October 31, 2015

So Many Things Are Best Left Unnarrated

So many things are best left unexplained

So many of the best things come to you

When we moved from an oral culture to a printed culture, many great arts and artists and ways of thinking were left behind

This happened again with photography and MTV and so on, you get the point

So many things will come to you

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October 29, 2015

All the Live-long Day

Lorem ipsum up some.
Dollar dollar bills.
Bombs away.

Spectrum vs. continuum.
Auto-fill fields.
Automobiles and magic vs. automobiles and wheels.

And fake is fantastic.
And February.
Walls made of wall stuff.

February made of wall stuff
And automobiles streaming by
Days are days and used to be fantastic

Skies are blue because we want them to be

There's the sun

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October 28, 2015

I Say Sing Sing I Say

Have you been out here?

Some people prefer folding, others rolling
There are boxes and stacks and bundles and scores

I look around me and I see cane-like objects as far as the eye can see

Taxes vs. dues
We all have a say so say it wisely

Or say it something

Say say say

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October 27, 2015

Separated Smiles, Sinister Somethings

Sinking sinkholes and darkness

Who wears cloaks these days?
Or dinner clothes?

Everything's built on something

Rhyme reduces the world to information
And that's truer or not depending on your mood

Rhetoric isn't right or maybe is the rightest making fun of right we've got going

It's late, you see

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October 25, 2015

Stolen Stair Soar

Sore shoulders and it's Sunday
Separated everything

Borders vs. boundaries vs. limits
Beckett used to say if he could tell it in a sentence he would've written the sentence instead of all this

Fast and quick and darting
We needed a word for diurnal and so there you go

People come together

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October 21, 2015

What Are You Keeping Together

There is a sled you call This Sled
And household objects all about

There is a snowglobe you got in Baltimore and you live in Baltimore

But isn't an option
When is and that which

I mean momentum and I mean angular momentum and I mean I guess that means there's more for me

When clocks used to wind down
Oh quaint little winding down clocks!

Stores plus things you've already eaten

Next we stack the kindling and get ready

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