May 18, 2010

The Understanding Campaign, In Motion

Have I failed to mention the Understanding Campaign? This brainchild of Justin Sirois and Haneen Alshujairy aims to teach everyone a single word of Arabic -- a simple action you can take to help break down barriers.

Luca Dipierro of Little Burn Films (I Will Smash You and 60 Writers / 60 Places) just made this animation for the campaign. A little NSFW if your W is lame.

Check out the campaign
. Do your part!

And hey newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih, if you are listening, we have buttons for you and could always use help with the cause!

May 10, 2010

In This Case, An Upper Boundary

MAY 9, 2010, FORT DAVIS, TX: This occurred after incredible consumption. Consumptive activities would be 100 years ago?

That wouldn't even break Confederate currency.
That's not enough. We are that far gone, I mean forward.

Nothing is further.

In this country you see the rain crossing the mountains in a solitary column. What we ran into was the fringe and the outskirts. Even though we weren't moving.

A century is to cyclists. As opposed to a Diet Coke is to cyclists. Or another day is to the cycle, as opposed to the upper boundary.

Look at two different things.
Imagine them on opposite sides of a board.
Make one side black, and the other white or red.
This is like dreaming when you are awake.
This is like ripping off a bandage but not exactly.
This is like someone else's crutch.

Not what I am. But not again.
Not this and not forward.
But more.

May 4, 2010

Trailing Edge

You talk to anyone and they'll tell you how data visualization was all the rage
And they'll have trouble pronouncing it.

And then oil fields, and round plots,
Interstates vs. bigger states vs.
It's daytime and we're leaving.

I promised you we wouldn't have to rush anymore once we got there.
It'll be slower.
It'll be drier.

It'll be dusk and expanses and the end of an era.
It'll be woodsmoke and dressed up tomato juice and no, those aren't boars.

It'll be something else.

FYI Marfa-Bound

Be well, San Antonio. Why do people pronounce you funny?

May 2, 2010

A Snippet of Saturday

YouTube Video

A lil' bit o' Sweatpants... Had a great night with Red Sammy and the Cupcake tour. Thanks to all who made it.

(This is a test run for blogging from my phone... A key ingredient to my Marfa-sans-computer plan!)