April 12, 2024

What matters here doesn’t matter there

 What matters there doesn’t matter here 

April 6, 2024

Many Things Make Me Question Many Things

David, but it’s not always why

Years flying by and moments that linger

All manner of circles and spirals that hide among them

Directions on all fronts

Every useful false binary and the relationships between truth, facts, utility, information, more generally

Do we call it an economy?

We will always be back then?

But I am here and then (now) you are here.

Many words have many meanings all around your feet.

My hands are stained, there’s still that, and I prefer bar soap in a shower, but have only the slightest preference in other settings.

Remember Lava?

Like, Where do these things go, and what does it mean to me? I mean for me? Or I mean that, too.

Like lead and  read and tear.

And like stew, and hew, and steer.

February 24, 2024

Flood the Zone (Again)

Heavy trails mixed with trials

Simple shapes like spheres and cones

One reign follows another

The thing about a metronome

Comfort food, arithmetic, working the stops

The weather is up and down

These signs mean something to somebody somewhere

January 28, 2024

Carrion Bird

On on on on

On off on on

The swelling a sign

The signal a progress

Off on on on

Far from home again with the precipitation

Buying being bringing among

The filling and then the filing then the forever

Off off off off

You’re on and then you’re going

Suddenly follows perception

This container again

This gravity

And finally this willingness

January 22, 2024

The Fingers Move in the Light

What you hide, I now know

Fall forward, again, and mark your consequences

The light flashing in the corner of your vision

The long dark road, the shifting borders

Field after field after field and once more with the lights

This is the sunrise that will become a memory

This is dew on the exposed skin of your forearms, inside your elbow

You know the smell and you know what it’s like for the possible to be sitting right in front of you in a smart get up

What will tomorrow taste like after all the stitches

January 11, 2024

Books Are Dangerous (Sonnets Are Dangerous)

AI is dangerous
The Internet is dangerous
Isolation is dangerous
Dynamite is dangerous

Bears are dangerous
Kitchens are dangerous
Mobs are dangerous
Stairs are dangerous

Tylenol is dangerous 
Ungrounded outlets are dangerous
Driving is dangerous
Ideas are dangerous

The sky is dangerous
The sky is dangerous