November 30, 2018

You’ll Find What I’m Here For

Location:Strickland St,Baltimore,United States

Life Is on Many Fronts

Location:L St NW,Washington,United States

November 24, 2018

Mode / Mood

Location:Soi Ramkhamhaeng 3/1,Bangkok,Thailand

November 23, 2018

The World Isn’t Coming Apart Even as It’s Coming Apart

Location:Thanon Maha Rat,Bangkok,Thailand

Good Good, Yeah Yeah

Apple, singular and origin stories (plural)

Bent to ground, bent to the sun, bending around walls living and not

Clarifying statements, context is everything, the speed of light in a vacuum oh isn’t that clever

Define what and where and when and why, defy reason with reversals, defy gravity with belief

Everything everything everything everything you can kiss

Forget about this and that, but leave the forgettable

Grounded two by two, grateful come supper

Hidden, no more hiding, no more harassing, and hope and higher and healthy

Islands and effort and fantasy and effort and ice cream but for all the if if ifs

Location:Thanon Maha Rat,Bangkok,Thailand

November 22, 2018

Circles in the Air, Circles in the Water

You can do it

There’s a cat that’s an Italian Boss

There’s a cat that believes in all manner of rocks

There are celestial bodies. There are!

I’m listening and processing

I have so much eating to do

Location:Soi Tha Tian,Bangkok,Thailand

November 20, 2018

The Drain, Dimensions, and Aloft

I’m 12 hours ahead of my my my

And nothing on purpose

Dream horses for dream power

The spread is the air is the lift

Everything is nothing is real is real

I could record what I see for you, but there would be problems

I’m a problem, you’re a problem

There’s a difference between asymmetry and imbalance and why worry the speed of light in a vacuum if nobody can live there

Sure all those cute little bears, but they are resting

And beads dragging against the bottom of the sea

And transformation on top of transformation of top of transformation

I see your skin, and I say yes

I say all these things differently

I say all these thing new

Somewhere I’m waking up if you saved me in time

Location:Soi Pakbang,Amphoe Mueang Phuket,Thailand

November 14, 2018

This Is the Sound of the World

I thought something deep
And I thought something airy

The fourth day of realizing my body was built for Thai breakfasts

Gabriel Garcia Marquez said there were two kinds of people in this world
Those that are at peace with their gut and those that aren’t
And maybe I am crossing that gulf

The language of birds here
And the language of birds where you are now
And now and now and now again

Location:Thanon Charoen Rat,Chiang Mai,Thailand

November 13, 2018

Taxi Cabs and Pop Music from Somewhere

Mopeds and motorcycles flow like water around all of us slower moving chunks of metal and rubber

Languages slide sideways and gestures make due

Where you look has always mattered and so have you

So many worlds so many lines up

Every day a day

Every star a sun or something better

Be still be still be still

Keep moving keep moving keep on

Feed it all we’ll feed it all

Location:Thanon Sathon Nuea,Bangkok,Thailand

November 5, 2018

We Sold the Bankruptcy Because Bankruptcy Was All We Got

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

All Kinds of Countdowns

Good night, good night
Spectra, spectral, spectrum

Artistic or artificial
Clock clock hammer

Home nice bird and knight
Knife knife connect

When the moon is low and the tide tiding
Riding, tightening, tidying, lightning

Strictly struck and left to die
Left to grow by row by row

They came by boat

Location:S Morris St,Oxford,United States