October 31, 2012

There We're No Decapitations Today That I'm Aware Of

I am mostly motivated

I took it easy on the Dark Arts

No bending time, no shifting space, no dispatching bodies unto dust

I stilled no beating hearts, quieted precious few riotous brains

I took my daughter trick-or-treating with her friends and their fathers and my girlfriend

This day had highs and this day had lows

Quantum entanglement is still spooky

Chromodynamics is still a killer set of syllables

Horns are still loud

The rain threatened but then retreated

Baseball season is both a memory and something to look forward to

This is Vishu's story with fewer hands

A monkey lifts a mountain

A monkey flies across the sky with a mountain carefully balanced on one hand

That's fucking fantastic

Cook your food

We'll sit around the fire and talk

We'll need to chew less

And before you know it

All this

And ghost stories, too


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Some People Are Looking

I haven't heard any gunshots in the neighborhood tonight

A far away prop plane maybe

Helicopters go over our house all the time

Ferrying hurt folks

Which beats the searching for bad folks type

Some image of a helicopter spotlight splashing down across a neighborhood

Some image of following, trailing, finding

The surrender and the locked on and the locked in

That final cushion of air as a copter lands


Monday is a cry for help

Tuesday is a cry for help

Wednesday is today now is Halloween

A sketchbook is a cry for help

Changes in the streetlights are the sign you've been waiting for

The E in the packy's Open sign will flicker out some day

The wind is a cry for help and it is taking all the babies away


Hurricanes, dingos (sp?), typhus, heroin, stray bullets, wage slavery, apathy, maybe religion, close-mindedness, poverty, cars, the wrong people in the wrong places at the wrong times


Arm, books, cats, duvet cover, entry, fingers twitching, glowing, helicopter overhead, isolation, Jamie, keyboard in scare quotes, little piles of books, my sniffling, nouns, open box of tissues, pairs of shoes or pairs of jeans, ready-or-not readymade, snoring (cat), time or not enough of it, unfinished stories, vacuums that are home appliances, water, you may see me in the morning


Breaking the rules is a cry for help

Strict adherence to rules is a cry for help

Rules are a cry for help

Weather comes down from the North

Weather comes up from the South

But nobody argues

Nobody fights


Men volunteered to fight for a country that had put them in concentration camps

But we live in different times

Keep your head connected to your neck

Follow down you spine

Your rooted in this body

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October 30, 2012

Found in Baltimore, October 30, 2012

Setting up identity...

Location:Eislen St,Baltimore,United States

October 27, 2012


Solid state

Free state

State your intentions

Ravel, hearten, civil, big you'd think

Correction upon correction

Cocoons or chrysalis

Deer and moose

Ever going once

Something something twice

Good to see you again

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October 25, 2012

The Ongoing Battle Of Measurable and Mystery

Goes here

The words further refined

Iteration, the newest fads in dexterity and strength training

Spaces in your heart for foxes and crows and wartime and counting

Ventricles and chambers and vestibules and such

Asphalt arteries don't sound as good as I'd hoped

Things extend to the horizon differently if you're on your stomach

Domes do the same

Some days you need some candy

Pardon the mess

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

October 23, 2012

I'm Surrounded by Toe-Chewers and Militant Frogs

I wish I was kidding

The gnawing

The ever-after

The canary in the mineshaft only it's the entire planet we are talking about

Gare is usually a train station, right?

O is a letter of the alphabet, but also a word that is different than oh

English is an awkward language

We make due

Slash this is how we do

Slash something something punctuation more something

Dervish vs. whirligig

The scrambler, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Express lines and check-ins

And winter is on its way

The sun will rise

The sun will set

More winter

The sun again

Toilet paper, toothpaste, staple crops, empty calories, shampoo

Have have have and then nothing

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October 20, 2012

Now It's Just a Matter of Figuring Out the Timing

What's the matter, you

What's the matter, me

What's the matter, blue

What's the matter, green

You'd be hard-pressed to find a theory at the root of more falsely scientific claims than the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Math has theories and principles and laws

Statistics has numbers and quantities and more numbers and piles of numbers

More later

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October 19, 2012

These Are Not My Beautiful Recommended Results!

Anarchists happen
Little know outcomes lead to well-known patterns
Lectures often fail to breed results

Every day someone is turning 13 and buying their first _______ album
Veer to the left, continue accumulating
I saw the light shining and I fed it
Letters home

Vaccination was invented
Aerodynamics are studied
Nanotechnology develops
Isotopes and isomers throw wrenches
Simple choices on top of simple choices
Heroes all the way down
Each step leads to another step and that'll get tiring for some
Step step step step step step step

Location:N Lansdale St,Glenn Dale,United States

October 18, 2012

We Were Here All Week and/or Vacant Homes

Long division



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October 17, 2012

Many Times the Same Thing

Aoli would never be here
Letters are gonna pile by the door
Left behinds, considerations, again

Every last one
Value, valence, validity
I'll say it a thousand times over
Let it become

Vanities are furniture
Any sane man will pay his taxes
Never underestimate the over-under
Issue your own currency
Silo your own concerns and a pile of alien bilge
He's light-headed and under-slept
Equate, equator, equitable
Silence the rest and rest

October 12, 2012

All Kinds of Coltrane and then the O's Game

It's a potent magic but you're not sure what it means

Sometimes a ton of colors make gray, other times you end up all Murakami

I think it is obvious how I roll

I think it is obvious that the universe is a big place

Less obvious? That the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen

That deceleration is a myth

Gravity (when you step back from it)

Did I accidentally just make a giant nerd pun?

