December 29, 2012

Uh Huh, Yep, and That's How

I heard some of my favorite French words while laying face down on a towel on the hard-scrabble sand (does sand get hard-scrabble) of a beach in John Pennekamp (sp?) State Park
Sur la plage

And my other favorite French floated through my head and I wished it all spoken by this family wherever they were from and wherever they were going
La piscine
En plein-air

I'm surprised I didn't think about chouette at the time, but am now

I like how easy less common characters are on my phone

And I love its sense of what I meant when I head off somewhere new

Courtesy and plain and all kinds of help

I have this new crowd-sourcing app of sorts that's going to come in handy for writing

First up is something about a tomato that I'll share soon

And an image and text tool, too, that will be gobs of useful

I'm reading a lot

I'm doing a lot

This weather is unreal and I wish I could keep it going a couple weeks longer

Deletions, selections, false croppings, and false crops

A V in wood and a cross bar -- more wood -- and a pad and a non-skid stopper of a thing

I want to be better at languages

Life has made me better with geography, but I'm still far from good

Acceptable, pride-inspiring, and a third thing

The night is dragging on

The moon drags the oceans around

It misses them

To steel cores slowly dance in molten everything

Ferris wheels

Cotton candy

Funnel cake

Can can, can do

We're so so proud of all the whys and what-fors

What fits is what sits

And orders from the breakfast menu

Because 11am comes at the same time this time of year

Now skedaddle

Location:Harbor Dr,Key Largo,United States

December 28, 2012

I Watched, Looked at, and Read So Many Funny Things Tonight

The weather was great

I watched, looked at, and read heart-warming things, too

Fish were caught at the right times

I ate food, I drank drinks

The day came and the day went

There were birds and other things, too

Location:Marina Ave,Key Largo,United States

December 27, 2012

Some Kind of Strange Reading Thing Going On

Reading "I Remember" on the plane last night -- I'd re-read sections and sentences would now be there that weren't there before.

Now reading a science fiction short story and a "seaweed crackers that weren't to her taste" became a "sweet crackers that weren't to her taste" on re-reading. Funnily, the seaweed crackers made perfect sense to me -- more than the sweet crackers.

Maybe this problem will go away as I sink into a better vacation pace.

Location:Bahia Ave,Key Largo,United States

December 26, 2012

En Route (for You)

How about Latin?
Curving lanes, humid streetlights
The moon overhead

Location:FL-821 S,Three Lakes,United States

December 25, 2012

The Last Girls Next Door (and Possibly at the End of the Universe)

The "Rachel" was a populard hairstyle

Her real name was Jennifer

You see how that works? The haircut wasn't a girl

The sisters and mothers problem is similar -- I'm talking about contemporary challenges in artificial sense-making here

Which is a step (for some people) in artificial intelligence-making

And I really think that's all you need to highlight the dead end

People build new roads in Northern Virginia all the time

Tax breaks for developers; sundry other economic incentives; progress, progress, progress

Doesn't happen by accident

Simile, metaphor, conciept (sp?), synechdoty (sp??)

Rainfall is among the weather

Detection was on the table

Let's continue

As you were

Location:N Upton St,Sterling,United States

December 24, 2012

There Re Things You Allow

There are things that are continuous

There are things you try again later

And later still

Please try again later and later

There are expectations and night-time

There can be photos with high-tech flashes nothing like what you grew up with

You can take photos with any of your fingers at just about any time

On land, in the air, even underwater

Expectations, like I said earlier


The ghost story is still working its way through my head and is on the way to my fingers

If I didn't have to get up at a reasonable hour I might give it a first go

But maybe that'll be tomorrow


I almost put in a senseless picture

Donuts, an artist's rendering of a hyper-sonic glider, smurf hats, word bubbles, animé sports action shot, spelltower screenshot, the coast of Maine, iBook screenshots

That's what I had going

None of them right now


In a dream last night I had a revolver that wouldn't shoot fast enough

I don't know why I kept being alive to notice it wasn't shooting fast enough

It kept on switching from the kind with a hammer to the kind without and back

It was the snub-nose-ish police kind

There were other details and other dreams I don't remember now

But this is still far more than I usually remember

And I tend to hate on dreams in poems

I know. I'm small-minded about some things and should work on it


I'm looking forward to pulling a real late night within the next seven days

Is reportage a word?

I guess so


I wish you were there when Buck Downs did this reading at Ruthless Grip in its Dupont Circle days and he tapped the mic and said

Is this thing on

And then he was out

He'd started by singing as he walked up to the front of the room

Singing without the mic

It was all wonderful

The window behind him was so dark

I must've been sitting on the floor and looking upward to the sky

I don't remember the streetlights, but they must've been there

Keep on going

Location:Fredricksburg, VA

December 19, 2012

Year Forty, Day Two

Good stuff

Various stuff


Despite what you've heard, math is, in fact, not hard.

Despite what you've heard, a bunch of other stuff.

What's the best choice of cleanser vis-a-vis a slate that is less than clean?

The opposite of laconic can be called "the opposite of laconic," for instance.

Is "Lacanic" an adjective grad students would throw around in the mid- to late-90s?

It seems like it might have been a missed opportunity

It seems like it might only be funny to me and only right now

Holy shit! Talking eggs!

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

December 14, 2012

The Top Everything of Everything

December 12, 2012

Here You Go (Again)

That sounds right vs. that's right

Things get crushed all the time

Your capacity to reduce things plus your will to survive

There are children in countries all around the world

Plague hides in the dirt, but so does oxygen

There are earth worms and rocks and crushed bits of shell

Shale, sediment, layers, diversity, deeper and deeper

Toil on about the center of the Earth

Dream about twin iron cores locked in orbit

Think about the sun and the birth of plants

Keep up a healthy fascination with grass

Go on to think about things you never think about

Write them down, add instructions, edit, proofread, set to simmer

Cowboy coffee

Late fall air

Late fall sunshine

Forget the importance of seeking shade that was all summer

Forget about most insects

How long do most spiders live anyway?

What is a natural death?

I've recently decided I'm going to live longer than I thought

I really love the concept of a running average -- like when you are taking a running 6-month average of whatever

I really like spreadsheets, too

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

December 11, 2012

I'm Writing a Scary Story

This is not the right way to park Mr. Blue SUV from Illinois

I wanted to key your car, but I didn't

I'm writing a scary story, but I go to work all day and don't talk about it

It has ghosts or maybe it is just one ghost everywhere (like photons) but day in and day out I'm not working through the details

The details will work themselves out like math, I tell myself as I drive south on 95

The same when I'm driving north

There will be a car accident, a farm, and all kinds of words

I will write this down soon and then it'll be done

I won't invent science fiction in the process, but I will pack for a trip to Florida

Florida is like a horror story, but am entire state

I hope nobody gets shot while we are there, but that's asking a lot

Michigan is a "right to work" state now?

