June 29, 2013

What Color

Night time. Pink. Putrescence and the quality thereof. Rhetoric against inhumanity. The page, remember that.

Thingness vs. thinginess. Thinking thin ice. Frenchmen walking.

Bread buying. Future markets. And it was time to reset the units. To set it straight.

Re-straighten. Straits of Magellan. Iberian Penninsula. Sino-U.S. relations. Who put the station in station wagons?

Left hook. A well-cared for place where people play golf.

Rainbows over Baltimore, IRL.

June 26, 2013

It Was Taco Night

I've been up too long

Others would say I've slept too little

There's that guy who goes and lives in caves for really long stretches and his circadian rhythms get all out of whack

There are types of training that take years, if not decades, and it's not even like you're gonna be a Navy S.E.A.L.

White expanses become static and become white expanses again

Field, fields, screens, windows

Negotiating a view-port is no way to live your life

Taco night happened

Reality does not end at your ability to understand it, but some say it does end at our ability to observe it

I'm not sure where I land on that one

I'm not sure I have to

And then there's Europe. All of it.

June 25, 2013

Funnier Things Have Happened

Funnier things have happened

So the tyranny of pretty shit

So the days that come one after another

Again, dinner while the sun is shining


Waves meet solid boundary

Rudders and steering wheels and all sorts of helpful things

The sextant is an invention like language

Is a technology, is engineered

Look down the road like language

By the pool, belly up to sunshine like language

The mechanics of a change up or a drop shot or a good feint like language

Then the grit whether the teeth kind of the eye kind

June 23, 2013

I Don't Get Everything That's Going on Here

It's like I have this new pencil and it has the GPS in it, but it doesn't know how to sing the place

It's like the sun has gone red and the sky has gone black and we're all exhaling like there's no tomorrow

It's like winter is here, but the days are still absurdly long, and we eat outside in parkas past 8pm with the cold sun shining down on us

Let us say this and let us say that

Let it all grow


Water falls from great heights and pools down low
Ambling on stairs, mewling in basements
Left to the sun, and left to sing
Left to the way things are and re way things were
Amber waves of amber light, late autumn
Can you tuck yourself away and wait for morning to come?
Ever ready, ever ready, ever after


What's next

June 22, 2013


On location
Blister pack
Falling and waiting
Crumpled plastic crumpling
Chinese food for breakfast
Breakdance, point break, poinsettia

Here and ever after
Safety dance, if you want to
Don't look back anyhow
Count seeds, count saviors

Simple simple simpler

New vs. Not Something You've Heard Before

Words only have baggage if someone in the speaking / listening chain is aware of the baggage, right?

That's Bertha

Very few rules weigh in at 100%

And then a reminder that a goal in life isn't to be beyond reproach -- at least my life

Defensible vs. useful vs. let's get it done

Locking arms together as we drive the car over a Texas cliff or stare down an advancing phalanx of not-good vs. locking arms at the beginning of the wrestling match

Trading arms, getting guns off the street, letter writing campaigns

And then the All Boats Rise

And then the Been There, Done That

And then the Are We There Yet?

Sometimes a tie is what you use to close up a garbage bag

Sometimes you're good to go


June 21, 2013

Different Contributions Valued Differently

June 19, 2013

So Yeah Selfie Again Biology and There's That

What I forgot was that I accepted it at first


There's somebody with a bag over his head

There's somebody on TV right now by the hundreds

There are China-scale audiences in China

They show you this thing and then this other thing and there is an arc and it reminds you of a rock in flight

But not just any rock

Oh, Henry! Come on now.

Come one and all

Come back now, ya hear

Come all ye faithful

Comets rained on the Earth, but the dinosaurs were long gone this time

The thing that survived is the thing that went to ground

+++ The Week Ahead or Just Past Interlude +++ 
(with thanks to Anna and others)

Manic Monday
Taco Tuesday
Weigh-in Wednesday
Thirsty Thursday
Freaky Friday
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!
Sunday, bloody Sunday


Something has to come after or else I'm a liar

Leave balance to your yoga instructor

And finish for stock photography

And faking it for making it

You'll be asleep before you know it

June 18, 2013

Rescue from Sinking Car

Where go particles, so go collisions

Where goes this world, so goes consumption

Gravity or whatever it is, refraction, repulsion, Bernouli's Principle, Brownian motion

All these things happen

There are kids with there math and old men with their older math

There are new numbers all the time and some times new math, too

Secondary sexual characteristic vs. First World concerns vs. the end-state Corvette, yet again

