February 28, 2015

We Put It All Together and Then and Then

Double tough plus good

Or shorten it up or too strong now

A plane to the coast

A plan for et cetera

Coats and solar assist and social this or that

Do you remember Jason Dove and the Magic Whip? That's how you name a band, people

Do you remember the last commercial you saw?

Do you remember your childhood phone number?

I mean what I said

I wander

There's fashion and then there is this

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

February 23, 2015

So So So Many Many Things Things Will Happen

All your favorites at the bottom of a well

Sad sad well

Happy treasures, trespassing, signature sounds

Roll it up to get it through the door

But turntables

But Halifax's own

But what else do you expect

But you drank your drink too fast

I traded lucky for magic and then magic for boredom

My feet are up, my boots are on the floor, my hat is on a chair

Get your priorities straight

It's Monday all over again

Location:Chicago O'Hare International Airport,Chicago,United States

February 20, 2015

Something Like After the Fact

Then he said

Whatever which were

Where wear when

These and ever after

Scale south, scale salvage

Safer salvation

Safer waters

Safe whenever you want to

You keep doing things

Location:World Way,Los Angeles,United States

February 16, 2015

So Many Definitions And Whatsmore What Could Be

Wrapped in one thing on the way to being wrapped in another

We manufactured it all and the surfaces, too

And the internal monologues and names for storms

Rivers, paths, fronts, the different fins on the different fish

We find it all

We find it everyday

And there are songs

Location:E 51st St,New York,United States

February 9, 2015

Later Liars Lane

Library splices
Dirt on dirt on dirt on dirt
Sort it out better

Good on war
Good on feelings
Good for all your days and nights

Severed scepters find foundered heads
Wants are to be stated next
Couples came last

You find it creepy
She finds it too typical
Bandages ringing

Location:Sideleigh Rd,Baltimore,United States

February 3, 2015

Lost in the Land of Difference Makers

So many things to say

One, the next, the next day, starlight vs. starshine

Mixed precipitation, starships, various bodies at rest

Natural laws, what fits with what, turnstiles, solutions

Everyone wears stripes sometimes

I want to mention folks that earn their keep

A bunch of things happened in the 60s (and I am not one of them)

Strings can add up to braids

One beat, two beats, seatbelts, standardization

Forward forward forward

Is not the same

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

February 2, 2015

Explosions Exposition Expatriates

Suddenly shipwrecked


Because different shores and sandbars and circumstances

Equations of anticipation won't let us down

Too much

Almanacs came earlier, if you ask me

There are all sorts of news channels for all kinds of news because of those persistent one man's trash problems

And I'm all for it

I'm for a lot of things

Close your eyes (if you want to)

And if your friends don't dance

And hold me now

And we can, we can, we can

For days: krill

Krill krill

Krill krill krill krill krill krill krill

And then bread and oranges and all kinds of nutrition

Shift to black and white

And slow-mo

And then back

And we are here

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States