Those are scare quotes and that is scary, too

I hear there were golden days when we had an actual conservative party in America

Those are the same golden days when there were only white people in your school

Headsup, those days sucked

There were ZERO apps in the App Store

There was no Internet

People died all the time from stupid shit

Nowadays you only die if you live in Florida and play your music too loud at 7-11 so some guy shoots you

Now is so cool

I can't wait for tomorrow -- I live I a right to tomorrow state

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

December 8, 2012

Reading Chris Toll's "Stack Overflow at Line 1"

Reading Chris Toll's "Stack Overflow at Line 1" (which is in the online Magic Octopus magazine and you can read it here but I know it is one of his printed books some place, maybe "Life on Earth"?) and (a) man, you were really cooking at the end, friend, the sentence rhythms were breaking into a new place and (b) this is a really gorgeous one, I'm glad I bumped into it unexpectedly this Saturday morning, and (c) it has TWO sword moments (an individual cutlass for one character and then a pair of swords for a second) which makes me think of Adam Robinson asking "Chris, do we need this second pair of guns in this one? Could we just go with the first?" but this time it's swords and (d) all of this makes me smile and I think I'm in the long and final stage of missing you that comes with a lot more smiles and golden memories and the tears are quiet and sniffly and a lot less "WTF, I don't believe you're gone."

December 2, 2012

You Can Have All These Things

Or you can have all these other things

And you can have yet all these other things

I want this to be to the tune of Madonna's "Get Into the Groove" but

a) I've been there before, and

b) It just isn't gonna work on this one

Then a whole bunch of one-liners walked into a bar and I forgot all the choices

Location:Blue Heron Farm Rd,Pittsboro,United States

December 1, 2012

When I Have Cell Service

More likely when I have wireless access

When I have a location

When I'm sitting up in bed

A bed vs. bed, actually

Some whens now and some whens to come

When everything is unexpected and yet just like it should be

Right places, worn surfaces, warm spaces, openings

A sports analogy should go right here

Something about some latest fashion should go here

Stand a whole bunch of things in opposition to better see exactly where you are

Or put a quarter next to it

When I have a location

Location:Broken Tree Rd,Greensboro,United States

November 29, 2012

They're Adorable

They jump from here to there

The light it does its own strange things

I can write about them all the time -- this isn't my job and you aren't paying anything


Flattery is the sincerest form of give me all your lovin' an' all your hugs an' kisses, too

Aside of fork

As side of gee / black and white film and / or time machine and some gosh


Keep the great cats with the great cats

Keep the birds of prey with the birds of prey

What is good for a library or a bookstore is a horrible idea out there in the real world and that's something you should keep in mind when reading a book

They used to make them with lambskin, don't they?

Christopher Columbus is in books

Hitler is in books



You see a sand castle and you just want to end it

You are so mad at something


Photobooth filmstrip


Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

There Is Always a Point

There is always a man walking down the street that wishes he could end it there

Photo of a tortoise and a bunch of baby tortoises with a joke about heading back to the mothership

The Law of Little Ones states that they will get bigger and bigger and then huge

Sometimes you have time to dig into things like, What is the point of paragraphs? What's the skeleton, the irreducible, the musculature?

I'm thinking about Kimball when I'm thinking about that. At least right now

Michael, you should head into a deep "paragraphs" phase

Maybe it'd be good for Spring

Let's grab some beers and talk about it

It's getting colder so we'll talk inside

You can spend some more time with the cats

They are great cats

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

November 28, 2012

Square Contact

And is


Front lawn / backyard



Good first

Expend / extend


Explain explain explain


Location:College Rd E,Plainsboro Township,United States

November 27, 2012

Story from Someone's Past

Do you cry late at night?

Do you hold a special silent?

Has the long march of history let you down?

Eyes are crystal in the morning

Pupils float on finer fluids

There is a real space between sounds good and real

Rhetoric, right, left-handed, confusion, top anything, full stops

Half a billion is a billion divided in two

Way to go Einstein

Location:College Rd E,Plainsboro Township,United States

There Are Many Universes (with Nods to All My Friends and Forebearers)

Who named the plains?

What was the last thing you put into a bag?

There are many universes that have blackbirds and even more with birds that are black

I don't get the one about the white horse

I think it has to do with patience and patience is often a function of interest

But most math goes both ways and more

Then sets and matrices and even you're bored

When was the last time you were bored to tears?

(actual tears)

Actual tears in actual stockings

Actuated joints, activated machines, accentuated modernity

And more

You could say there are many ways of looking at many things

The end of this vs. the beginning of tomorrow

And / or going on to peel off the days by the layer

Patient one-by-one

Accidental two-by-two

Eventual tearing in jagged strips

Calcium deposits, bark, dead skin cells, etc.

And crunching

It ends on the salt flats and everyone is there

High five, everyone

Now, break

November 25, 2012

There Was Gondwana

There is a sack at the bottom of the ocean

And I'm googling just how deep those deep sea trenches are so I can dazzle you with facts

And now servers are humming underground and overland

And heat is being cast off

And conquered by cooling systems

Because this is the twenty first century and we've got that for miles

There is a sack at the bottom of my bed

There are chemistry teachers that will tell you that you are a sack of saline with some trace elements

We walk on oxygen when we are in the forest

But when are we ever in the forest

We move from space to space and that's ok

There are some things above that aren't true and / or I don't cotton to

The cat is in the bed

She is getting older

I can hear her breathing

She's facing the window even though the blinds are drawn

All of these things are true and
/ or I believe them

We need better equations

Starting now

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States

November 24, 2012

Here's a Picture of Things

Then there is a ghost

Reception vs. completion

Something about the smallest possible string, but I mean that in a classical sense

The smallest possible pebble

The smallest number you've ever come across in the real world vs. the biggest number

Stars, retirement fund, grains of sand on a beach, truly all the people or all the ants you've ever know.

