September 29, 2012

Moreso and the Ever Afters

There were pictures with shallow focus

There were days and nights

There were rumors, there were Sundays

A shot across the bow risks an innocent bystander when you live in so many dimensions

I'm making jokes about, what's your type? (B negative)

I'm making jokes like, who put the "no" in "no no no"?

I'm making jokes like, if we hang up our plasma rifles the Terr'Xinguistadores win (and the galaxy will surely fall)

And I'm hearing all the stories of the Mysteries and the Mansion and the rooms that'll be for everyone

Everyone will say it better than me, but it's the everyone part I hope you're hearing

Just last night, Chris, I heard that there was this house down in New Orleans and it has this rising sun. But it's not a whorehouse, it's a Mansion.

And I heard about this other one in Baltimore, too, and it is Massive.

And more and more all over the place.

And late last night I saw all the walls touching.

And when I slept, I didn't dream cuz I never do, but the walls were still touching when I woke up.

And they'll be touching maybe only a few more days, but for once I'm glad some things can never be unseen.

I'm still pretty fucked up about this, Chris.

My daughter is 10 now, and I think you'd tell me it goes round and round.

She's getting a killer haircut right now, and I'm gonna go be happy with her.

I can't wait for more people to tell me all the times you'd talk about future lives, and prayer, and hope, and how it'll be bad, yeah, but then it'll be better.

All evil vanishes.
All evil vanishes.
All evil vanishes.

I believe, Chris. I'm just pretty messed up on all this, still.

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September 28, 2012

Good night, Mr. Toll

September 26, 2012

I Don't Even Know

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September 22, 2012

In Character

In character vs. on character

A pool of valuable liquid

Motion, capital-A assimilation, rent money

I often mis-use roof for ceiling, and that tells you something about me

I have trouble with left and right, and that tells you something about me

There's surely more

I ate crabs today

I took a bath

I'm going to tuck into a page-turner

Hello fall

The weather's always the same in Chula Vista


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September 19, 2012

There Is, There Are

Tracking can come up in many situations and mean many things

Count pace after pace and the further you go the closer you'll know you've come to the beginning

Shadows envelope

Shadows enhance some days and detract others

There is a force that draws you to it, where it is ________

There is a place for the number four

There are ways that you're predisposed to look at something

There are always feedback loops and redundancies and error correction and inertia

There is always heat loss

"I will disorder you gladly"

"You will rue and or rule the day"

"The man in question had only three fingers on his right hand"

It comes down to ammunition

It comes down to quivers

It comes down to ignition, initiative, intuition, fortune

Fortune fortress Cuban coffers

Fortune fortress creating coffees

Fortune fortress

A nibble and a goodnight


And this is take-off from Augusta airport (Maine) back on Sunday. Ten-seater. Breath-taking.

YouTube Video

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Sometimes It's Just Not Enough

All kinds of conservation ends that way

Get some dinner

Keep trying

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September 15, 2012

Multiple Worlds, But Not Recorded So Well

I'll take that

It starts with enterprise

Ice and spikes and forgotten

Forget me not

Obscure fruit

Better truths


I want to make a list of colors

How many important events killed a demon?

How many moments killed a mountain?

They just go nuts, historically


Nickels, bronzing, brimstone

One after another falling into place

More fruit, more forever

The end of one thing is forever, too

Drum, drum, drum

Hammer, presidents, and just about everything else

Holy shit, is this the real deal?

Before all that water came rushing in

Keep it. And keep it done.

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September 11, 2012

Something Something Restless Something Something Now

Hands vs. proxy hands

Short descriptions, longer descriptions, vocabulary

Rest, intonation

Gutter vs. guttural just leave me be

Deliberate counting

Unintentional complete lack of perspective

Enlightenment vs. taking less with you

The role of the shoulder in contemporary industry

The team of guys in the flak vests rolling up on your neighborhood

With their semi-automatic weapons and their walkie-talkies

This is a moment for wallow

This is money for a bus ticket

This is a joke about one-way and short piers and paddles

When time expires, I'm just gonna need you to have more points

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September 9, 2012

Sunday Morning+

A lot of things on my mind and I think I'm gonna take a bath

Read up on Jasper Johns chilling in the bath drawing draw-rings and painting pitchers

Baseball this afternoon and I'll work on vitamin D

But the system's been delicate, so best eat better

If pressure is measured in atmospheres what do we measure useless pressure in?

