November 29, 2012

They're Adorable

They jump from here to there

The light it does its own strange things

I can write about them all the time -- this isn't my job and you aren't paying anything


Flattery is the sincerest form of give me all your lovin' an' all your hugs an' kisses, too

Aside of fork

As side of gee / black and white film and / or time machine and some gosh


Keep the great cats with the great cats

Keep the birds of prey with the birds of prey

What is good for a library or a bookstore is a horrible idea out there in the real world and that's something you should keep in mind when reading a book

They used to make them with lambskin, don't they?

Christopher Columbus is in books

Hitler is in books



You see a sand castle and you just want to end it

You are so mad at something


Photobooth filmstrip


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There Is Always a Point

There is always a man walking down the street that wishes he could end it there

Photo of a tortoise and a bunch of baby tortoises with a joke about heading back to the mothership

The Law of Little Ones states that they will get bigger and bigger and then huge

Sometimes you have time to dig into things like, What is the point of paragraphs? What's the skeleton, the irreducible, the musculature?

I'm thinking about Kimball when I'm thinking about that. At least right now

Michael, you should head into a deep "paragraphs" phase

Maybe it'd be good for Spring

Let's grab some beers and talk about it

It's getting colder so we'll talk inside

You can spend some more time with the cats

They are great cats

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November 28, 2012

Square Contact

And is


Front lawn / backyard



Good first

Expend / extend


Explain explain explain


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November 27, 2012

Story from Someone's Past

Do you cry late at night?

Do you hold a special silent?

Has the long march of history let you down?

Eyes are crystal in the morning

Pupils float on finer fluids

There is a real space between sounds good and real

Rhetoric, right, left-handed, confusion, top anything, full stops

Half a billion is a billion divided in two

Way to go Einstein

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There Are Many Universes (with Nods to All My Friends and Forebearers)

Who named the plains?

What was the last thing you put into a bag?

There are many universes that have blackbirds and even more with birds that are black

I don't get the one about the white horse

I think it has to do with patience and patience is often a function of interest

But most math goes both ways and more

Then sets and matrices and even you're bored

When was the last time you were bored to tears?

(actual tears)

Actual tears in actual stockings

Actuated joints, activated machines, accentuated modernity

And more

You could say there are many ways of looking at many things

The end of this vs. the beginning of tomorrow

And / or going on to peel off the days by the layer

Patient one-by-one

Accidental two-by-two

Eventual tearing in jagged strips

Calcium deposits, bark, dead skin cells, etc.

And crunching

It ends on the salt flats and everyone is there

High five, everyone

Now, break

November 25, 2012

There Was Gondwana

There is a sack at the bottom of the ocean

And I'm googling just how deep those deep sea trenches are so I can dazzle you with facts

And now servers are humming underground and overland

And heat is being cast off

And conquered by cooling systems

Because this is the twenty first century and we've got that for miles

There is a sack at the bottom of my bed

There are chemistry teachers that will tell you that you are a sack of saline with some trace elements

We walk on oxygen when we are in the forest

But when are we ever in the forest

We move from space to space and that's ok

There are some things above that aren't true and / or I don't cotton to

The cat is in the bed

She is getting older

I can hear her breathing

She's facing the window even though the blinds are drawn

All of these things are true and
/ or I believe them

We need better equations

Starting now

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November 24, 2012

Here's a Picture of Things

Then there is a ghost

Reception vs. completion

Something about the smallest possible string, but I mean that in a classical sense

The smallest possible pebble

The smallest number you've ever come across in the real world vs. the biggest number

Stars, retirement fund, grains of sand on a beach, truly all the people or all the ants you've ever know.