Then there are the mistakes

In groups of twos and threes and mores

Then there are the swamps and the people who live in them

Everything needs an engine

The distribution of buildings in Upstate New York vs. clouds in space and planets and the occasional neutron star

Then there are sunny days

Then there are diverse weather events

And portfolios that stretch beyond sight

The pull of comprehension vs. pull of a connect

You gotta eat some breakfast

Location:Wincanton Dr,Fairport,United States

November 23, 2012

The Shape of the Things that Hold Water

The path from conveyance to contrivance is lost on no one this long weekend

You hold dinner in your mouth and then you digest it

You grow and then you leave things behind

The water boils then you reduce the heat and then you cover it

As sure as Friday follows Thursday

Which is to say that Saturday also follows Thursday as does Thursday as does every day

Suddenly Elizabeth was the queen of England

Suddenly nuclear subs are in the water

Suddenly we have solutions to all these problems

Continuities give way to degrees and make their way back to spectrums

Hair metal is born

Feedback is theorized and then born

Wormholes open and close

Books are written and marketed and summarized and shelved

Grace and elegance and mercy and patience

Celebrated slowness

A half turn

A high in the air

An ever-after

A short line connecting two things

And then an opposition and an intersection and things cross cross cross

Chris is not Christ

And missions are not missionaries

But somehow I've ended up here

Location:Wincanton Dr,Fairport,United States

November 19, 2012

"We Finish This Here," She Said. The Flaming Hulk That Was Your Mustang Reflected in Her Night-wide Pupils

Some things are abandoned

Some days will get brighter

In the desert, they don't call the sun beautiful

While in the ocean they don't call the water anything

From time to time, the expression "It is what it is" rises in popularity and then falls

Circles are always popular, it seems

Land of the free

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

November 17, 2012

This Came Into My Head on Friday While Driving Down 95 to DC for Work and Blasting Dan Deacon on the Stereo, 8am-ish. I Scribbled a Note on a Notepad, but Now I'm Finishing It

"File Under Things That Would Make Me Sad for You"

If this doesn't make you want to move, then your inner computer has no soul.

Location:S Fremont Ave,Baltimore,United States

November 16, 2012

Sell Sell Sell and Such

celebrate. candy
celery. can you see me
celestial. camphor


This was on my mind while driving in this morning. I though "Sell Cell Shell" for a title but backed off.

I want to make it into a desktop background with words in white on some kind of acidic (pink? Acid-green? Both?) background.

Location:14th St NW,Washington,United States

November 11, 2012

Filter This, Filter That

Things drift downward in lines or circles

The free-weight exercise called curls

The ice-borne sport called curling

The hairdressing implement called curlers

Hot curlers

Cool November evening

This filter, that filter

A memory burns through it

A better decision awaits

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

November 10, 2012

All Kinds

There are all kinds of getting by for all kinds of people

There is always more

(More people curling up on beds

More alien sounds from animal companions

More than two and less than four is what your ear is asking for)

Bring on the more

Open the pantry of your heart

Sounds like it goes there, too

Building. Stage. Sky. This city. Rock and roll.


Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

November 9, 2012

I Really Do Think

I really do think we'd be so much better off in every way if we could get past ownership and authorship

I'm reading about Information and there's this struggle between two guys over where it all started

And Darwin and that other dude had the same problem

And millions of other examples
Dude, we only call it Darwin's theory so you know what the heck I'm talking about -- it's vocab, it doesn't need to be ownership

Darwin is dead

He's not getting anything from it

But all the same there'd be millions of eggs to break along the way

Of supporting yourself

Of knowing you are encountering the thing or expert or whatever that you are looking for

Like, I want to be working with the guy that actually knows how to get clean water into my house

I like taking showers and I like to let the water run into my open mouth from time to time

I don't swallow it

I'm not that strange and I guess I could get over the habit if the guy tells me I should go to gray water for that stuff

But I'd want to know that it was the guy that knows what he's talking about

I'm up in the air and I've got time

I'm in the very last seat that will de-plane so even once we land and taxi to the gate and start getting out, I'll still have all kinds of time


Go read Latsky's "Thunderbird" if you've got time

And Gleick's "Information" if you've got more time

We don't need to worry about what all this is for all the time

We don't need to worry about what all this is becoming because it is gonna become anyway

Our children's children's children will know what you mean when you say Darwin or Jesus or whatever

But fewer will know where that annoying sound their eye makes when it takes a picture came from in the first place and they'll be pissed that Congress won't do away with the law that mandates it

And fewer still will head down to Chinatown or Russiatown or whatevertown to hack that annoying shit out

I hope my children's children's children are taking pictures out of the tips of their thumbs though

They'll look more like Clinton or Obama and I hope my children's children's children know who they were

I bet they are gonna have ridiculous music

I bet shit's gonna be amazing

Look at a cheetah run, I mean that's amazing and we've had it for thousands of years and keep looking at it better and better

I mean, the cheetah is shit-white-hot forever

Doesn't it make you nearly teary

But we keep looking at it better and better

The cheetah, shit-white-hot

We, getting closer day by day

The stars. Victoria falls. Maple trees. The acceleration of any falling object. Wind resistance. The New England coastline. Tidal pools.

And then the equations we use to share them with each other getting hotter and hotter

Let go of the nostalgia

Let the clock move forward

Soon you'll be staring right into the eyes of a cheetah that's just realizing how bad ass this whole running thing is and that its the baddest ass in town

And we'll all be the baddest asses in town for a moment, too

But hey, who am I?

Location:Rockaway Point Blvd,Queens,United States

November 8, 2012

This Is What I Write

I don't understand everything

And I don't always try

This is what I write

This is what I bristle against

And I see an old cartoon cowboy and that thing his mustache does that's somewhere between a finger in an electric socket and what I'd imagine auto-tune would do for hair if it was for hair and not voices and being in tune

Saturation and gain

Timing belts

Tire troubles

The light flickers and fades a bit, too

How'd I end up here, while looking around or thumb-typing

Like, where did I park the car?

Like, I was there and now I'm here and I don't recall the between

Like, I swear I've seen this movie when I haven't at all

Like, Thursday

Post-election like like like

Proud tears are the tastiest
I mean the welling when someone is proud of what you've done or you're proud of you

No copper whatsoever, no nickel

They found this predatory sponge

It grows a stomach around everything it catches

It doesn't know run-of-the-mill filter feeding from Adam

Just like dogs could give a shit about their reflection

It spins to the Super Earth

It spins back

November 7, 2012

Election Day + 1

Obama. Gay marriage in Maryland. Tammy Baldwin. A bunch of other good stuff and very little bad stuff and none of it all that bad as it could have been.

I'm going to eat a nice breakfast today

In America.