Like Tuesday vs. Wednesday or beige vs. ivory

Ashes to ashes is a must

A gyroscope suited to the age is a must

You crush the ground you walk on

The following services are available for your convenience

Not So Easily Fooled, These Good Citizens

O say what do I say
Not so easily fooled, these good citizens
These hearty citizens
These farms stocks

I don't know what I'm saying, in fact
It's late and my back is killing me

I've been perusing Appalachia again far past my bedtime

I've watched my team fall to tigers

I've seen a man in a red tie sing old songs that were new and back again

There are term limits among the many limits available

There is, of course, the speed of light with its promise that things will never change

There is the impossibility of now and now much like getting there by getting halfway there at a time

There is everything at once, now, and the mad romp that offers that is now normal

Just like teleporting will be normal and distance rendered something different like the train and the telegraph then timezones then telephones them half-timezones then the Internet and so forth

Just like the brain being unlocked with its dynamic arrays and then cascades of proteins and then it will all be ours to declare some new kind of zones and all kinds of important things will be rendered moot once again

What's next? Who will have it?

I doubt it'll be in English, but I'm sure it will translate this into something I don't know the first thing about, when some bored future state asks itself, whaddya think we got here?

That's not why we do it

At least most of us

Like the interglacials, this is the time between beers with people you care about

People who are sorting through things and want to tell you about it

And want to hear what you have to say after

June 16, 2013

Father's Day Open Thread

MELVIN DRIVE (inside and out)

What is your dream job?

Let me think. Right now, a novelist

And my dream to-do is to spend my mornings writing little bits of scifi and fantasy.

Is that Where the Wild Things Are?

No it's a girl in a bear suit.

Oh. Right.

Can I read you this story?

Yes. Please.


Do you want to hear this?

It's Bloomsday, don't you know?


People everywhere

This day longer

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 15, 2013

Whoever Controls the River Controls the Movement of Goods through the Heartland

More often than not, the best medicine is going to come in pill form

Just as often you are trying to fix something that fails to be broken

Summer sun, summer breeze, summer love

The boys of summer, the summer of 69, everything happening so fast

Drink it dry

The sun is more up

Location:Woodbourne Ave,Baltimore,United States

June 12, 2013

This Is a Story

This is what happens when nobody died

When everybody is gonna be OK

Sometimes the wagons are circled and the unceremoniously burned to the ground

It makes a ring of ashes

The grass doesn't grow for a while

And then there are glaciers and erosion, shorelines change, species emerge, the sun arcs

If there are two things, there is a time in between them

There are spaces for learning

There is growth

There are plants that consume sunlight every single day, and that's crazy

There is organic chemistry and the history if the universe and even things we can depend on

There will be things that are equal and you will find them

The day will come to an end and you will sleep

Beyond that, breakfast

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 10, 2013

One Two Three-and-More

Stilton. No pressure. Longer words amid accents.

Midship. The Last Sailor. Moonlight. Monday night.

Charging feet first. Margarine before morning. Migration meant well.

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 9, 2013

Ways of Seeing Something and Then Saying Something

Ways of stringing together a couple days and calling it something

Ways of sitting back and measuring a bunch's worth, bunching after bunching

But I'm really thinking buckets and wanted to try and keep you with me a little better, for once

Fabric. Brick. Surface and material, but I've never found time to sweat the science of donuts and tubes. It just doesn't get me going.

Breakfast. Health. Finances. Sunshine. Thinking about other people's future, too.

Some hard work.

Meeting all kinds of people again and it's been a while.

All kinds of loud and it's been a while.

An entirely separate something could grow here, but won't under current conditions.

Remembering how many choices there are out there to be made.

If I could pick a superpower, photosynthesis would be high on my list.

And to think how late grass evolved.

Aside: the placebo effect is still an effect.

Location:S Fremont Ave,Baltimore,United States

June 5, 2013

It Would Be Easier If You Could Trust Everything To Be Dead in the Dead of Night

Don't make a habit of surrounding yourself with terrible things

Avoid swimming in pools of acid and/or lakes of fire

Study the necessity of sadness

Mimetic, pathetic, pipette

Prince of pearl

Stop meaning for me

Stipulate your surrender

There will be his judo where digital code -- which is driven through language-based instruction and calculation -- creates extra-language experience and it will be wild

Pre-language? Ultra-language?

