January 19, 2015

And Then Strings

Someone was here and there you are there

Someone else was chuckling

Someone was figuring out just how much further it was until the sandbar

Sound out the vowels

Constant conscious consultations

Attention to moments, curling corners, cut-up credit cards

We all have rights

And we have words for so many things

Proceed to the process

Location:Sideleigh Rd,Baltimore,United States

January 4, 2015

The Wind Like So Much

So so much

There is askance and aside and heretofore

A giant shadow across the sky

So many clouds and so many textures

And then dog parks across the country as the sun goes down

Otherwise time is on your side

There are essays and intentions

There is more talk about the sun or the weather

Insistence, persistence, terraforming

Afternoon after afternoon with their lunches and such

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 3, 2015

All This Content Plus Nosebleeds

Productive people at a party somewhere being innovative

Is so 2014

Forever and ever

I love you

You took a stick and whittled it down to now

You were frowning

But you got a knife for Christmas, too

This house has mirrors because they just tend to

Some things are harder to detangle than others

I think about the way walking works on videogames and hiking paths

I don't drink enough water lately

I'm going to go get some

Location:Sideleigh Rd,Baltimore,United States