More to come

Location:F St NW,Washington,United States

November 4, 2012

After Reading Dorothea Lasky "I Had a Man" On the Heels of Having Just Thought Totally Different Things

You'll wear it and you'll like it

You'll like wearing it and I'll love you

You'll fake it until you make it and I'll love you again

I'll give you so many things to cry about that you'll stop crying forever

You'll have a dream where, in fact, you can go back

You'll stop seeing dead people on the street for a while, too

You'll shower and eat meals that are good for you

You'll stop pretending everything is so complicated. It's all really simple. Smell this

Plus Plus Plus One

Can shadows ever have roots?

Daylight can't actually be saved

Almost anything can be converted into something, but that's different

The hidden are hiding

While the saved have already been saved

There are big swirls of related activity that we call big, complex systems, and that gets us no closer to the answer

It feels like being wrapped in a mesh of twist-ties

Many things make you itchy

Many things are close

A voice on loop tells you to open your lungs

Another, be still a moment

A third whispers about flames

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States

November 1, 2012

There Is a Twist and It Never Goes Out

There is a twist and it never grows up

Mistakes are made

Rat poison finds its way into the food supply

Toward, away, across

Every defined space has a center

Every defined space looked at from a singular perspective has a most important point

Every point looked at from more than one perspective or at more than one time has lines like fault lines and these cracks no matter how small have a minimum of two edges -- edges that have differing velocities or somesuch

And you might say hence the cracking

Or you might say position, velocity, acceleration, change in acceleration and so on

You might draw a leaf or a mountain range or map the temperatures along a surface heats around its edges

And they all fall into a beautiful one

Is this what arrows in flight dream of?

This is a story where racecars dematerialize on the other side of the checkered flag.

They aren't ghosts. They don't dissolve. They just cease to be.

The entire practice of medicine is an amazing advance with amazing impact on where we are going. This isn't a solely human province, like all important things.

Chimp moms make dolls when they lose a newborn and researchers call the dolls emotional tools

Spiritual tools

East coast tools

Weekend tools

The moon was once right here

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

October 31, 2012

There We're No Decapitations Today That I'm Aware Of

I am mostly motivated

I took it easy on the Dark Arts

No bending time, no shifting space, no dispatching bodies unto dust

I stilled no beating hearts, quieted precious few riotous brains

I took my daughter trick-or-treating with her friends and their fathers and my girlfriend

This day had highs and this day had lows

Quantum entanglement is still spooky

Chromodynamics is still a killer set of syllables

Horns are still loud

The rain threatened but then retreated

Baseball season is both a memory and something to look forward to

This is Vishu's story with fewer hands

A monkey lifts a mountain

A monkey flies across the sky with a mountain carefully balanced on one hand

That's fucking fantastic

Cook your food

We'll sit around the fire and talk

We'll need to chew less

And before you know it

All this

And ghost stories, too


Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

Some People Are Looking

I haven't heard any gunshots in the neighborhood tonight

A far away prop plane maybe

Helicopters go over our house all the time

Ferrying hurt folks

Which beats the searching for bad folks type

Some image of a helicopter spotlight splashing down across a neighborhood

Some image of following, trailing, finding

The surrender and the locked on and the locked in

That final cushion of air as a copter lands


Monday is a cry for help

Tuesday is a cry for help

Wednesday is today now is Halloween

A sketchbook is a cry for help

Changes in the streetlights are the sign you've been waiting for

The E in the packy's Open sign will flicker out some day

The wind is a cry for help and it is taking all the babies away


Hurricanes, dingos (sp?), typhus, heroin, stray bullets, wage slavery, apathy, maybe religion, close-mindedness, poverty, cars, the wrong people in the wrong places at the wrong times


Arm, books, cats, duvet cover, entry, fingers twitching, glowing, helicopter overhead, isolation, Jamie, keyboard in scare quotes, little piles of books, my sniffling, nouns, open box of tissues, pairs of shoes or pairs of jeans, ready-or-not readymade, snoring (cat), time or not enough of it, unfinished stories, vacuums that are home appliances, water, you may see me in the morning


Breaking the rules is a cry for help

Strict adherence to rules is a cry for help

Rules are a cry for help

Weather comes down from the North

Weather comes up from the South

But nobody argues

Nobody fights


Men volunteered to fight for a country that had put them in concentration camps

But we live in different times

Keep your head connected to your neck

Follow down you spine

Your rooted in this body

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

October 30, 2012

Found in Baltimore, October 30, 2012

Setting up identity...

Location:Eislen St,Baltimore,United States

October 27, 2012


Solid state

Free state

State your intentions

Ravel, hearten, civil, big you'd think

Correction upon correction

Cocoons or chrysalis

Deer and moose

Ever going once

Something something twice

Good to see you again

Location:Baltimore,United States

October 25, 2012

The Ongoing Battle Of Measurable and Mystery

Goes here

The words further refined

Iteration, the newest fads in dexterity and strength training

Spaces in your heart for foxes and crows and wartime and counting

Ventricles and chambers and vestibules and such

Asphalt arteries don't sound as good as I'd hoped

Things extend to the horizon differently if you're on your stomach

Domes do the same

Some days you need some candy

Pardon the mess

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

October 23, 2012

I'm Surrounded by Toe-Chewers and Militant Frogs

I wish I was kidding

The gnawing

The ever-after

The canary in the mineshaft only it's the entire planet we are talking about

Gare is usually a train station, right?

O is a letter of the alphabet, but also a word that is different than oh

English is an awkward language

We make due

Slash this is how we do

Slash something something punctuation more something

Dervish vs. whirligig

The scrambler, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Express lines and check-ins

And winter is on its way

The sun will rise

The sun will set

More winter

The sun again

Toilet paper, toothpaste, staple crops, empty calories, shampoo

Have have have and then nothing

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

October 20, 2012

Now It's Just a Matter of Figuring Out the Timing

What's the matter, you

What's the matter, me

What's the matter, blue

What's the matter, green

You'd be hard-pressed to find a theory at the root of more falsely scientific claims than the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Math has theories and principles and laws

Statistics has numbers and quantities and more numbers and piles of numbers

More later

Location:Washington Blvd,Baltimore,United States

October 19, 2012

These Are Not My Beautiful Recommended Results!

