizes

All you amazing

All you world

Boundaries as a moving target or a perspective or an overlay false but usually helpful but sometimes hurtful but as real as you make them

Because lies aren’t always bad

Because ants can be frozen into stasis and then come back and not just because people fuck around with them, but because nature

Location:Main St,Ellicott City,United States

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April 6, 2018

Turn Train Trial

Speed almost Spring and Spring technically so

So landscapes and overpasses and

Location:New Ridge Rd,Hanover,United States

April 4, 2018

Blind Bid, Buried Well

Blind well, bid well, buried well

Pinched, pliant, plowed

All manner of torn things

Turned soil, clockworks, cleverness

Some numbers are more equal than others
Or something like that

The sun sets, that’s what it does and
The sun rises, because that’s what it does

Bodies in motion, bodies at rest, it’s all bodies

Someone wakes up and they discover a new kind of radiation
Or waveforms or forever something about gravity

Bring things together so we can tear them apart

Like lead, like read, differently cleave

Clever clever clever
We’ll put some air in it

Location:Connecticut Ave NW,Washington,United States

April 3, 2018

Start with Dirt and Call It a Day

Start with dirt and call it a month

The times you wrap yourself in a blanket vs. the times you blanket your dreams in mud

Proximity to a heat source, a light source, self esteem

Sometimes a cut is just a cut

Rationing your radiance is no way to live

Water flows

Horizons stretch

Clouds cover

Location:F St NW,Washington,United States