September 16, 2016

Awwwuulll These People or What It Means to Go from Place to Place

Line line line it up I'm barely standing

Like oceans to the sea

Like tired people in tired places

Like this whole income thing and every other thing

And then the trailer parts of trailer trucks all lined up at the Pepsi Distribution Center waiting for the truck parts to come and take them places

Drive up windows for fast food and banks and coffee

Tshirt shops on boardwalks on beaches

All that wood out in the sun all summer long

Hurricane shutters, shatter-proof glass, childproof bottle caps

This over time and that over time and you, too, over time

Think about the last time you took a good look at the sky and what you were feeling right beforehand

Or the last time you saw someone driving with their turn signal on and didn't know it

What train tracks do

What chainlink fences do

Any job well-done

And then time alone

Quiet and alone

Location:Garden City Dr,Hyattsville,United States

August 26, 2016

Mantle and Its Opposite

Thunder and lightning and lies

The things we say about every action

Or a desk and the ducking and the covering

Thursday is a day and so is Friday

Fancy everything, the ground we walk on, moments after the rain stops

The last slice of pizza is not a thing

Line after line after line in the sand

And it's late at night
And it's early in the morning
And this thing and this thing and this thing are all piled up

The way thunder rolls in the distance

How some things just float

Location:9th St,Key Colony Beach,United States

August 21, 2016

Welcome to I Woke Up Before You

Want want want
Have have have
Private private

I see more than darkness

And days will always vary

If it's teeth or swollen weather

Let it be heat like a brick

Let it be water to my neck and welcomed

Let it be wrapped in anything

An egg in it, a cherry on it, one of those long spoons like at Friendly's

What do you own?

And what is too many?

Trouble with troubles and it's nowhere near time to go

Thatch together so shelter and stay awhile

Like stew and statements and stamen

It's all in your head because it's supposed to be

Location:8th St,Key Colony Beach,United States

August 15, 2016

Those Perfect Things That Would Kill You

I'm not talking about preservation

Rings, boats, fruit and other foodstuffs

Not scurvy, not rickets

And these other things come in threes, but not these and not today

Today the real is all too real

Today is unasked for remembrances

Today is what you'll walk into around the corner of you aren't paying attention

A deer family on the side of the road -- mom and two fawns born so late in the season

The old kind of torrents

Turrets, tribulation, trial, tradition

A wistful day has its sad parts

And regrets are what they are

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 14, 2016

Golden Levers Evens Now

From now on
Frightful vs. fearful
Fearless from froth
Feckless freckled front

Golden great great grinning
Ginned gains gained

Helping her heave
Heavenward hoisted
Pulleys are like simple machines only less so
Nothing's right from now on

Out of a metaphorical starting gate
Or a cage between your ears
Or a blue heron in a little creek and winter's on its way

Only running slow this year

Today? Felt like a hundred out there

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 9, 2016

And Then a Throw-In

It starts once you have a line

Like the way light made dark, before that there was just a great volume of whatever

When is what happened what happened and when is it a model or a map

Let's squash down the dimensions here, place a camera there, some strategic lighting and then we pretend it means something

The thing about words is you can say anything

The thing about life

The thing about meals

The thing about math

The thing about people

The thing about disease

You're better off looking up today

Location:T St NE,Washington,United States

August 5, 2016

Definitions Define Us and Other Stories

There is a street that is a place

There is a place that's in your heart

There is a heart in the Delta

There is a delta in your velocity

There is a velocity to my madness

There is a madness to my velocity

There is a velocity to my madness

There is a madness to my velocity

There is a velocity to my madness

There is a madness to my velocity

Water warps wood and things come apart

We're not built for watching the grass grow, but that makes it no less important

Like paint drying and water boiling and continents moving apart

Like the moon becoming round

I didn't mean to tell a story about comet strikes or shooting stars

I didn't mean to tell a story about all these things I have

I've never broke my leg, but I've dreamt about it

Location:Connecticut Ave NW,Washington,United States

August 3, 2016

What I Mean Is We Need It All

What I mean is which one goes first

Or leaves first

Or which is which

On a Wednesday

And then there are the meals and the accountants

Powerlines doing what powerlines do

Stacks of magazines, demolition, containers of every sort

The buildings you've seen and the buildings you haven't

What can you imagine

On a Wednesday?

Location:Odenton Rd,Odenton,United States

August 1, 2016

A Bridge and a Breeze

What bounces has better

Bitter benefits

Like waste-water

Like welcoming the dead

Like-minded, like-mannered

My last wish or trick or tremble

Breathing is a trick if you are inanimate

Thunder is a natural occurrence

If you're going to make an omelet

If you are going to make a difference

Half the haves

Bake bread

Know where your next foot will fall

And all the ants you'll trample

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 29, 2016

Unafraid Again

That's the thing about context

I mean, that's the thing about again

And then this thing about circles from other to make better to really smaller and worse

And then the dog and priorities

The pilot episode of your favorite-ever show

The changes they made

What a good background does for you

How seldom you think about furniture

Different again and this time the kind of difference that's burned a village

Articles on articles on articles

Something like a top hat and striped jacket

Something like a cone

And then a ball

And then the light on the water of the harbor

And then cancelled

Location:Baltimore,United States

July 22, 2016

What's Up Friday?

Tired tired tired tired, I'm so glad you're ordering Chinese

Done gonna find a whale road and other stories

Sky-showers meet electric shavers

The invention of brunch meet Eastern Standard Time

Your worst thoughts meet my latest manifesto about horizons and event horizons and fudge that does focus on chocolate

I mean, it's 2016 out here

So many ideas, so many people

And then a three-legged stool

And lies

And they're out. They're all out.

Location:Massachusetts Av Ne,Washington,United States

July 21, 2016

Weekend Forecast Triangles

How hot it's going to be
Gonna be

Location:Redmore Dr,Severn,United States