July 30, 2014

All Kinds of Ladders

All livestock! (I said) all livestock!




The way things were vs. the way things are

The colonel

The Colonnade

Those that are gone

One, two

Those beyond your reach

(Count silently to yourself)

Dig deep and breathing

Pets, pretenders, predators

Not quite a dirge

No tornado warning

Names upon names

Javelin, joust, jowls

A handhold and a handheld and a wardrobe

The things you can unsay

When you use the planet like leverage

When you watch the waves

When you welt and hive and hinder

Give, given, gifted

The fruit from a fruit tree

The seeds from things you trampled

Greens, woods, ramps


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July 28, 2014

Todays from Now

(On John Ashbery's 87th birthday)

Not everyone gets to be John

Today I watched a movie called The Crash Reel and had previously started writing a poem called Crushing the Crush and it became just wrong

I'll try it again another day

Not everyone gets to be the fox or the crow

Not everyone is born a cat

There are things I would have another way

It's funny to think about snow in the summer

It's funny how much ice cream they eat in New England

It's funny a third thing, because that's what the form calls for

If you put form in scare quotes

Who will look back and be tired of what

Repeat, re-repeat, temple of something

Gold is good for audio components

Silver is good for dental stuff

I learned about platinum from D&D

Way more rec rooms than basements in my 80s

Like camera angles but heavier

Maps eventually and curves and triangles on triangles

Blank tricks everyone and then we overcome it

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July 27, 2014

Something Something #Latergram

Have you seen something?

Aspect aspect something?

Perspective vs. point of view

Math math something math.

Boulevards, causeways, certain canals

Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Seventy

The sun came on faster than expected today

We thought it was going to rain.

There is a car painted a different color

And then there is the hiding and we're not happy about it.

We'll throw off the standards another day, I guess

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July 26, 2014

That Guy Looks Like Ryan Gosling

No not that guy, a different guy

But they all end up in the ground in the end

Like know how when you get really close to someone's face and you stare at it so long it gets strange and stops being a face

But when you pull back everything just becomes one planet Earth

Blue, green, blue-green, browns, white



I could use a bit more something here

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July 24, 2014

Blast Your Way Out

Sandblasting. Sound sculpture. Sounding. Sent.

Triangle on triangle on triangle makes sense to me.

You are expected at the same time not quite.

Like double this and double that. Boats. Sobriety.

Examples of flogging and dead horses would include kicking, whipping, and beating.

Narrower still for airships and the odd breeze.

The materials available to you in 2014 are both endless and I exhaustible.

Flame retardants all around.

Infrastructure running all though it.

Ceiling, roof, done of sky, stars, everything else.

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July 23, 2014

Sharpen Your Life

Sharpen everything forever.

Something guttural, something less so, some pauses.


All this as opposed to aching knees and drained limbs.

There are still talk shows.

There are still romantic comedies and police dramas and lessons for us to learn.

That things don't end is just a peculiar moment we're living in

Like what percent chance there will be rain if you live in the Mid-Atlantic and it's a hot summer day.

A lot of restaurants use Christmas lights and they're smart for doing that.

It makes you feel good and it looks nice too.

Everything looks better under string lights.

Another pulled pork sandwich, another IPA, another silverware roll.

Like as about when when which

Like like like

Which will when when but

And if so, so forever

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July 22, 2014

The Get It Done

The back to reality song

The combination of forces masquerading as laws

Gifts in your shoe; your beach-appropriate shoe

Safety vs. restraint

Tackle, leap, kit, lot, loft

Coordination of meals and sleep and news reports

Tackle, spine, chase, signal

Constant and constants and repeat

More laws

Cardinal directions

Cards and ink and everything you expect

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July 21, 2014

Buffalo Stance Et Cetera

Failed attempts at agriculture come before failed attempts at baking.

Sheets of tin placed thusly

Places put out on display

Availability vs. a little too much

Spotlights ring a fence topped with razor wire surrounded by a moat and dogs and snipers.

Walking schedules vs. rolling averages

These are some of my favorite things.

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July 17, 2014

Return to Return #Latergram

How further how now

Beach crow on the beach
Beach crown how now wandering
Something some come came

I've forgotten lines

I've laid in the sun on a towel in the sand

I've spent time in the Atlantic Ocean

Somethings crispy all kinds of things

Two hit: me typing with my thumbs

And sunshine and here comes the sleepytime

Location:Fish Crow Ct,Corolla,United States

May 8, 2014

Some Cats Some Crazy Present and Present Again

Day 1
The sun is a star

A bunch of other lines that say essentially the same thing

Defining rhyme, defining various rhetorical techniques, various ways your head works and doesn't

Day 2 (Days Later)

The sun is both far away and too hot to handle

The night varies in length and meaning


When you get to the train station to find that your train is still on time

When you buy a shovel and a rake


Tension becomes important to stability, eventually

Ruthlessness gets misplaced and misunderstood

Pieces of paper being shredded and standing in for that thing that happened


Not never owning now ever
Everything everything everything

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May 4, 2014

Chock Fulla #Latergrams and It's Sunday, Yo

Light blankets

Probably apples somewhere because the seasons aren't the boss of you no more

Mown lawns everywhere

Dirt and tree roots spidering

Newly identified poison ivy, it's days numbered

Deep breaths, loads of dishes followed by loads of wash

Differences between height and length and width and weight


Travel time

Surely lots of unfairness if you give it mind

More sunshine
Meals and


Location:Valleybrook Rd,Baltimore,United States

Slip Among Ships #Latergram

I wish I was actually moulting instead of all this bullshit

I applied generous amounts of sun and open air and exercise

This no avail and that no avail

The sky was blue and there was just enough rain to lend spectacular effects

You still see lines of silt where the flooding stopping last week

Debris, rings of pollen, slumping bricks, rivened concrete if riven can do that

Sediment knows variety

Feet know solid ground

Things want to settle and I want them to get what they want

Today the world was grass and mud and bricks and dirt and pavement and sky

Also benches, chairs, tables in various styles, sofas, televisions

Tomorrow we do it all again

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States