August 4, 2013

The Things We Do

This should be one in a series of millions and exceedingly mundane

Like the ones I want to do that are just reportage on various articles of clothing

Like observational data tracking the sun from one equinox to the other

Subtly shifting arcs across the sky

"Cutting cool arcs across the sky" would sound good, but the sun rarely does "cool"

Pictures of the sun wearing sunglasses

The sun cold in the sky on a cold and hazy late-fall day

The Voyager probe looking back at a pinprick of a sun as it leaves the solar system

Tangled up in perspective and the tricks shifting adjectives play

Half of that isn't like me and I'm sure wont be something I'm writing about a day from now

The things we talk about at parties vs. the things we write in poems

O'Hara vs. Whitman

Stevens vs. Williams

Was the "Carlos" a middle name? That's easy to find out

Wikipedia vs. The Mystery

These are all fake battles

Truces are for Sundays

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