Anarchists happen
Little know outcomes lead to well-known patterns
Lectures often fail to breed results

Every day someone is turning 13 and buying their first _______ album
Veer to the left, continue accumulating
I saw the light shining and I fed it
Letters home

Vaccination was invented
Aerodynamics are studied
Nanotechnology develops
Isotopes and isomers throw wrenches
Simple choices on top of simple choices
Heroes all the way down
Each step leads to another step and that'll get tiring for some
Step step step step step step step

Location:N Lansdale St,Glenn Dale,United States

October 18, 2012

We Were Here All Week and/or Vacant Homes

Long division



Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

October 17, 2012

Many Times the Same Thing

Aoli would never be here
Letters are gonna pile by the door
Left behinds, considerations, again

Every last one
Value, valence, validity
I'll say it a thousand times over
Let it become

Vanities are furniture
Any sane man will pay his taxes
Never underestimate the over-under
Issue your own currency
Silo your own concerns and a pile of alien bilge
He's light-headed and under-slept
Equate, equator, equitable
Silence the rest and rest

October 12, 2012

All Kinds of Coltrane and then the O's Game

It's a potent magic but you're not sure what it means

Sometimes a ton of colors make gray, other times you end up all Murakami

I think it is obvious how I roll

I think it is obvious that the universe is a big place

Less obvious? That the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen

That deceleration is a myth

Gravity (when you step back from it)

Did I accidentally just make a giant nerd pun?

It's Friday

I'm gonna grab a beer and watch my team while I hang out with my girls

Bernie's right, Soul Eyes is a wicked track

I wish I'd learned to play piano as a child

I wish I wore a shirt like Miles Davis in the early 60s

It's 2012 for chrissakes

Location:Patuxent Range Rd,Jessup,United States

October 11, 2012

What They Mean by When They Say Consecutive

It's a three-wheeled vehicle and it idles high

It's a stool, a space, and not so much the opposite of progress as something altogether different

It's young when it wants to be

It's what they mean when they show the hat signal

The high sign

The take a man down

It's the slingshot and the miracle of gravity and pent up everything

Shadows are different miracles

While light is where we start getting along

Light is where plants make the magic happen

Wrap yourself in the spirit of the law and feel the wind on your face

You know about me and the fall or you will know

I'll let someone better suited catalog the birds in the sky

Drop it like gray and double-vented

Drop it like navy blue and snug fitting

Drop it like pinstriped and bankered

Drop it like reporting vs. prescription

Murky spots, fog warning, inestimable and more myths

More myth more myth

Fine fine fine

Hate fine fine

Fine like like

Like a light house

I am so so so


Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

October 7, 2012

There Are Things You Can Take to the Bank

Not much in the taking pictures

If vampire stories are about believing in yourself

And bondage stories are about fighting the lifeness of life

If zombie stories are painfully obvious

And fairy tales are stand-ins for the relationship between China and the European Community

If reality shows are about the beginning of boredom

And Anerican politics are about the end

Then and then and then and then

Then and then I lost count

You're rewinding the tape or you were

Time bounces, nights hold still, absolutes

I love the phrase "gravity well"

Run through from both angles I know of

Hold on

Going to get there soon

Location:Aliceanna St,Baltimore,United States

October 6, 2012

Another Saturday, Another Butler Sentenced

I feel the urge to make something

I am full of nervous energy that needs to go somewhere and do something

I feel the urge to be noise and motion

I'm not speaking in metaphors

This is Saturday

When the battle is over, soldiers will sit around and play cards and chew gum and smoke and maybe barbecue chicken

The quiet between loud noises lasts forever

Busy your hands, fold napkins, straighten and face your life

Make lists

The sharks and moving metaphor is tired

The bacteria that's multiplied until food sources are depleted and their environment made unlivabley toxic with waste is a story I've kept in my mind for decades -- it'd be a metaphor if it wasn't do complex and straight ahead

This metabolism is made for things that aren't Saturday -- or Sunday worse still

My daughter's favorite member of the Voltron Force is Twitch


Aside: genetics are really far from destiny and future generations will find our thinking to be wicked simple and aspiration toward order like myths and magic before it

That makes genes no less fascinating -- just like myths and magic

I just read a book that touched on Diana a lot

A conversation yesterday featured a club named Orpheus and whether the patrons realized what a great name that was (I noted they had a goth night -- and those patrons certainly did)

Life, stories, transmission and other sharing, death, memory, music, anger and other passion, good behavior and less good or highs and lows, accumulation

A week is a thing like a paragraph is a thing, I guess

Words and things clichés

Funny this technology clichés and funny this world or this life clichés

Add on more and add on more

The blank of the other blank of the still other blank

What we blank when we blank about other blank

Mad liberation, the abject terror of freedom, the horror of empty space and silence, the object fear or boredom

Braiding braids with collages of others

Cabling cable out of braids and collating collages

They make machines, don't they?

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 4, 2012

Strange Fellows, Insects, Intersections, Fellowship

Like decks

Like run

Architectural trim tucked away quietly

Elongated entrances entrance ransomers

Relinquish ranting, all auditors and auctioneers

Like times

Trample forward, friendly friends

Scratch tines along your forearm

Swear to memories vs. swear at memories

Sweat detail after detail like you're getting paid because you are getting paid

Soak up cycles while the heat that escapes whispers the end of us all

It'll be a great time

The restraints are invisible, but the motion is constant

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 3, 2012

Give It Here, Don't Hold Back Now

Give me your tired
And your tired
And your tired and your tired

Give my your tired
Tire tired, tired tired

Give me your tired
Your trials are unfair
That is why they are trials, my son

Lift this really heavy thing
Clean out this enormous garage
Eat this wicked huge meal
Be a colossal jerk

Give me your tired
Give me your fair
Give me your everything, etc

I think what you're asking is, am I a privileged US citizen?

You've got me there and we've got a whole bunch of you there, too

But what do you do with it once you learn up up down down etc select start etc?

What do you do with the opportunity big heads present?

Do you squander your lived when they become unlimited?

And what will all that do in November? And you know we have to do December after that.

There's my birthday and there are the shopping days until my birthday.

Take heed!


(I'm pretty sure I've used this title before, but I'm not ashamed to run back the good ones.)

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

September 29, 2012

Moreso and the Ever Afters

There were pictures with shallow focus

There were days and nights

There were rumors, there were Sundays

A shot across the bow risks an innocent bystander when you live in so many dimensions

I'm making jokes about, what's your type? (B negative)

I'm making jokes like, who put the "no" in "no no no"?

I'm making jokes like, if we hang up our plasma rifles the Terr'Xinguistadores win (and the galaxy will surely fall)

And I'm hearing all the stories of the Mysteries and the Mansion and the rooms that'll be for everyone

Everyone will say it better than me, but it's the everyone part I hope you're hearing

Just last night, Chris, I heard that there was this house down in New Orleans and it has this rising sun. But it's not a whorehouse, it's a Mansion.

