August 28, 2009

Sweatpants' New Guide to Fridays

Monday will now be known as Shitty Friday.
Tuesday will now be known as Nothing Friday.
Wednesday will now be known as Hump Friday.
Thursday will now be known as Awesome Friday.
Friday will now be known as Friday.
Saturday will now be known as Post-Friday.
Sunday will now be known as Sleepy Friday.

Please refer any questions to Sweatpants.

August 21, 2009

floating light bulb that explodes and looks like a skull (from LaserBread)

floating light bulb that explodes and looks like a skull, originally uploaded by Laser Bread.

She/he continues to lend a little something something to my weeks. You should follow his/her flickr stream -- one new good thing everyday, and achieves straight up awesome at least once every few days.

August 14, 2009

Friday, The Week In Progress

Thanks to my colleague who can out herself if she wants to, who drew this great meeting-doodle of M. at a random moment. This week was a strange one -- and I'm sure this weekend will continue the trend. In the immortal words of A. Rob, "Good job, everyone."

August 10, 2009

Happy Monday

If you don't watch True Blood, this is probably stoopid.

In which case perhaps you should go look at the BEST ANIMATED GIF EVAH. (You should prob do that anyway.)

Peace be with you (and also with you).

August 8, 2009

Brief Anagrams with Hideous Men

August 5, 2009

Make a Day of It

I use more paper products than anyone I know... napkins, tissues, paper towels. I do try to use rags in place of paper towels. And I'd probably use cloth napkins if they were around. Though, too many nosebleeds removes the possibility of handkerchiefs.

I get uncomfortable eating a meal, or even a snack, without a napkin. And prefer a second backup napkin when available. RE the backup: Is that because I eat so quickly and voraciously? Do I not trust my hand-to-mouth coordination?

I wipe my hands on a napkin almost constantly when eating. This isn't always the case. Sometimes I eat an entire sandwich without putting it down... but this is me consciously avoiding wiping my hands.

You'd think I'm OCD, but I love eating off other people's plates, don't wash vegetables when I'm the only one eating, and generally think dirt, grime, and the weaker side of microbes or evil chemicals are all good for me in the grand scheme of things. Like exercise on the cellular level.

I ate cake off a barroom floor once. A glass fell and broke where the cake had been mere moments later. This story always comes up when someone is first getting to know me.