April 19, 2014

Access, Access, Access

The Collected Life's Simplest Truths

The Living in Under Constant Threat Reader

10 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Afterlife

Begin the Beginner's Guide to Balking and Feints


This this that then which

Ever from when if if forever

Everything everything even more

Now that this that which when




Seven symptoms equal unrest

Six suffering shelterers in the monsoon season

Five fists and finer yellows

Four filters vs. your favorite remembered sun-shower

Three threads braided into quiet betrayal

Location:W Laurel Ave,Sterling,United States

Basque Stars and Basque Moon

Spirit is an airline and a car and a cigarette

Spirit is deodorant and socks and animals

Spain is a country and Spanish is a language

Lay in the sun until you are different

Stare at the moon until you are blind

Swim in the ocean until everything and everyone changes

Around here you can hear so many birds when you wake up

And the deer eat your plants like crazy

We're all trying to keep up too much and never enough

No, I can't tell you what kind of birds

The trees are coming out

We have just one sun

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 17, 2014

In the Time of the Also Founds

Yes, and
If but then

Nobody is denying what happened
They are questioning its importance

Nobody this and nobody when

If only
If only
If now

The days are filled with daylight

See it all

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 16, 2014

Access for Aces

Or aces and access.

You move faster than rain.

You corrupt governments and data and children.

Principles you this and that.

Dreams. Goals.

Corners vs. the five senses.

Sentences commuted.

Seances, seagulls, sanctuary.

A severed paw or hoof.

The hand of the good or the great.

Let this be another evening in another life.

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 14, 2014

It's Far Too Soon to Tell What Manner

Time has it

And angles have it

And even the last hooded shadow has it.

Then pragmatism, then simple math, then the end of days

Or southwestern sunsets

And crazy things doubled over after a long walk and a long winter.

Saddle up and want not.

Pack it in and want at all.

Come feathers and something to drink, it does you well

And sleep and whatever tricks you have to yield a quiet mind

While they render and manufacture and tear it all down

Everything that bleeds bleeds

April 13, 2014

Everywhere a Set List

List what you know
Is the new prayer in our everything times

Our everything except higher powers everything times

Our everything right here, right now, always and forever times

Except when you exit the field with a pulled hammy

Or you roll up your ankle or get a cramp or you need a drink of water or a pottybreak or your cellphone battery runs out

How fast everything changes if you let it

How some other things don't change

How slowly your perspective changes like hair growing

How you feel about kittens probably won't change

How you feel about the weather

The things the moon does.

We gather food and we eat it.

We sleep and we wake up.

Location:Rhode Island Ave NW,Washington,United States

April 12, 2014

HBO OnDemand Is Not Conducive to NaPoWriMo

Best illustrated by the fact this draft sat with the title "HBO OnDeman" for a couple days

Because I turned on some campy True Blood and fell asleep on the couch before the episode ended

And before I could get back to finishing the thought

It's easy to write trite things like its easy to blame

It's fun to use the slipperiest words you can find like like

Fun like inviting you in, I hope

Like the water is warm or the fire is warm and the carpet is soft


You can't NaPoWriMo wrong

You can't spend time being disappointed in yourself for falling behind

(I'm convincing myself here)

Remember it as a month in a year if training and stack the years on top of each other

I still have "We're talking about practice" in my head years after Iverson has retired and I'm sure it'll be there for years and years to come


Get it

Get on

Turned up


Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 9, 2014

Tone Poems Are Usually Anything But Poems

When you are so tired that life becomes a spelling exercise


So many things look good, but don't taste good

So many things sound good


An errant tsar and timings

And things that are bad for you


Dissolution vs. disintegration vs. just plain dissolving like just plain salt and just plain water


When what can you do exits

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 7, 2014

There Will Always Be Champions

Really fog hanging
So many is so many
And then now is not

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 6, 2014

Later to the Letter

Ladder for the latter

Sounds in the yard

Talking this bird or that while the cats stalk the halls

And while the cats stalk each other.

Wood on wood will echo through a forest

Distinct cracks you remember way back

Climb here, climb there, and so on.

Or maybe it's running through backyards at night

Or maybe it's bikes, bikes, bikes

Or maybe it's dice and the places walls meet.

The sun is a constant even when it's presence is not.

The moon is a constant and all the cycles it seeds.

For me, there were airfields and then there wasn't.

For me, there were cornfields and then there wasn't.

For me, there were schools and cars and all sorts of people.

Sit on everything cast can mean all at once for a little bit.

Got it?

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 5, 2014

I'm guessing "It was Taco Night" is not a good enough excuse for not having written a poem yesterday

I'll make it up to you.

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 3, 2014

And So Do You, Subtly

Some times you feel like looking up and sometimes you don't.

What are we going to call a gravity well once we let go of gravity?

Will it even be a thing anymore?

Meanwhile, slingshot is on solid footing -- don't worry.

And don't worry more generally.

Breathe with your lungs.

See with your eyes.

We have joints and tendons and ligaments for a reason.

And we have skin for a reason on the inside and out.

We harbor colonies, sustain swings in temperature, and otherwise invest a shit-ton of energy in homeostasis.

These are some of the things that make us awesome, and you'll do good by yourself to remember that from time to time.

Platforms on platforms on platforms.

Or toolkits of toolkits of even smaller toolkits and even smaller tools.

Turtles, journeys, measurements, contexts.

Saddle up.