It's Friday

I'm gonna grab a beer and watch my team while I hang out with my girls

Bernie's right, Soul Eyes is a wicked track

I wish I'd learned to play piano as a child

I wish I wore a shirt like Miles Davis in the early 60s

It's 2012 for chrissakes

Location:Patuxent Range Rd,Jessup,United States

October 11, 2012

What They Mean by When They Say Consecutive

It's a three-wheeled vehicle and it idles high

It's a stool, a space, and not so much the opposite of progress as something altogether different

It's young when it wants to be

It's what they mean when they show the hat signal

The high sign

The take a man down

It's the slingshot and the miracle of gravity and pent up everything

Shadows are different miracles

While light is where we start getting along

Light is where plants make the magic happen

Wrap yourself in the spirit of the law and feel the wind on your face

You know about me and the fall or you will know

I'll let someone better suited catalog the birds in the sky

Drop it like gray and double-vented

Drop it like navy blue and snug fitting

Drop it like pinstriped and bankered

Drop it like reporting vs. prescription

Murky spots, fog warning, inestimable and more myths

More myth more myth

Fine fine fine

Hate fine fine

Fine like like

Like a light house

I am so so so


Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

October 7, 2012

There Are Things You Can Take to the Bank

Not much in the taking pictures

If vampire stories are about believing in yourself

And bondage stories are about fighting the lifeness of life

If zombie stories are painfully obvious

And fairy tales are stand-ins for the relationship between China and the European Community

If reality shows are about the beginning of boredom

And Anerican politics are about the end

Then and then and then and then

Then and then I lost count

You're rewinding the tape or you were

Time bounces, nights hold still, absolutes

I love the phrase "gravity well"

Run through from both angles I know of

Hold on

Going to get there soon

Location:Aliceanna St,Baltimore,United States

October 6, 2012

Another Saturday, Another Butler Sentenced

I feel the urge to make something

I am full of nervous energy that needs to go somewhere and do something

I feel the urge to be noise and motion

I'm not speaking in metaphors

This is Saturday

When the battle is over, soldiers will sit around and play cards and chew gum and smoke and maybe barbecue chicken

The quiet between loud noises lasts forever

Busy your hands, fold napkins, straighten and face your life

Make lists

The sharks and moving metaphor is tired

The bacteria that's multiplied until food sources are depleted and their environment made unlivabley toxic with waste is a story I've kept in my mind for decades -- it'd be a metaphor if it wasn't do complex and straight ahead

This metabolism is made for things that aren't Saturday -- or Sunday worse still

My daughter's favorite member of the Voltron Force is Twitch


Aside: genetics are really far from destiny and future generations will find our thinking to be wicked simple and aspiration toward order like myths and magic before it

That makes genes no less fascinating -- just like myths and magic

I just read a book that touched on Diana a lot

A conversation yesterday featured a club named Orpheus and whether the patrons realized what a great name that was (I noted they had a goth night -- and those patrons certainly did)

Life, stories, transmission and other sharing, death, memory, music, anger and other passion, good behavior and less good or highs and lows, accumulation

A week is a thing like a paragraph is a thing, I guess

Words and things clichés

Funny this technology clichés and funny this world or this life clichés

Add on more and add on more

The blank of the other blank of the still other blank

What we blank when we blank about other blank

Mad liberation, the abject terror of freedom, the horror of empty space and silence, the object fear or boredom

Braiding braids with collages of others

Cabling cable out of braids and collating collages

They make machines, don't they?

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 4, 2012

Strange Fellows, Insects, Intersections, Fellowship

Like decks

Like run

Architectural trim tucked away quietly

Elongated entrances entrance ransomers

Relinquish ranting, all auditors and auctioneers

Like times

Trample forward, friendly friends

Scratch tines along your forearm

Swear to memories vs. swear at memories

Sweat detail after detail like you're getting paid because you are getting paid

Soak up cycles while the heat that escapes whispers the end of us all

It'll be a great time

The restraints are invisible, but the motion is constant

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 3, 2012

Give It Here, Don't Hold Back Now

Give me your tired
And your tired
And your tired and your tired

Give my your tired
Tire tired, tired tired

Give me your tired
Your trials are unfair
That is why they are trials, my son

Lift this really heavy thing
Clean out this enormous garage
Eat this wicked huge meal
Be a colossal jerk

Give me your tired
Give me your fair
Give me your everything, etc

I think what you're asking is, am I a privileged US citizen?

You've got me there and we've got a whole bunch of you there, too

But what do you do with it once you learn up up down down etc select start etc?

What do you do with the opportunity big heads present?

Do you squander your lived when they become unlimited?

And what will all that do in November? And you know we have to do December after that.

There's my birthday and there are the shopping days until my birthday.

Take heed!


(I'm pretty sure I've used this title before, but I'm not ashamed to run back the good ones.)

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States