October 28, 2013

Sunlight Floods

Floodlight plains

Indiana enters

Fingertips out to their tips, then clenched fists, then conscious breathing

Breath and breathe and loss and lose and loose

Fabric softener

Cuddle bears

A buffalo heard on an island in a lake really happens

Natural bridges that come and go with the tides

Getting salt from the ocean makes me think of soaked clothes

Makes me think of sucking the salt from soaked clothes

And that Kobe Bryant does this with the edge of his sweat-soaked jersey

Which is the only story about Kobe I like

It is morning. Hello.

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October 24, 2013

Don't Take Something and More

I wrote a lot of great notes to myself in the car, but they are still there and I'll have to get them later

A lot of words were stringing together today

There were interruptions everywhere

Today was anti-endings; it was a technical issue

The kitten is crazy for scraps of paper right now

Eyes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and utility

Instincts vs. reflex like software vs. different software

Nature vs. nature

I've met far more grammar nazis than Nazis in my lifetime

There are a lot of people living on the planet right now

Lots of flowers, too, and insects and other things

That thing you do where you don't blink

That thing you do when your breath hitches

That thing you do when you look up at the sun to try and get that sneeze out

All these years and still the bleeding is leading

Let's let's let

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October 23, 2013

When You've Been in Primary So Long that You're Thinking of Skipping Secondary

You can turn to something and be all like, you consume me

Most of the liquids in my life are measured in English

I drink soda maybe once or twice a year

Tear into a box of something

Crack open a door

Shutter a window

And shutters for show

And show well in a competition somewhere

Or curb appeal

Or what's going on with wages vs. what's going on with the cost of living or inflation or cable TV

TB is viral, the flu is viral, most colds are viral

Mad cow disease? Not viral

Staph infection? Also not viral

I'm making my way to a point

Enter the talking animals and personified days of the week

Enter a painted sunset that is less painted and more a testament to where you've been till now

Enter some agrarian utopia myth

Then 21st century building materials, unimaginable populations, wildly diversifying dialects, and real breakthroughs in energy production

Eat it all up thank you

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October 22, 2013

Tuesday Going on Wednesday

You can't blame gravity or rebellion

You can't blame the river

Fire has to do with oxygen

Then there is the lightning, the asteroids, and the careless campers

Dinosaurs became birds

And while that's useful now, it'll become less useful over time

Radiation, fashion, utility, Miss Jackson

Constriction vs. the discomfort of boundaries encountered during a period of expansion

A whole lot of hair

Always with the smart jackets

And the smart jacket weather

There are those that plan

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October 20, 2013

They Missed Him by His Hair

Gone. Gone. Gone.

A broken nose here, a torn ligament there.

Broken arm, concussion, contusion on contusion.

Never concision, rarely concession.

Weekends follow weeks.

Monday rounds a corner.

Tuesday evens out.

Then you drag yourself across a desert

Where people roll there Rs

You drop things into hot oil and it all starts again.

You find a goal and then you share it widely.

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October 18, 2013

At Angles, Archangels, Etc

There are a variety of things to wash out of your hair on any given day

And I still don't have an emoji keyboard running

If I was a geologist (?) I might know the actual difference between an island and a continent

I figure is has something to do with volcanoes

When you get a phone call from someone on an island

When you get a phone call from someone on an island in a different timezone

Some timezones are island-poor

Continents move

They just do

Then there is sound and the things sound does

There are logarithms and algorithms and functions and such

Piles of technology

And logic and association and all that, too

Wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, Saturdays

Trains and their stations

A big ole moon

Watch your head when you get in

Location:Forest Ave,Elkridge,United States

October 17, 2013

I Gotta Fix My Emoji on This Thing

There are boundaries to any situation

There are blunders and weaponry

There are force multipliers and all kinds of stuff, but that's not so much what I'm here to talk about

You can buy new ways of seeing because this is a time after some time in the nineteenth century and we just keep passing these skills down

Useful skills

You can buy dinner, you can buy seeds to grow food for dinner, you can make a nice dinner for your friends

Obligatory mentions of fish tacos, San Diego, beverages

You can see things from a great height -- we've inherited so many fabulous things

And there is a train in motion and so on

There is the moon passing through phases over a period of days

And faster the tides rise and fall

Blue crabs are delicious
Oysters are delicious
Shrimp are delicious

And I'm hungry right about now

There is cold metal, cold stone, and glass that is cool to the touch

There is a mug in the freezer, but I'm not home

There are awards for smart people doing smart things

Someone traipsed across England putting up all these damn fences

Someone planted apple trees

There was these giant cheetahs that we're eating fucking everyone

We were together like the continents

Life was wild

Location:Savage,United States

October 15, 2013

I Wrote This on My New Phone I Didn't Want to Get but Had to When my Old Phone Died

And this is the first picture I've taken with my new phone

I haven't been writing much lately, I'm not sure why

But I think I'm going to write an honest to God novel (well, at least the first draft) in November

So if you have any ideas for what it should be or what should be in it, holler

Though I think it's best if I try not to think about it at all until November 1st

So maybe just email me with "hey this is an idea for your novel, don't open this email until November 1" as the subject line

K? Cool


It's October already


Conflict. Closures. Clozapine. Climate. Climactic.

Unpeeled. Undulating. Euthanasia. Ultimately.

Rhinoceros. Rectangular. Wrongly. Regular.

Rapturous. Raptors. Wrestling. Righteous. Rancor.

Yellow. Yet. Yes. Yes. Yes.

And then the favors.
And then the fevers.
And then the ground trembles and things fall.

All things fall.

Weapons clatter when they hit the ground.

Cards splay in bedrooms when they slip their boxes.

When I mean ricochet.

When I head home or get gone.

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October 10, 2013

Less Later

Swollen eyes from laughing so hard

At so many ridiculous

At your friends and colleagues

Wrap yourself in a title and love it

The robots will offer so much and we'll laugh ourselves right off the place and a buncha other stuff

I'm forgetting what else I had to say

It's been a long one

That's how it's supposed to be

I'm real good with this belt

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October 7, 2013

Ray of the Chosen

Ray of the choosing

If you fall you chance or flail

A board with cups and balls and holes and pegs

Sheer poundage pounding pounces princely pawns and pricey pairs

Pick a Packer and peck your eyes out

Lose your mind to fine French cooking

Economics and word choice aren't the best of fuck buddies

Then tomatoes and potatoes and vanilla can be quite a flavorful flavor if you give it a chance

Tahiti and then Madagascar connected by a pouncing red arrow

Your heart is firmly in your chest for now

You are surrounded but your hands stay down

Your face is not on the floor but the hostages are being released one by one

Another arrow and an evening and a shelf

Before it goes all wrong

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 6, 2013

Later than You

A building that is also a mythical whale

Middle of the evening allergies

Fasten, fashion, bastion

Bane over everything

A string need not be a certain length

And a penny need not be heads-up, but the shiny one right next to the bed is

I figured out a good riddle today

And I are well (for me)

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October 5, 2013

Details to Come

Lots and lots and lots and lots

And lots, lots, lots

Fictions, facts, tons of details in both

Interruptions and flow and stringing from word to word to word

City streets mostly intersect with other city streets

Long loops of long-looping material

More paradoxes than I know

Clouds are so big, you know?

And some things are so small

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States