December 31, 2011

That Feelings

(Thanks Bob Massey and Joe Gross for this picture -- and thanks to the universe that made it possible.)

I don't use my fingers for this anymore, really.

But it gets to be that hour and

In Florida a Marine was helping his girlfriend sell a necklace on Craigslist and ended up shot, plugging the wounds with his fingers to save his own life.

And there is a volcano making a new island in the Red Sea.

And celebrities are making all kinds of horrible fashion choices.

This is how the year is going out, people, and it is arbitrary.

2012 will not be the Year of the Arbitrary so help me God we have an election people.

The complete list of film sub-genres.
War on general purpose computing.
India's way
The Saturday Profile
Polarized Iraq
Neil himself saying things that involve Neil

Some things have existed for all time and other things haven't.

Let 2012 be the Year of Perspectives

Let 2012 be the Year of Perspective, too

Let 2012 be 366 days long and full of good sleep and good food

At least enough food, eaten at regular intervals

No binge-ing of any kind (how do you really spell that?)

I'm here, you're not
And then you're here and I'm not and that's the magic you see when you look real closely

There is a point when I'm here and you're here, but I think 2012 will be the Year of We Don't Care About These Little Things

There are still littler things that are important and there are very big things that are important and I'm sorry that this will be a year of no easy rules of thumb, no sunscreen, no chicken soup, none of the things from kindergarten or rainbows or short simple phrases

It's gonna be one of those years and I'm going to get some new boots for it.

December 28, 2011

This Is a Fog Area and They Mean It

Clouds that weigh tons

Clouds that look like cloud sausages

The nation speaks, builds signs, buys gas

And the clouds move on from east to west

They drift north

They get caught in jet streams

Planes crisscross our path at unexpected intervals

They are massive

They restore the principles that made us the greatest nation on Earth

Spending ticks up and interest rates hold steady

We go from town to town in search of music or magic or scenic overlooks

We go from town to town in search of gas and lodging

We go from town to town in search of food while more law enforcemet officials are being shot at and shot

They won't take my blood anymore

That's stupid

Here are my receipts. Here's my taxable income. Make me something special.

Will it smell like strawberries?

Will there be flowers?


Here comes 2012, doing its best to make everyone proud

December 26, 2011

You're Next

Your next meal

Hour after excess excess makes

You're next up for judgement

There is nothing great about this room save the space between people

We stand at the center of a problem and see problems as far as the eye can see

Look in your heart, what do you see?

Look in the garage, what do you see?

Look in the fridge, there's a leftover ham -- we'll all eat well tonight.

Tucked in later


Thank yous everywhere


Another year of this and we're heading south

It's a good plan

December 18, 2011

Keep It Set

Go and go and go and go.

Go and go and go.

Hello lovely facility and and and.


How far forward?

Subway stops, lunch, walking, purchases and happiness and gifts, more subway stops, dropping things off, more subways stops, dinner, movie, taxi, sleeping, showering.

I hear you both.

We're in the middle of it.

Someone invents slogans.

Someone decorates trees.

Someone else burns trees.

Still others burn trees to celebrate success at war, or birth, or co-opting the local take on victory for a birth a thousand miles, a thousand years, and many months away.

That's something else.


They caught up with the tree.

They dreamed the most boring dreams because they lived in the future.

But the fish never slept and were visited with waking dreams of glory and maple-flavored cotton candy.

Castles made of gorilla glass; gorillas made one piece at a time; peace on Earth and underwater prismatic rain forests.

You couldn't see your hand two feet in front of your face and then you can see for miles.

They were wonderful fish living in wonderful times.

December 16, 2011

Thumb-typing Your Way to Healthy Eyes

Who's your mastery?

What's your last, best damage? Or chainsaw? Or spoon?

How are you doing over there with your evolving sense of self?

I'm me.

And then I'm me. And so on.

I have all these great pictures to stitch together into fantastic panoramas and domestic oddities but it keeps crashing when I go to save them.

I should update the OS on this thing, I'm just afraid of whatever time-consuming hiccup I'll hit.

It's all about time and then I'm me again -- but not all over.

I need to be doing this more often.

I have a backlog.

I need to tell you about the songs Sweatpants once covered.

I need to tell you about iPhone voice control and how tools train us even while we train them and how learning's always a two-way street.

I need to tell you about how male spiders are just the way female spiders talk to one another over generations.

I need to tell you about clothes I'm getting rid of, places I'm going and want to go, this sabbatical I want to plan, my birthday, what my daughter is up to, more San Francisco and some New York.

Being overwhelmed by so many things; sunlight; lunar eclipses; the God particle; the super-organism that once comprised all the life on Earth and how I think it's still that way, really; the speed of light problem.

What do you need?

There's time.

Why don't you come over.

We'll have a drink.

I want to show you all these books I'm gonna read.

December 13, 2011

Bears, Safe Houses, How We Pass the Time

Who's your mastery?

M_'s story of being on vacation with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin. Getting separated from them. Waiting with a store clerk while they called over the intercom.

Following song lyrics in the booklet while the CD plays.

Usually disappointed when I learn the actual lyrics.

The unlearning