What about dangerous pressure?

And what do you do with the can the whoop-ass came in after you are done whopping ass?

Rear Window is on my mind, and time with you

Things happening in Seattle are on my mind, and Australia

New Zealand, New York, Vancouver, North Korea, South Korea

Languages flow and people flow with them

Languages flow and food is made

I loved my Commodore 64, I loved notching an extra notch in a floppy with a hole-puncher

I loved Pogo Joe -- that Qbert rip-off, and finally getting to some "you won something" screen, though we hadn't won anything because we illegally copied the game and surely the contest was months or years over

Ultima IV and V with their maps and accoutrement and chasing after good times I'd had with friends in Massachusetts playing Ultima III (on their Apple II? Really? I must be remembering that wrong)

And that Greek gods game that was bad ass

I'm sure this wasn't the first time I'd learned that sometimes things will never be the same

Sometimes the story is better

Sometimes the picture or the video is better

Often the movie is better

And this is all exceedingly scary when you think about it

Enjoy your everything, everywhere you are, and I'll dig on mine

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September 8, 2012

A Bunch of People Got Shot in Baltimore, But I'm at the Dentist

And I got a flat tire last night, but got it fixed this morning

I need an oil change, too, but didn't have time before getting to my dentist appointment with my daughter

There are piles of things all around Baltimore and there are puppies

There's splitting attention among teams and things

There's the opening of the fantasy season

We got a kitten a little while back and then we won't have a kitten anymore

Conflict happens locally and globally

Voting happens when you make it happen

Focus is actually a five-letter word

Point systems this, point systems that

Motivation, intention, reward, raising the stakes, the whole sense of what matters

Priorities vs. god particles vs. do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior?

I don't, particularly, but I'm a big fan of compassion and mercy and grace

This is from a discussion I had at 6 in the morning on Thursday

We also talked about chess -- which is way more fun when you play with a person sitting across from you, if you ask me

You could say, like with all things

You could say, damn right you like it

You could like world peace or not like harsh child labor practices or human trafficking

Like, not like

Like, not like

Winter's day, Fall festival, Spring sleepy time, Summer jams

And the the trees are teaming up to become a forest -- even if it makes for a boring scene on film

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September 4, 2012

Tired Is

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September 3, 2012

Ideas, State Fair, Memory, Computational Power

Computerized black hole

Digestive interference

Becomes digital this, that, and the other

I noticed this weekend that my daughter instinctively leans toward the Oxford comma

I always thought and-and added up to a full stop

But that was before I'd really spent any time in California

Before I studied up on fish tacos

Broke a rib

Fell in the ocean

Supernovas without hyphens

Sandstone under a microscope

Conflicts further away than you can spell

I've forgotten more in the past few days than I'll think all week

Gamma ray emissions from storm clouds

Colors that glow in the sky

Weather, race cars, baseball, celebration, memories

Waste is a problem in factories

Waste is a problem in contemporary America

Waste is probably related to invention, too, or maybe soon

That this and this was who that and but which

Forever store than those if then whichever wants

Look both ways and then apply gentle pressure with

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September 1, 2012

I Have Things on My Mind

Where the bow goes


The opposite of title casing

Repetition until it becomes something else

Pets in America

Aging vs. boredom

Breathing off the top of your lungs

Certain numbers vs. certain signs

Sunday baths

One man's progress is another man's you had to be there

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Many Things Forever, Many Days September

If you were a jumping cat, what would you jump out of?

There is indirect sunlight and first names

The mechanical buzzing of giant mechanical bees

Liquids combine with air all the time to get better

It's always coming down to the trace elements

Or velocity or simple word substitution

Dissolve, ripple, decline, nomenclature

Who's seen a tundra that wasn't frozen?

Who would build a log cabin in Tampa?

Why in god's name would you even think about hunting vampires with weather like this?

We intend to loot the Republic for all it's worth

There's no such thing as a brain sucker

Traffic traffic traffic blur

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