September 30, 2013

Exercise, Fiber, Proper Rest

Breathing. Ideas and their opposition.

Winding out against winding down.

A variety of environmental noises in a man-made environment and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The new nature for falcons and squirrels and things much smaller and much scarier.

Every single little thing that goes bump in the night + all the things you bump into on the way to the bathroom when you are half awake.

The thoughts you hold dear when you are half asleep.

Hurtling anywhere through anything and a whole buncha metal.

The 80s happened with their grandstanding and a lot of us were there to see it go off.

Then the jump, followed by the jump cut, followed by the entire day unfolding the way it would.

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September 28, 2013

Truly a Magical Time in a Series of Magical Times

Gravity and running.

The lasting impermanence of things, if that makes any sense.

When you are less than yourself and yet still yourself.

Like, that's not a threat, that's a promise. And maybe more like, that's not a celebration, it's a hard truth.

File with warnings, evil tidings, and statistical inevitabilities.

And there is moving very quickly without getting where.

And there are these numbers in marched lines that you can try to get your head around to pass the time or the pressure.

The pile of other things makes a picture in your head and then another and then another.

Fluid systems lead to the itching.

Some unconvincing connection to tattoos and early America.

Something quiet still and something blue.

To one side then the other.

It won't be about the chairs or the place settings or the name cards.

But it will begin with recognition, and then you'll get a chance to rise.

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September 24, 2013

We Live in a Time Where Most People Know First-Hand that Some Things Can Not Be Unseen

If I had more time I'd dig into the relationship between time and matter

I've got matter and energy on a lock, and I'm facile enough with space and time

So then there is energy which has wave properties (and maybe matter does, too) and that has to do with the movement of particle-like things through a space with a frequency (a function of time)

And it's already funny, because you're facile with the space and time things being the same thing so the wave is a function that divides one kind of space by another kind of space

Ha ha

But if I had more time or a better attention span or some kinda drive to care deeper there'd be some place where mass-energy locks in with space-time to make some wicked matrix or maybe even a real-world grid

With some dimensionality issues
I'm sure

But suddenly energy, matter, space, and time would all be tangled in a big conservation dance and before you know it matter would be time and we'd have new kinds of bombs and time travel

It would be cool and dangerous like so many cool things are

I'm sure people would learn languages faster but terms like "faster" would be complicated

What is tomorrow's gravity well?

I should've spent the last few hours with Banks, I'm guessing

But hey, my fantasy team pulled it out and Peyton put on a frickin' show

Ceci est le twenty-first century, actually

No shit

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September 22, 2013

Rid Them of the Wet Streets; Later Over Everything

Everywhere you look, fire everywhere

Well-managed barbecues, and pits, pilot lights, and smart ranges

Raging forest infernos leaping from branch to branch, brushfires, ill-planned pyrotechnic displays, overturned cars, runaway trucks, planes tumbled from the sky, rocket impacts, lightning strikes

Two crossed pieces of wood make an X and a smart little flame stands up

Cinders ride currents up into the sky -- you can see them better at night

Or they are just prettier then

Light is a big and wide thing

Summer tans start tilting away

The Mediterranean is still pretty sun-soaked, though, I bet

Carriage, coach, tender, and broke

Swaddle, dander, rooster, lanterns

Spend the day laboring to afford fuel

Spend the night burning the fuel to stay safe

The moon was full on Thursday and so it begins

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September 20, 2013

All Lights from Here

Camera, eagle, angels, angle.

Drywall and marked measurements.

Organic shapes vs. organic shapes of different colors.

Many, many, many local situations adding up to something different.

Is not in New Jersey.

Vestigial everything. Adolescent everything except where it's a map.

Taxation, representation, the usual.

But engine after engine after engine after engine.

War engine. Steam engine. Combustion engine. Blood engine. German engine. Aircraft engine. Hybrid gas-electric car has more than one engine? Electric engine.

The heat death of the universe is on more people's minds this week

Because that's how the Internet works

Reminding you distance was never the problem.

Scarcity was never the problem.

Hurricanes were rarely the problem.

Good night

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September 17, 2013

Certain Days Beg Certain Questions

Limits of language like this: lead, tear, read

When you have a wall of fire to your left, are you on the left hand of fire?

They will re-invent the Camaro

Canyon walls will do the same

Something about pools of water so still they are mirrors

Make that Greek pools of Greek water

On to really dense matter

The oxygenation of the planet and eventually the reverse

Evaporation and cooling and buoyancy and Brownian motion

Little things that look like big things and really big things that look familiar

I don't really consider anywhere my hometown, really

I'd like to get to Maine again soon, though

And I'd like to drop a lifetime roaming civilization and loving up dialect after dialect

And let me come back as a drummer once, k?

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"The Skeletons of Controllers and The Controlled" over at the Pink Line Project

The Pink Line Project has some of the best lo-fi active states on their nav. They also have the fantastic Buck Downs picking their poetry. In a moment of weakness, he succumbed to publishing a poem of mine over there, "The Skeletons of the Controllers and The Controlled," and said some really great things about me, too. I hope you dig.

I think this is the first blog post I've typed on a not-phone in a hella long time.

There Was this Sound and this Heat Rising Up

Because everybody has something
They like to do
A lot of things a better way

There's gotta be and/or we gotta find

We'll drop the constants because the constants change

We'll keep the contestants because everybody still loves a story

Illustrated vs. illustrious vs. paying your taxes

And then Peyton Place and Payton Manning and the Manning Bowl and the fact that there are still Raiders fans out there somewhere

There are

And I look at the wall of fire that was chasing me back then

And the storm clouds and the hurricane warnings and beachfront property everywhere a-shudderin'

And here, now, my limbs and no massive scars to speak of

I'll stay fascinated, surrounded by evermore

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September 9, 2013

Gold Chains Dripping in the Bathroom

Fountain faucet

Great green

Henlopen Park

As in, Hello, can you hear me?

Eye of the storm of the century

Jackals all around, face-carded


Kill them all

Leave the leftovers

Man, woman, floorplan

Never reset

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September 4, 2013

What You Don't See Here

Acorn and sunny

Holding on to what you have as you turn your face into a healthy breeze

This terrible poison ivy creeping up my feet

Reducing a sauce until it stops being real

Incredible names of English pubs

Bad ideas, better ideas

Batter-flavored ice cream

This is all ridiculous

And I still haven't written the sequel

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September 2, 2013

Always with the Spying

There are so many things worth telling you

There are those who won't seek your validation

There is pressure and equilibrium

There is the change constant even before there was one

Heat loss, also a constant

Gravity, not so

I remember learning the lowest point in Utah was higher than the average height of Maryland

We're talking about sea level

Water freezes from the top down and I've always held on to hydrogen bonding allowing for life as we know it

Then there is life in ways we don't know it and likely wouldn't recognize

More math, more Mondays, someone said something about letting the time spool past

Hold perfectly still and you'll shoot through time

Move too quickly and you'll never be the change you seek

A story hates spectrums and perfect balance points -- it wants black and white, it's always wanted black and white

Kodak would eventually fuck it all up

A salon here, I'm out of here there

Forest fires, seasonal blue moons, the miracle of baby feet and the series of moments that add up to a grown child

Put your arms around the darkness and breathe it in

And spiders will keep the insects in check

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