July 29, 2016

Unafraid Again

That's the thing about context

I mean, that's the thing about again

And then this thing about circles from other to make better to really smaller and worse

And then the dog and priorities

The pilot episode of your favorite-ever show

The changes they made

What a good background does for you

How seldom you think about furniture

Different again and this time the kind of difference that's burned a village

Articles on articles on articles

Something like a top hat and striped jacket

Something like a cone

And then a ball

And then the light on the water of the harbor

And then cancelled

Location:Baltimore,United States

July 22, 2016

What's Up Friday?

Tired tired tired tired, I'm so glad you're ordering Chinese

Done gonna find a whale road and other stories

Sky-showers meet electric shavers

The invention of brunch meet Eastern Standard Time

Your worst thoughts meet my latest manifesto about horizons and event horizons and fudge that does focus on chocolate

I mean, it's 2016 out here

So many ideas, so many people

And then a three-legged stool

And lies

And they're out. They're all out.

Location:Massachusetts Av Ne,Washington,United States

July 21, 2016

Weekend Forecast Triangles

How hot it's going to be
Gonna be

Location:Redmore Dr,Severn,United States

July 20, 2016

All the Time Passes Since the Invention of Camo Pants

When the lights comes through not-so-dense tree cover onto grass or a path

Everything well-worn or golden

Picture a shape, a day, a time

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

July 1, 2016


(for Adam Robinson)

I'm up early
Though not as early as usual
I'm a morning person
But early enough that you're not up
Or you or you or you

And the order of the cats' food and water bowls are reversed
So now it's food - water

And then noticing the dog's bowls are switched around too

And I feel like maybe I slipped sideways

Everything has a reason
Doesn't mean
Everything has a good reason
Everything has a reason you'll understand
I mean
Like that which matrix math past pictures and and and but for where where that which

In high school I used to think all the time about
What if the experiment wasn't repeatable because it was something that would only work that once in space and time
Like that was an important variable
And maybe it is
If it was then magic?

What do you have for me, today?
What will today bring?
Whatcha gonna do today, Jamie?

Minus all the plans

The thing about the cat food bowls and dogs food bowls was gonna be a tweet, but I couldn't get it right in the space

It'd be better there though, I think
Floating where nobody sees it until maybe someone does

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States