November 29, 2021

There is rage inside me

For Mary Shelley  

“There is rage inside me the likes of which should never escape.” Frankenstein

Canvas can be draped, and you’ll be my Grecian

Closures carefully stitched echo in twine below ground

Some rearrangements are more thoughtful than others, you see

Token, token, talisman, tether

A younger me haunts this ghost story

Looking at me looking over my shoulder, wondering if we’ll make it and always the amateurish attempts at taking things apart

Holding it so close I can’t see down any road

Time is orbiting all of us like we’ll care again

A candle that burns twice as fast costs just as much despite increased productivity and that’s the motherfucker

First came cloaks lined in fur, then came marriage

Houses into homes and cities and towns

There was a services sector

Everything placed between every other thing

Defenses were constructed

Mistakes were made with fences

And we all went on living.

November 21, 2021

What Could Be Done

Showers soon show something significant

How many miles north by west

Those three phases heard here

More the pressure, more the heat

Someone had to be the first windsurfer

It all comes out wrong except the sun

What makes it matter makes it count

The weight of it all as it collapses