Then there are the mistakes

In groups of twos and threes and mores

Then there are the swamps and the people who live in them

Everything needs an engine

The distribution of buildings in Upstate New York vs. clouds in space and planets and the occasional neutron star

Then there are sunny days

Then there are diverse weather events

And portfolios that stretch beyond sight

The pull of comprehension vs. pull of a connect

You gotta eat some breakfast

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November 23, 2012

The Shape of the Things that Hold Water

The path from conveyance to contrivance is lost on no one this long weekend

You hold dinner in your mouth and then you digest it

You grow and then you leave things behind

The water boils then you reduce the heat and then you cover it

As sure as Friday follows Thursday

Which is to say that Saturday also follows Thursday as does Thursday as does every day

Suddenly Elizabeth was the queen of England

Suddenly nuclear subs are in the water

Suddenly we have solutions to all these problems

Continuities give way to degrees and make their way back to spectrums

Hair metal is born

Feedback is theorized and then born

Wormholes open and close

Books are written and marketed and summarized and shelved

Grace and elegance and mercy and patience

Celebrated slowness

A half turn

A high in the air

An ever-after

A short line connecting two things

And then an opposition and an intersection and things cross cross cross

Chris is not Christ

And missions are not missionaries

But somehow I've ended up here

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November 19, 2012

"We Finish This Here," She Said. The Flaming Hulk That Was Your Mustang Reflected in Her Night-wide Pupils

Some things are abandoned

Some days will get brighter

In the desert, they don't call the sun beautiful

While in the ocean they don't call the water anything

From time to time, the expression "It is what it is" rises in popularity and then falls

Circles are always popular, it seems

Land of the free

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November 17, 2012

This Came Into My Head on Friday While Driving Down 95 to DC for Work and Blasting Dan Deacon on the Stereo, 8am-ish. I Scribbled a Note on a Notepad, but Now I'm Finishing It

"File Under Things That Would Make Me Sad for You"

If this doesn't make you want to move, then your inner computer has no soul.

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November 16, 2012

Sell Sell Sell and Such

celebrate. candy
celery. can you see me
celestial. camphor


This was on my mind while driving in this morning. I though "Sell Cell Shell" for a title but backed off.

I want to make it into a desktop background with words in white on some kind of acidic (pink? Acid-green? Both?) background.

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November 11, 2012

Filter This, Filter That

Things drift downward in lines or circles

The free-weight exercise called curls

The ice-borne sport called curling

The hairdressing implement called curlers

Hot curlers

Cool November evening

This filter, that filter

A memory burns through it

A better decision awaits

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November 10, 2012

All Kinds

There are all kinds of getting by for all kinds of people

There is always more

(More people curling up on beds

More alien sounds from animal companions

More than two and less than four is what your ear is asking for)

Bring on the more

Open the pantry of your heart

Sounds like it goes there, too

Building. Stage. Sky. This city. Rock and roll.


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November 9, 2012

I Really Do Think

I really do think we'd be so much better off in every way if we could get past ownership and authorship

I'm reading about Information and there's this struggle between two guys over where it all started

And Darwin and that other dude had the same problem

And millions of other examples
Dude, we only call it Darwin's theory so you know what the heck I'm talking about -- it's vocab, it doesn't need to be ownership

Darwin is dead

He's not getting anything from it

But all the same there'd be millions of eggs to break along the way

Of supporting yourself

Of knowing you are encountering the thing or expert or whatever that you are looking for

Like, I want to be working with the guy that actually knows how to get clean water into my house

I like taking showers and I like to let the water run into my open mouth from time to time

I don't swallow it

I'm not that strange and I guess I could get over the habit if the guy tells me I should go to gray water for that stuff

But I'd want to know that it was the guy that knows what he's talking about

I'm up in the air and I've got time

I'm in the very last seat that will de-plane so even once we land and taxi to the gate and start getting out, I'll still have all kinds of time


Go read Latsky's "Thunderbird" if you've got time

And Gleick's "Information" if you've got more time

We don't need to worry about what all this is for all the time

We don't need to worry about what all this is becoming because it is gonna become anyway

Our children's children's children will know what you mean when you say Darwin or Jesus or whatever

But fewer will know where that annoying sound their eye makes when it takes a picture came from in the first place and they'll be pissed that Congress won't do away with the law that mandates it

And fewer still will head down to Chinatown or Russiatown or whatevertown to hack that annoying shit out

I hope my children's children's children are taking pictures out of the tips of their thumbs though

They'll look more like Clinton or Obama and I hope my children's children's children know who they were

I bet they are gonna have ridiculous music

I bet shit's gonna be amazing

Look at a cheetah run, I mean that's amazing and we've had it for thousands of years and keep looking at it better and better

I mean, the cheetah is shit-white-hot forever

Doesn't it make you nearly teary

But we keep looking at it better and better

The cheetah, shit-white-hot

We, getting closer day by day

The stars. Victoria falls. Maple trees. The acceleration of any falling object. Wind resistance. The New England coastline. Tidal pools.

