July 29, 2010

Hyper-blank, Hypo-blank

Are you born with a sense that you'll be there?

Evidence is known by its mountains.

Life by its muscular contraction and electric signals, enjoyment of sunlight, appetite and appetites and joy. Healing, hurting, sleeping, and waking up.

How many things did you miss today?

And missing the missing.

And keys put on the same counter day after day with my wallet.

And I can't seem to find a new wallet that works for me.

I'm not done.

I don't live under the stairs. I don't change with the moon. I don't even drink blood.

I don't come from some dying planet in some remote corner of the galaxy.

I'm not the last of my people.

I'm nobody's worst nightmare.

I can be proud of you.

I'll pull this shit off.

Got it?

But don't talk like that.

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July 27, 2010

Almost (of Hepta)

Chosen at random means there are so many ones.

Chosen at random means there is a stream or a river and there is you.

Chosen at random can be disaggregated, can be sussed. Disintegrated is a figure of speech. Desegregated, a figure of speech?

Welcome to Baltimore, population greater than one.

"Most likely greater than the most likely random numbers."

Got it? This isn't my stop. And this isn't Wednesday. And this isn't a Solstice party. There's a party for you.

I want to know that I've done this before. I feel the pull. Yeah?

Location:Elm Rd,Baltimore,United States

Some Favorite Things

When a Sky Bison flies over the moon in Baltimore (thanks Mags for the pic)

When a new YouTube meme is filtered through the best thing ever posted to YouTube (thanks Tim)

When a great friend talks through a favorite artists (more on Adam's remix of Gonzalez-Torres' "Loverboy" here)

Taking me all the way back to my daughter's first run-in with Gonzalez-Torres. And back to the beginning where she was the one that spotted Appa flying over the moon.

I'm 75 miles from where I was born, right now.

July 24, 2010


Would a salve for the weight on your shoulders just leave you with a wetter weight?

This is against that and that, too.

Some treatments call for repeated application. Some problems ask for continuous pressure.

Some states are contiguous.

Some continents are lazier (than others), like rivers and dogs familiar with foxes.

And some foxes fly, and they are bats, too.

Spiders are good for houses.

Landscape paintings are good for houses, less so for landscapes.

And landscape printing is your best bet for spreadsheets and sitemaps.

Are you following? I'm the one in the pool. Look at me.


Written on my phone, so excuse the odd formatting [now fixed] -- the space before the photo I mean. This BlogWriter app is good for a lot of things, but that space is annoying thing #1... and it doesn't let you post links either.

Have a favorite iPhone-to-Blogger authoring app? Do tell!

Will fix from a desktop later in life.

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July 21, 2010


She loves him.


July 4, 2010

Good Morning, PA

There's a town here

I know it

The things you've said have gone unresponded and I'm sorry for that, agreeing with so many

It gets brighter and brighter despite any attempts to hold the sun at arm's length

Would boil and bubble without witches, just pure nuclear power

Followed closely by pure strangeness, seemingly unanswerable questions, and then finally codified ambiguity

That would be all we have left if finally stayed final

Percentages and horse trading and percentages of horses traded, so you don't think I've lost my manners

Sorry, I mean to write back

Location:Crescent Dr,New Cumberland,United States