And I heard about this other one in Baltimore, too, and it is Massive.

And more and more all over the place.

And late last night I saw all the walls touching.

And when I slept, I didn't dream cuz I never do, but the walls were still touching when I woke up.

And they'll be touching maybe only a few more days, but for once I'm glad some things can never be unseen.

I'm still pretty fucked up about this, Chris.

My daughter is 10 now, and I think you'd tell me it goes round and round.

She's getting a killer haircut right now, and I'm gonna go be happy with her.

I can't wait for more people to tell me all the times you'd talk about future lives, and prayer, and hope, and how it'll be bad, yeah, but then it'll be better.

All evil vanishes.
All evil vanishes.
All evil vanishes.

I believe, Chris. I'm just pretty messed up on all this, still.

Location:W 36th St,Baltimore,United States

September 28, 2012

Good night, Mr. Toll

September 26, 2012

I Don't Even Know

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 22, 2012

In Character

In character vs. on character

A pool of valuable liquid

Motion, capital-A assimilation, rent money

I often mis-use roof for ceiling, and that tells you something about me

I have trouble with left and right, and that tells you something about me

There's surely more

I ate crabs today

I took a bath

I'm going to tuck into a page-turner

Hello fall

The weather's always the same in Chula Vista


Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 19, 2012

There Is, There Are

Tracking can come up in many situations and mean many things

Count pace after pace and the further you go the closer you'll know you've come to the beginning

Shadows envelope

Shadows enhance some days and detract others

There is a force that draws you to it, where it is ________

There is a place for the number four

There are ways that you're predisposed to look at something

There are always feedback loops and redundancies and error correction and inertia

There is always heat loss

"I will disorder you gladly"

"You will rue and or rule the day"

"The man in question had only three fingers on his right hand"

It comes down to ammunition

It comes down to quivers

It comes down to ignition, initiative, intuition, fortune

Fortune fortress Cuban coffers

Fortune fortress creating coffees

Fortune fortress

A nibble and a goodnight


And this is take-off from Augusta airport (Maine) back on Sunday. Ten-seater. Breath-taking.

YouTube Video

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

Sometimes It's Just Not Enough

All kinds of conservation ends that way

Get some dinner

Keep trying

Location:University Blvd E,Takoma Park,United States

September 15, 2012

Multiple Worlds, But Not Recorded So Well

I'll take that

It starts with enterprise

Ice and spikes and forgotten

Forget me not

Obscure fruit

Better truths


I want to make a list of colors

How many important events killed a demon?

How many moments killed a mountain?

They just go nuts, historically


Nickels, bronzing, brimstone

One after another falling into place

More fruit, more forever

The end of one thing is forever, too

Drum, drum, drum

Hammer, presidents, and just about everything else

Holy shit, is this the real deal?

Before all that water came rushing in

Keep it. And keep it done.

Location:Eden St,,United States

September 11, 2012

Something Something Restless Something Something Now

Hands vs. proxy hands

Short descriptions, longer descriptions, vocabulary

Rest, intonation

Gutter vs. guttural just leave me be

Deliberate counting

Unintentional complete lack of perspective

Enlightenment vs. taking less with you

The role of the shoulder in contemporary industry

The team of guys in the flak vests rolling up on your neighborhood

With their semi-automatic weapons and their walkie-talkies

This is a moment for wallow

This is money for a bus ticket

This is a joke about one-way and short piers and paddles

When time expires, I'm just gonna need you to have more points

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 9, 2012

Sunday Morning+

A lot of things on my mind and I think I'm gonna take a bath

Read up on Jasper Johns chilling in the bath drawing draw-rings and painting pitchers

Baseball this afternoon and I'll work on vitamin D

But the system's been delicate, so best eat better

If pressure is measured in atmospheres what do we measure useless pressure in?

What about dangerous pressure?

And what do you do with the can the whoop-ass came in after you are done whopping ass?

Rear Window is on my mind, and time with you

Things happening in Seattle are on my mind, and Australia

New Zealand, New York, Vancouver, North Korea, South Korea

Languages flow and people flow with them

Languages flow and food is made

I loved my Commodore 64, I loved notching an extra notch in a floppy with a hole-puncher

I loved Pogo Joe -- that Qbert rip-off, and finally getting to some "you won something" screen, though we hadn't won anything because we illegally copied the game and surely the contest was months or years over

Ultima IV and V with their maps and accoutrement and chasing after good times I'd had with friends in Massachusetts playing Ultima III (on their Apple II? Really? I must be remembering that wrong)

And that Greek gods game that was bad ass

I'm sure this wasn't the first time I'd learned that sometimes things will never be the same

Sometimes the story is better

Sometimes the picture or the video is better

Often the movie is better

And this is all exceedingly scary when you think about it

Enjoy your everything, everywhere you are, and I'll dig on mine

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

September 8, 2012

A Bunch of People Got Shot in Baltimore, But I'm at the Dentist

And I got a flat tire last night, but got it fixed this morning

I need an oil change, too, but didn't have time before getting to my dentist appointment with my daughter

There are piles of things all around Baltimore and there are puppies

There's splitting attention among teams and things

There's the opening of the fantasy season

We got a kitten a little while back and then we won't have a kitten anymore

Conflict happens locally and globally

Voting happens when you make it happen

Focus is actually a five-letter word

Point systems this, point systems that

Motivation, intention, reward, raising the stakes, the whole sense of what matters

Priorities vs. god particles vs. do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior?

