May 16, 2016

How Am I with the Present Tense

I mean, a dry heat

Filial responsibilities

Fealty, realty, reality, ranches

Rental homes are homes

Renegade anything

Giacometti tastes

The way things smell when they age

Pins and needles but the pins most of all

The end of an era isn't how I'd pronounce it

Balcony, PA, uniforms, blue skies, and lines and lines of machines

It doesn't matter if it's a sunset or a sunrise because bunnies and decks and vases and faces and old ladies and young ladies and the green square is the exact same color actually

I mean
You are

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May 14, 2016

Counterfeit Luxury Goods

Really? This is something you want me to worry about?

Keep on making decisions that'll make you Proust

Long days, long nights
Short days, long nights

Early mornings and the things people do

Scratch and scratch and fingerprints and breathing

I mean, again and again and again

I mean, again and again

I mean, that's the easiest thing

An anvil drops on someone's head

A piano

A marching band

Like memories

Like go

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May 12, 2016

Mall the Things Unsaid

Maul the things unsaid
Mail them
Text a landline

All the dead letters and dead alphabets and dead-end languages

All the cages and curtailments

All the weather across all the habitable land and all the plants in between

Shipping lanes and Airstream trailers and all manner of roadside attractions

Saturated and unsaturated and context and filler

All of it context and contest all of it

That license, what is it for?
Those keys
Those vistas

Of course of course of course of course

All the better to highway you with

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May 1, 2016

Making a Yearly Day a Year

A whole yearling and a bag in the river

Then a bag of leaves and kitchen scraps

Then someone always leaving the scene

And then rain and then dissolve, black

When did we get so obsessed with origin stories?

A bird, a flower, a raven, a fox

TFW a major corporation flirts with the occult

Transportation + elevation + organization

The lineage of logistics

The fact that Mendel made the numbers up to tell the story

People running around everyday changing the world

And then changing it again and then again and again and again

There's someone named Nobody

There's that memory you misplaced

And scene

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I Mean, Yeah, I'm Tired

I tried + the sun's down + the dog is sleeping

I'm more a cat person, but "the cats' are sleeping" wouldn't tell you much

Some days are longer than others

Some foods, I shouldn't eat

Not because I don't like them, unless they are creamed corn, but because they don't like me

Words words words

There's a wet paperbag, a death trap, and the place where walls meet


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April 29, 2016

A Stickler for Stuck

Start with A
Kindness toward strangers

Like likeness left losing

Memory foam

Maryland, the state,
Taking special care with the gaps
Minimum wage stalemates

How traffic works and real estate prices

Everything beautiful is unnatural
Everything beautiful is natural
Everything beautiful is simple
Nothing is simple
Saturday is soon

The litigation is just out of control
Will you look at it?
Will you look at it?
Will you look at it?
Will you look at it?
Will you look at it?

Will you look at them?

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April 27, 2016

Waisting Isn't Really a Word, Is It?

There used to be British people
And we'd talk about it

There were flowers and people from Algiers and fancy little things on the cuffs of shirts

There was the future and the far-future and there was land all over the place

Time was time and space was space and there was dancing

Long, long rows of tables with their benches

Someone invented this device that let you type with one hand

Someone else had this great idea for the telephone

Your father was a lens grinder and you ate well

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April 25, 2016

Be Still

Grass of all lengths

The way your pets breathe when they're sleeping restfully

All the long words, all the short words

Arms vs. armature

Against all odds no matter what you say

Can you look at me now?

Everything drains that drops

To your side, on your side, on your back, on your side again

Ball joints at the corners and a pen in your hand

Here and here and a dotted line and here


Gather until it matters

And then go

All the men named David, and they all twist their bodies just so

All the men named David, and they all look into the distance

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April 24, 2016

The Wheel, a Stone, and Rope

Leverage and a corkscrew

Crowbar, bearded iris, the crown of a road

All the things water wants to do vs. all the things water is good for

Many years you can count

Equations you can count on

Practice is process

Salt curing

Salivary glands

Some bushes are know to attract ticks

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April 22, 2016

Teatime Tornado Turns

What it's like to look out the window on the train and your eyes follow a dirt path winding along with you

"You are beautiful and strange, and I wouldn't have it any other way"

Solution equation when the solution is

An alloy, an alibi, an alkaline battery, and so much more

We live in times where more is all you can depend on

We live in times made of all the times

The end of history played out differently than expected as all time and space collapsed into itself and what was left could only be described as a flower

So very fast on the highway and your speedometer was the digital kind

Liquid crystal, superconductors, graphite

Homonym after homonym, homeschooling, halberd

Stand up for all of it

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April 21, 2016

Good Night, Prince.

Purple rain, purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain

The people everlasting lasting

Your extra time, all of it

The people everlasting

Purple rain

Location:Massachusetts Av Ne,Washington,United States

Handwritten Notes While the Judge Had the Cone of Silence Going and I Was about to Not Be Chosen

(and/or Notes That'll Make a Good Poem Someday)

If you know where it came from, it is better or worse?

Duck and cover
The corner
Make yourself smaller

The Real and How You're Keepin' It
All manner of cases
Masks, jackets, process

Whatever is final
The search for constants
Presence vs. path

Pain on the face twisting away
I write bad lines, too

Everyone doing their best to get out of line or into line or with the crowd you get the picture

Come of silence noise machine
March of static
More gray tha. White
Like pink fiberglass insulation only gray

Feel free to take care of whatever needs taking care

Rolled up sleeves under a jacket
Hang ups
Send homes
Sensations sensational sensation
Sentence structure
Guidelines vs. laws vs. rules
And then the way things are

The way stacks are stacked
Respect and disdain for Gravity

What fantasies are fantasy?

Kept men in a kept system
Chickens in a chickyard
Turkeys at a turkeyshoot
Foxes at a foxtrot
Crabs at a crab bake

Where the joy in this?
I mean where's the New York in a New York strip and similar tired questions

Tire iron
Business icon
Senseless destruction
The path to the road to the bridge over the River Kwai (sp?)

I've yet to stand since the first standing when we all stood
Whatever is next is indeed next
The line vs. the grace notes
I mean, what kind of mood are you in?
I mean, what kind of mood am I in?

A big honking chord blaring away as the sun drifts down below the cloud cover

A balloon, a lamb, sausage, well bologna
Franklin, fresh, frenched ribs

Fracture bones of one kind or another
I mean, dice or cards or commodities

Head nodding and facial expressions and other communication bleeds

We're always doing things we know know how to do and that's the intended system

Angry and tired with intent to walk out the building

Slow food, the rate of words in one conversation vs. another, complex carbohydrates

The way difference is struck from so many situations -- height, accents, speed, race

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