September 30, 2017

Can’t Always Be All Blue Skies

I’ve never had it in me to sleep all day

But even with South Beach outside my door, I’m wishing I could in this funny little room with its tiled floor and honest-to-god murphy bed

Yesterday the clouds and the piers and the rock jetties and the kids fishing and the men fishing and all the Miami clothes

Yesterday all the hurricane damage remnants in piles along the streets and fencing

Yesterday the humidity and whatever is wrong with my heel or my Achilles’ tendon and that whole situation worrying me

Yesterday with aromatic Dutch-Indonesian food that reminds you why this is a perfect corner of the country and the only other group in the place was this family and their child’s laugh so much like my child’s laugh at that younger age and yet it was the flavors giving me deja vu for something that distinctly never happened and I still don’t know what

So many of the streetlights out

So many of the walks dark

So many Benzes so many black so many gleaming

Margaret talks about how when she gets behind on drinking water some days she feels like she can never catch up

But eventually she’ll sleep and eventually she’ll start over

I can’t tell if I’m never here or if I’ve always been here

Something like, thanks for playing

That’s where I’m at

Location:Ocean Dr,Miami Beach,United States

September 13, 2017

Before You Find It

The first I know, there were parties
Sometimes people holding hands across a measure
People fanned out in the woods
A boy's backpack, an orphaned shoe

Grids were invented
Maps were invented
Compasses, GPS beacons, signal flares, all invented

This part wasn't a straight line

Find a letter pick it up
Or a phrase or a sentence

Next I knew helicopters and small recon teams
Side-mounted machine guns, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers
And things of that nature
Maybe a demolitions expert, maybe night-vision goggles
The skies the limit but admittedly the sky was much lower back when

Now equations, or algorithms rather
Now all the times and places falling all over themselves
Now reduction is a good thing and
Now reduction is a bad thing and
You see how this thing works?

Back to marches but a different sort
And as your head dips below the surface we find ourselves back at the beginning

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 4, 2017

Good night, Mr. Ashbery.

You made so much difference / You made so much different. Thanks.

Location:Benoni Point Rd,Royal Oak,United States

September 3, 2017

Everybody or Every Way

Every name
Every angle

The stars in the sky and the planet Earth

Every night's rest and every corner of every room

You'll get it together

Refresh, refresh, refresh
Fresh, fresher, freshest

What do I see vs. all the things I see
And everything that can be seen

The shape of the day or the week
Mostly arcs, mostly spheres

Location:S Morris St,Oxford,United States