I don't, particularly, but I'm a big fan of compassion and mercy and grace

This is from a discussion I had at 6 in the morning on Thursday

We also talked about chess -- which is way more fun when you play with a person sitting across from you, if you ask me

You could say, like with all things

You could say, damn right you like it

You could like world peace or not like harsh child labor practices or human trafficking

Like, not like

Like, not like

Winter's day, Fall festival, Spring sleepy time, Summer jams

And the the trees are teaming up to become a forest -- even if it makes for a boring scene on film

Location:Bon Air Rd,Parkville,United States

September 4, 2012

Tired Is

Location:Pulaski Hwy,North East,United States

September 3, 2012

Ideas, State Fair, Memory, Computational Power

Computerized black hole

Digestive interference

Becomes digital this, that, and the other

I noticed this weekend that my daughter instinctively leans toward the Oxford comma

I always thought and-and added up to a full stop

But that was before I'd really spent any time in California

Before I studied up on fish tacos

Broke a rib

Fell in the ocean

Supernovas without hyphens

Sandstone under a microscope

Conflicts further away than you can spell

I've forgotten more in the past few days than I'll think all week

Gamma ray emissions from storm clouds

Colors that glow in the sky

Weather, race cars, baseball, celebration, memories

Waste is a problem in factories

Waste is a problem in contemporary America

Waste is probably related to invention, too, or maybe soon

That this and this was who that and but which

Forever store than those if then whichever wants

Look both ways and then apply gentle pressure with

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 1, 2012

I Have Things on My Mind

Where the bow goes


The opposite of title casing

Repetition until it becomes something else

Pets in America

Aging vs. boredom

Breathing off the top of your lungs

Certain numbers vs. certain signs

Sunday baths

One man's progress is another man's you had to be there

Location:Washington Blvd,Baltimore,United States

Many Things Forever, Many Days September

If you were a jumping cat, what would you jump out of?

There is indirect sunlight and first names

The mechanical buzzing of giant mechanical bees

Liquids combine with air all the time to get better

It's always coming down to the trace elements

Or velocity or simple word substitution

Dissolve, ripple, decline, nomenclature

Who's seen a tundra that wasn't frozen?

Who would build a log cabin in Tampa?

Why in god's name would you even think about hunting vampires with weather like this?

We intend to loot the Republic for all it's worth

There's no such thing as a brain sucker

Traffic traffic traffic blur

Location:Fairmount Ave,Towson,United States

August 27, 2012

Way Up and Over the Middle

The flood of the most boring panorama ever told

Trauma minus trauma plus time and all kinds of spread out

Not a house every ten feet

What you wish was a cowboy has some weird northern European accent going on

It's a tangled path to the cowboy

It is a strange field and it is often online

Pain, preparation, boredom, elevation, cramping obviously, bandages

Viruses as living languages over-sharing all over the place / all over again

There is a call again and again

Where do you live

How fast are you moving now?

Herds of laser born by cats

Bring it

We'll bring it together

Come on

Location:S McDonnell Rd,Millbrae,United States

August 22, 2012

Would You Have Him Consumed?

Nails are driven into wood

And things are made

You could take an arm and wrap it in gauze and then wrap it in cloth and even cover it in plaster

You can put tape upon tape until your fists are like rocks

You can take a smooth piece of wood and scratch an idle mark here and another there

Phone calls can break your heart no matter the century

Bicycles to aeroplanes to home theaters and satellite television

Putting the professional back in

Hanging the lighting

Preparing the wonder

I don't know how so many things work, they just do

You're on a beach, touch it

There's the sun

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

August 21, 2012

Like the Sound at Night

Pictures through screens

Or my view blocked by a purring cat

Or the sun's already down and the kids are out and about

Or the way they talk in Canada

When it's harvest time and nobody calls it that

Various painful points

Hello and how are you

And the weather and constants and and

Double positives vs. double blind studies

Two people talking, ignoring what's going on around them is different if they are seated before a French meal

Trains follow tracks except when they derail

And people put down those tracks

So many things rhyme with intention

And my name is none of them

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 19, 2012

Waiting Things Out

Sometimes waiting things out

Stuff on stuff

And stuff on stuff on stuff

A heaping pile of facts

Apples, Sundays, sunshine

How would you like a knuckle sandwich?

How would you like your eggs?

I'm allergic to them, but I love making frittatas

I also love making fish tacos, good drinks, red sauce, Indian food

I love cooking for people and watching them eat

I'm usually less hungry when I cook for a bunch of people, and then I can't really taste the food either

Adam Good taught me how to make grits proper

I'm going to have some in the morning

Count back from 30

Count back from 28

There's more

There are a hundred ways to die

People drowned all the time

There are the oceans, rivers, lakes

Creeks, bogs, streams, aquifers, pools, seas

Quarries, tanks, bays, and harbors

There are more and none of them know you

They are out there, full of water, and they don't know you

They never will

Even if your lungs were filling with water

They don't have brains

They don't wear shirts

They flow and your forget

They flow and you breathe air

With your brain and your shirt

You breathe air

Good on you

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

August 17, 2012

The Burning Is Nothing Like the Rich Kids of Instagram

I feel like my skin is on fire and it's two in the morning

Incredible meals prepared by personal chefs, expensive cars, champagne, massive displays of good times in the water, indoors, in the air, outdoors

When it subsides I'll try to get back to sleep

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

August 14, 2012

I'm Writing This and You Can't See It Yet

That's the way it has always been

It's time to get to work whether your hair is curly or straight or whatever

Healthcare in the 21st century is a funny thing

Families in the 21st century are a funny thing

These, too, have always been

Myth voice, viruses, big, small, appointment viewing, gold coins and really old gold coins buried in the ground

Images is what images does

More and less vs. increasing pain

You'll see how much they care and then you will, too

Sharp edges, implements, transformations, thinners, pooling

Wait wait wait the change is coming

August 11, 2012

My Dad Went to a Rain Delay and All I Got Was This Stupid Poem

Floating tension

Rewards and exclusives

Surrender vs. Release

Wrapped in air, attacked by air

Buoyant and then less buoyant

Celebrations, freedom, waiting

Buoyant once more, sunrise, replicas

The people of Baltimore

The people of a young nation and protection and a storehouse of fresh water

The place we keep all our ammunition safe

The place we keep away

The palace, it has it's own hill and it's own dialect

The valley has loam and a can-do attitude

Be free! Be free!

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 8, 2012

Second and August

First, second, third

Snores that aren't human

Babies that aren't human

The key to the life on other planets

The gateway to everything right here

Meander to the sound

The sights and tingling nerve endings

Surface tension vs. surface

Skin deep vs. general

The way to be vs. the infield fly rule

Pitchers who bat


More America

Bloodless things that are somehow anemic

Kids, lawns, off

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States

August 7, 2012

Everyone Gets a Chance

YouTube Video

Will you be up at 3am?

Four lines gone forever because not good enough meets an iceberg and there ain't a movie star in sight

Five is obvious

Six ate seven won three oh my!

Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous

Hydra-headed and up through modeled rubber

It begins again and so on

Tying a knot, tying another

In the know

I wonder what you'll have time for

The sound of stacking

The sound things make when they fall on a tile floor

The sound of dinner

Dimanche always with me somewhere in the background

Says good night

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 2, 2012

The What, the Why, and the Broken

You are getting from this

Corkscrew, tension line, movies

Folded in half and again, back to coils, and right before the end of the beginning

The dark side of potential energy

Labs in gold mines and then labs again but the gold mining long gone

You can detect this

You can measure this

Vs. measure of

Vs. born this way

Vs. I didn't come here to do anything on purpose

If you build a tilt-a-whirl and it gets out of hand, then what?

