January 20, 2016

The Latest, Beta Blockers, Altitude

A mind is a terrible thing to make up like all the things make up means

You see a young kid walking with their mom at 4:30am and it's still dark out and cold and the kid's all bundled up and you feel all kinds of things and then think all kinds of things

This happens in West Baltimore and I don't doubt a lot of places

I've always loved that I'm a morning person

I've been blessed with so many cheat codes

Another chance to not be afraid

Don't be afraid don't be afraid don't be afraid

Comfort is relative

Bowling ball vs. bed springs

Motion vs. other motion

Who has time for things like a smattering of whatever?

Look at all that ice: We are alive

(aloft, along, elongate, crush, crush, crush, crush, goose)

Windy af coming in though

Location:Terminal C,Boston,United States

January 11, 2016

There's Only One Salmon on Blue

The same and we all share it

There is only one light, and it shows up everywhere

There is only one planet and one star and one plane and one air

There is one salt and we share it

There is a kingdom with a tower and a door

There is a road with a stripe and a wide berth

There is only one beginning and we

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 3, 2016

In Light of So Many Things to Come

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 2, 2016

Forge Forget


Forced march
Garish grim granted

Wherever you will have it
Whenever whatever is eaten

Everything falls off a cliff in a story about things falling off cliffs

A secret society of stenographers

Stutter stutter stutter
Sputtering engines especially when you need them

Never night time

Twice twinkling, twice mine

They are all fairytales, each and everyone

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States