March 31, 2014

And Yeah, There's the Sound of the Radiators

Some kid somewhere is higher than high, too

And the stars in the sky are right where the astronomers expect them to be

Mixed precipitation is precipitating

North of here there are roads and forests and cities and bodies of water

This is my assistant, it helps me through the hours and the days with schedules and directions and spell-correct

Take a problem, highlight it, think of possibilities





Do something

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March 25, 2014

I wrote this

Sound and fury signifying nothing

How much do love thee, let me count the ways

Here's a question for you:
What is the animal attributed to Taurus

If you're American how do you spell "gray"?

The grain has such small hands

Kill all the lawyers

Apparently I'm better at quotes than you

Love, Adam Robison

What's the different between jam and jelly?

(That's a dick joke)

What's the difference between a gerbil and a hamster

(That's not a dick joke)

Write a paper about that, Bill!

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March 18, 2014

Keep Looking for Out

Earlier today I took all kinds of pictures of deer in my backyard in Baltimore

I swear one was missing a hoof

There was sadness

But there was also a lot of snow and fawns, too

We're looking at a hard stretch of days

Little sleep, too many miles

Bad food is the real enemy

We do this for a reason

It's March and soon it'll be April

How do you feel when you've written something a thousand people have written before and millions on millions have thought?

Do you connect backwards or feel worthless?

That's not hypothetical

I plan on connecting to tomorrow as hard as I danced today

And I hope there is some dancing tomorrow, too

Big ups to everyone that deserves it and to some folks that don't deserve it but will do better yet

Goodnight, Philadelphia

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March 17, 2014

Bizarre Dance Scenes All Around Us

What with all this spinning

I misread "Jesus is Lord" on the side of a truck to be "Jesus is Food"

I'll blame the scripty lettering and residues from someone else's truth

When the grit gets in your eyes and on your fingers

When you wash it out of your hair and again

Reality always sets in

With the shit kickers and two heavies

And all kinds of things sound good that aren't true

There isn't even a rug under your feet

Because your whole planet is done up in hardwoods and cobblestones

Or sun-bleached asphalt and hardpack

You can make a jump with all that

Keep 'em high everybody

Bale upon bale upon bale

And the strangeness keeps on

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March 14, 2014

The Temperature Is Rising

Same bedding, different zip code

Priming problems worked out

Slow climbs, sore arms, lots and lots of boxes

I'm assuming parallel lines were where we got parallelism

And that's one of the better examples of learning rules so you can break them

But more like just knowing where the metronome is before you start playing with the band

But poetry explicitly about poetry or writing about writing more like it and more generally tends to turn my stomach

I've had it out for really these past couple weeks, but that's barely on my mind right now

Don't think about zebras

Don't think about lost planes

And don't spin a bunch of conspiracy theories that nobody's interested in

List your under qualifications and you won't have time for anything else

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March 9, 2014

What Does the Future #Latergram

Choices and things are anointed

Roads and days are numbered

As are weeks and months and years

Chromosomes, strains of viruses, sonatas

The picture comes in various sizes and aspect ratios

Array upon array

Holds a tiny man dancing

But you can make him as big as you like and move the light sources around

Mayans did something special and then they were gone

So hope for the best

Here comes another week

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