And then the equations we use to share them with each other getting hotter and hotter

Let go of the nostalgia

Let the clock move forward

Soon you'll be staring right into the eyes of a cheetah that's just realizing how bad ass this whole running thing is and that its the baddest ass in town

And we'll all be the baddest asses in town for a moment, too

But hey, who am I?

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November 8, 2012

This Is What I Write

I don't understand everything

And I don't always try

This is what I write

This is what I bristle against

And I see an old cartoon cowboy and that thing his mustache does that's somewhere between a finger in an electric socket and what I'd imagine auto-tune would do for hair if it was for hair and not voices and being in tune

Saturation and gain

Timing belts

Tire troubles

The light flickers and fades a bit, too

How'd I end up here, while looking around or thumb-typing

Like, where did I park the car?

Like, I was there and now I'm here and I don't recall the between

Like, I swear I've seen this movie when I haven't at all

Like, Thursday

Post-election like like like

Proud tears are the tastiest
I mean the welling when someone is proud of what you've done or you're proud of you

No copper whatsoever, no nickel

They found this predatory sponge

It grows a stomach around everything it catches

It doesn't know run-of-the-mill filter feeding from Adam

Just like dogs could give a shit about their reflection

It spins to the Super Earth

It spins back

November 7, 2012

Election Day + 1

Obama. Gay marriage in Maryland. Tammy Baldwin. A bunch of other good stuff and very little bad stuff and none of it all that bad as it could have been.

I'm going to eat a nice breakfast today

In America.

More to come

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November 4, 2012

After Reading Dorothea Lasky "I Had a Man" On the Heels of Having Just Thought Totally Different Things

You'll wear it and you'll like it

You'll like wearing it and I'll love you

You'll fake it until you make it and I'll love you again

I'll give you so many things to cry about that you'll stop crying forever

You'll have a dream where, in fact, you can go back

You'll stop seeing dead people on the street for a while, too

You'll shower and eat meals that are good for you

You'll stop pretending everything is so complicated. It's all really simple. Smell this

Plus Plus Plus One

Can shadows ever have roots?

Daylight can't actually be saved

Almost anything can be converted into something, but that's different

The hidden are hiding

While the saved have already been saved

There are big swirls of related activity that we call big, complex systems, and that gets us no closer to the answer

It feels like being wrapped in a mesh of twist-ties

Many things make you itchy

Many things are close

A voice on loop tells you to open your lungs

Another, be still a moment

A third whispers about flames

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November 1, 2012

There Is a Twist and It Never Goes Out

There is a twist and it never grows up

Mistakes are made

Rat poison finds its way into the food supply

Toward, away, across

Every defined space has a center

Every defined space looked at from a singular perspective has a most important point

Every point looked at from more than one perspective or at more than one time has lines like fault lines and these cracks no matter how small have a minimum of two edges -- edges that have differing velocities or somesuch

And you might say hence the cracking

Or you might say position, velocity, acceleration, change in acceleration and so on

You might draw a leaf or a mountain range or map the temperatures along a surface heats around its edges

And they all fall into a beautiful one

Is this what arrows in flight dream of?

This is a story where racecars dematerialize on the other side of the checkered flag.

They aren't ghosts. They don't dissolve. They just cease to be.

The entire practice of medicine is an amazing advance with amazing impact on where we are going. This isn't a solely human province, like all important things.

Chimp moms make dolls when they lose a newborn and researchers call the dolls emotional tools

Spiritual tools

East coast tools

Weekend tools

The moon was once right here

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