I guess that was all an aside, but it ran across my mind earlier today in a meeting and I scribbled it down

I didn't want to forget it

Even if it isn't going anywhere yet

Animals riding animals

The War of 1812

That Javitts Center fee you get hit with when you stay at a hotel in New York

I'm thinking about a lot of things, I guess

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

June 4, 2013

No! Still Means "No" Even When You're Quoting Fictional Utterances of an Actual Cat

Blow out, be it Brazilian of by way of Boston

A dearth of thievery

The suburbanization of poverty is a real problem

Rising loss of life to commuting, made worse with rising healthcare costs, trying to keep track of your family and failing

Trying to keep track of everything

Trying to get more sleep daily

Everything funny ever

Everything heavy or dense or just unwieldy

Your wingspan vs. massive constructions of styrofoam and cloth

Glitter, fake and massive birds of prey, islands, sun, sea-scented breezes or gusts or gales

And then windbreak, paddle boats, chicken-neckers, sunsets, sea grass

Think it out and spell it out then time to turn in

From here

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

Things You May Have Heard Of

So many of the grammatical rules you learned growing up are things made up in the Victorian age to put a stranglehold on language and make the well-off feel weller off

Or the educated feel rich

Or something

Like the scribes that used to have the power

And the head of the Department of Defense is called the Secretary

And the invention of dictionaries or at least the spelling part therein and all kinds of ideas about what smart is


Similarly useless stories about what intelligent is


I wanted to call this "Enter the Laser Cat" and I realize those two pictures add up to better than anything you're reading here

I do volume like nobody's business

Volume loud

Volume amount

Volume like length but cubic

Seriously, this is worth most to me, I'm betting

And I don't mean that as false self-effacement

I just need to wind out

And I'm just throwing triple-pluses when I think I might turn a corner

You can skim ahead


The M in one thousand

A pound of coffee

Predatory behavior


Sing. Sang. Song-bringer. Throat singer. Singed tentacles. A long way home.

Group think. Design by committee. Aren't we all? For here and ever after.


"Secondary Sensibility" is something I should write. I wrote it on a notepad in my car earlier today.

Maybe it's a chapbook dedicated to Justin.


The books I write.

I've been thinking about absurdly long hash tags, too

The ultimate would be 133 characters

But anything so long that you couldn't event retweet it is perfect

Even 50 or 70 char long is good enough

I wonder what it's going to do at the line breaks

I assume just stupidly break


Retreat it. History is always full while storage is always storing more. The end of storage would be quite an event.

Douglas Adams would make some joke about the Big Bang being some accident cause by rampant efficiency at a Self Storage rental place in the previous universe

He'd make it a funny joke, whereas for me it is just another dig at efficiency

What is it good for?


Efficacy. Effaced artifact. Fractured bonds. Leveraged capital. Bartered wounds. Ring. Rang. Favorite towel.

Anybody will tell you, don't even try explaining humor.

Paint is drying

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 2, 2013

Platformer, Contrary, Conveyance

Or Sunday check in
Or Sunday and I'm in the sun (for now)
Or I am here

I accidentally deleted an app from the home screen on my phone, but I can't figure out what it was

I want that to be a stand-in for so many other things

But I know that the missing app is something I needed for a situation and I'll remember when it occurs and there I'll be app-less

Like I'll need to diffuse a bomb to save the whole squadron

And I'll be all, well Shazam isn't gonna help me with that

Only the bomb will be inane and the squadron will be my life

And maybe knowing what song I'm hearing will be a different kind if answer

And an opportunity to purchase


Where I'm going with this

Baby blue Members Only jackets on aging war veterans

Confrontations with my classist skeletons

Do you think those kids at breakfast are meth-heads or on the way to it?

Maybe they are on their way out of here

Which is the iconic novel about spending everything on getting out, just to realize that this thing around you was what you wanted all along

Maybe that was Citizen Kane

It wasn't the Great Gatsby was it?

Mayhaps that's what Gangnam Style was all about in the end


Something slower will come

Something that's worth more or does more or is more

And it's likely that depth isn't the answer

Location:Castle St,Salisbury,United States

June 1, 2013

Check In

Deep breath.
A word for this pattern that doesn't take us all down the wrong path.

Pathfinders before they were oversized conveyance.



Departed always dearly.

The Departed and those little papery booties you where over your shoes when you want to keep the situation clean.

Without a trace vs. undisturbed.
As in secrecy and subterfuge vs. prolonging or protecting the integrity of a previous state.

Study. Studied.
Found things.

Cast-off feathers.
Beds if tiny mollusks.

I hope we're all feeling better.

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States