May 8, 2014

Some Cats Some Crazy Present and Present Again

Day 1
The sun is a star

A bunch of other lines that say essentially the same thing

Defining rhyme, defining various rhetorical techniques, various ways your head works and doesn't

Day 2 (Days Later)

The sun is both far away and too hot to handle

The night varies in length and meaning


When you get to the train station to find that your train is still on time

When you buy a shovel and a rake


Tension becomes important to stability, eventually

Ruthlessness gets misplaced and misunderstood

Pieces of paper being shredded and standing in for that thing that happened


Not never owning now ever
Everything everything everything

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

May 4, 2014

Chock Fulla #Latergrams and It's Sunday, Yo

Light blankets

Probably apples somewhere because the seasons aren't the boss of you no more

Mown lawns everywhere

Dirt and tree roots spidering

Newly identified poison ivy, it's days numbered

Deep breaths, loads of dishes followed by loads of wash

Differences between height and length and width and weight


Travel time

Surely lots of unfairness if you give it mind

More sunshine
Meals and


Location:Valleybrook Rd,Baltimore,United States

Slip Among Ships #Latergram

I wish I was actually moulting instead of all this bullshit

I applied generous amounts of sun and open air and exercise

This no avail and that no avail

The sky was blue and there was just enough rain to lend spectacular effects

You still see lines of silt where the flooding stopping last week

Debris, rings of pollen, slumping bricks, rivened concrete if riven can do that

Sediment knows variety

Feet know solid ground

Things want to settle and I want them to get what they want

Today the world was grass and mud and bricks and dirt and pavement and sky

Also benches, chairs, tables in various styles, sofas, televisions

Tomorrow we do it all again

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States