May 27, 2024

I Think Thinkable Things

I’ve read many books, I won’t name them now.

I’ve listened to so many songs

And talked to so many people

Forward and back and I imagine.

Constant change and constants

Speed downward that’s long for velocity

Both senses of banking and both sides of the coins

What’s true, what’s false, what’s known.

The pitter-patter of so much technology

The boundless sums of everydays

Sets folded into bigger sets wrapped in bigger sets still

And the stillness of the surface when no one’s looking.

Fast friends in faster times fear the falling apart

It’ll come again and again, more than you can remember.

May 7, 2024

Make Yourself Useful

Make yourself large or craven or blue

Make yourself mirrored and wondrous

Coffee and meals and moments in between

There was sleep and there is sleep and there will be more

Centuries have accumulated and it’s all happened

I mean centuries have accumulated and we are here

You’ve spent countless moments counting

There’s nothing and nothing you can get back

Put your head to pillow again

Breathe it all in and breathe it all out again

The world is winking at you while you’re winking in and out

The breaks are sometimes subtle but their still there

So bring on the reset we’ve tumbled too many times

Witness the fusion when you’re back and we’ll see how it goes this time

April 12, 2024

What matters here doesn’t matter there

 What matters there doesn’t matter here 

April 6, 2024

Many Things Make Me Question Many Things

David, but it’s not always why

Years flying by and moments that linger

All manner of circles and spirals that hide among them

Directions on all fronts

Every useful false binary and the relationships between truth, facts, utility, information, more generally

Do we call it an economy?

We will always be back then?

But I am here and then (now) you are here.

Many words have many meanings all around your feet.

My hands are stained, there’s still that, and I prefer bar soap in a shower, but have only the slightest preference in other settings.

Remember Lava?

Like, Where do these things go, and what does it mean to me? I mean for me? Or I mean that, too.

Like lead and  read and tear.

And like stew, and hew, and steer.

February 24, 2024

Flood the Zone (Again)

Heavy trails mixed with trials

Simple shapes like spheres and cones

One reign follows another

The thing about a metronome

Comfort food, arithmetic, working the stops

The weather is up and down

These signs mean something to somebody somewhere

January 28, 2024

Carrion Bird

On on on on

On off on on

The swelling a sign

The signal a progress

Off on on on

Far from home again with the precipitation

Buying being bringing among

The filling and then the filing then the forever

Off off off off

You’re on and then you’re going

Suddenly follows perception

This container again

This gravity

And finally this willingness

January 22, 2024

The Fingers Move in the Light

What you hide, I now know

Fall forward, again, and mark your consequences

The light flashing in the corner of your vision

The long dark road, the shifting borders

Field after field after field and once more with the lights

This is the sunrise that will become a memory

This is dew on the exposed skin of your forearms, inside your elbow

You know the smell and you know what it’s like for the possible to be sitting right in front of you in a smart get up

What will tomorrow taste like after all the stitches

January 11, 2024

Books Are Dangerous (Sonnets Are Dangerous)

AI is dangerous
The Internet is dangerous
Isolation is dangerous
Dynamite is dangerous

Bears are dangerous
Kitchens are dangerous
Mobs are dangerous
Stairs are dangerous

Tylenol is dangerous 
Ungrounded outlets are dangerous
Driving is dangerous
Ideas are dangerous

The sky is dangerous
The sky is dangerous

December 19, 2023

The Many Decline

On deck or overboard it gets dark early this time of year

Develop, develop, develop, develop

The wasteful won’t inherit jack in this gothic romance

And a silhouette and a promontory and weather.

Retire to the fire and think about a better future

Like train travel and a green economy

We can share.

December 12, 2023


Like so many things before me, take this bread, December 12th

Forgetting today, forging next generation alloys, and nothing ever done but with allies 

Like various symmetries or a wheel spinning or all the piece lining up on the metaphorical board

Like cake, like cookies, like the last days of your last years

Two houses jammed together to make a bigger house

As porch is to galley is to deck is to roof deck

So back is to back is to back is to back

Like a truck or a train, but so very far in the future

But I’ve gotta say, I know your friends. I’ve met your friends. I’m cool with your friends.

I still have so many pets and so many snacks and a roof over my head.

I don’t know where we’re taking this thing we call life.

Let’s keep breathing though, and let’s keep our eyes to the sky.

In Baltimore there’s a radio picking up a faint signal

Signaling which why is gonna matter most this year.

December 11, 2023

Just Keep On Digging

December 6, 2023

It Comes Before the Question

Is there really a finest goldsmith in any age?

We find ourselves smack in the middle of the Season of the Word of the Year and so many of its brethren,

And while we’re ok on split wood for a while, there’s not enough to last the Winter.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to work.

Meanwhile you’re focused on stretches and taking care of things.

You’re love of architecture is infectious,

And you have so many things to share.

These are the last moments we’ll spend together and we both know it.

Once upon a time all gulfs were uncrossable.

Nobody had a taste for looking back and the plants just kept on growing.

Someone invented the word ford and someone else made great boats and some other someone still was good at bridges.

This is the time that just keeps going.

When I hold up my hand, how many fingers do you see?

Write it down and remember me.