When you understand something enough to correct it, what does that say about the corrector and what is the corrector saying about the correctee?

Stories about saving and thermodynamics

Stories about not sleeping

Stories about August

I wish all the months led double lives as adjectives or ages

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

July 29, 2012

You Should Slap a Mosquito Bite Instead of Scratching

It's a feeling
It is more

There are better things
There are so many places

Where a map has four cardinal directions
You have thousands and you haven't even counted the backwards

Inertia is a ruthless beast
If you're going or you're not

Friction is a demon
Tension is a weapon

The anxious inherit the earth second after second
You are fully programming you from one moment to the next

Random access, random operations, probability waves, possibilities
Collisions upon collisions over time and divided by nothing as important

The French have a way with food. It's true
So do the Japanese, and the Ethiopians, and the Mexicans, and pretty much everybody else

You do live in wonderful times, even if they aren't always wonderful
Your lost heat will destroy galaxies some day

One little, accumulating, accelerating bit of waste at a time
There's no other way

Every act is part of the end

Riot Is What Riot Does

A riot is a riot

And rot is rot

Sunday is a day of the week just like the other days

Crush stone

Crush garlic

Crush your enemies while you keep them closer

Crush ice

Shatter so well

Crush a root or a flower

Crumble and powder

Power and transmission

It's "you'll have it when you need it"

Wires in mud all over again, with more wires and more mud than ever before

I will give them the last word and pretend they begged for it

Crush cans to a better place

Crush bicycles under truck tires

Crush nuts for a cake

Crush arms in accidents

The rocks, they were crushed into dust

And will never be unseen

Like ice's long, slow journey to the sea

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 27, 2012

Tell Me What To Say What-To-Say What-To-Say

Summertime summer time

(I got interrupted in the middle of writing this a couple days back, so this is what it'll be)

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

July 18, 2012

There's a New Kitten Up in Here

There it is.

And there it is.

No photos here yet.

There's the previous kitten, too, in a different room, occasionally growling, hissing.

There's sleep on my mind, allergies on my eyes, and a helluva day behind me.

Make 'em all helluva

Eat more shellfish and French food

There's this list of nouns welling up inside me and I hope I carve out a buncha time for George Herbert this fall

I love the kinda bad ass that stretches across centuries

I love the ephemeral kind just as much

Come October, why don't I buy some bourbon

We'll hang around Justin's fire pit and you can read me Herbert

And we'll eat burgers

If I were a cult leader, prayers would roll something like that

And there'd be lots chairs because the more chairs the better the cult, I'm told

We'd get silly transmedia, too

And there'd be something about fish, why not


Get yourself a jar

Drive around the county listening to country

Speak up over the music when the time is right

The ding ding ding of "your keys are still in the ignition" when you open the driver-side door

Dust swirling in the beams and grit doing what grit does

Trains and gunshots and thunder in the distance

Midnight creeping over the horizon

Saying dome, stars, ways and means more and more

Some some some more and more

Everything hushes out and is gone

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 16, 2012

Another Shout Out to Chris Toll

"I have only 144 characters to save you"

With witches lost people

With early 21st century arrowheads and aerodynamics and switchbacks

The century where sheep will forget slaughter

And forgotten floating will lose people

Everyone will become kings and queens and so no one will be kings and queens anymore

What fate will sequins suffer when our clothes get smarter?

What fate fares glitter?

Questions have plagued us since the Civil War

Massive beasts have been our friend and will be our friend again

But in the middle times we are dinner

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 15, 2012

Rhymes With Phased Closures

I'm radiating heat on a hot day

I'm consuming fluids, breathing air, firing synapses, and the like

My manners are in good shape

But I snap when snapped

I have a thing for celery

I lazed about a good bit and fell asleep in the sun

I celebrated, I ate, I took note, I slept some more, I read, I watched, I brushed my teeth

I got ready for more

I meant to just put together a string of things

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 14, 2012

Aiming to Catch Up on Sleep Asked a Good Question

Something about the kids you thought were crazy looking at the kids behind them and saying, shit them kids are cray cray

The sudden emergence of a universal system of measure

Your burn pattern after a welcomed lazy day

Water everywhere and new ideas about where it all came from

The writing engraved around the ring to rule ten all, glowing in titles and when fresh out of the fire and at other times

Javelinas are closer to hippos than boars

Pigmy anything never getting tired

Big big big big eyes the better to see you with vs. can you even see through all those chibi highlights

Stories roll off his tongue, a sample case, smart tailoring, sunsets

Location:Emory St,Baltimore,United States

July 9, 2012

This Is the Life

Get to know four on the floor

Any old time you choose it

Some open road driving

Some don't sweat the construction here and there

The soft, safe hands of navigation

Stars, moon, gentle rain and more

Summer air vs. my coming-up-on autumn ways

I've got an umbrella or a roof over my head

I've got movement and things I'd recommend

Let's pound the pavement for many years to come

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 8, 2012

Something Is Speaking in the Street

Many somethings, many streets

Car doors closing

All houses here

Even some shared

A story about a summer of endless heat that spawns a midnight culture. Everyone lays up in the daytime, but it isn't strictly a vampire story.

It has the feel of secret summer loves

It's about children at the heart of it -- up at odd hours and living in an entire world alive at odd hours

The smell of 104 on the street today was the smell of putrefaction, I think

I don't cousin with putrefaction so often

What the hell is going on our there?

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 5, 2012

Some of My Favorite Starships

Some of my favorite starships are vampires

And then there is the flying, the sky, etc

Some of my favorite starships are equations

Algorithms is one of those words like an affected foreign accent

I love how French speakers talk about supermarkets

I love a good hot dog, I'm not going to lie

You've heard things through walls and through floors and so have most people

You've dug your feet into the sand as the tide rushes out and so have most people

There are people in Kenya and Burma and France and a whole slew of French-speaking places

Are redundancies more fun when they sneak up on you?

If the NASDAQ falls in a forest

If the flow of Spain is altered by wet weather

If you left your mask at the dry cleaner

Just call me

Better yet, text me

I'll keep an extra for you in the bedside stand

With my expired passport

I've got your back

Rhymes with live naught corps track

Go figure

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States