November 30, 2018

You’ll Find What I’m Here For

Location:Strickland St,Baltimore,United States

Life Is on Many Fronts

Location:L St NW,Washington,United States

November 24, 2018

Mode / Mood

Location:Soi Ramkhamhaeng 3/1,Bangkok,Thailand

November 23, 2018

The World Isn’t Coming Apart Even as It’s Coming Apart

Location:Thanon Maha Rat,Bangkok,Thailand

Good Good, Yeah Yeah

Apple, singular and origin stories (plural)

Bent to ground, bent to the sun, bending around walls living and not

Clarifying statements, context is everything, the speed of light in a vacuum oh isn’t that clever

Define what and where and when and why, defy reason with reversals, defy gravity with belief

Everything everything everything everything you can kiss

Forget about this and that, but leave the forgettable

Grounded two by two, grateful come supper

Hidden, no more hiding, no more harassing, and hope and higher and healthy

Islands and effort and fantasy and effort and ice cream but for all the if if ifs

Location:Thanon Maha Rat,Bangkok,Thailand

November 22, 2018

Circles in the Air, Circles in the Water

You can do it

There’s a cat that’s an Italian Boss

There’s a cat that believes in all manner of rocks

There are celestial bodies. There are!

I’m listening and processing

I have so much eating to do

Location:Soi Tha Tian,Bangkok,Thailand

November 20, 2018

The Drain, Dimensions, and Aloft

I’m 12 hours ahead of my my my

And nothing on purpose

Dream horses for dream power

The spread is the air is the lift

Everything is nothing is real is real

I could record what I see for you, but there would be problems

I’m a problem, you’re a problem

There’s a difference between asymmetry and imbalance and why worry the speed of light in a vacuum if nobody can live there

Sure all those cute little bears, but they are resting

And beads dragging against the bottom of the sea

And transformation on top of transformation of top of transformation

I see your skin, and I say yes

I say all these things differently

I say all these thing new

Somewhere I’m waking up if you saved me in time

Location:Soi Pakbang,Amphoe Mueang Phuket,Thailand

November 14, 2018

This Is the Sound of the World

I thought something deep
And I thought something airy

The fourth day of realizing my body was built for Thai breakfasts

Gabriel Garcia Marquez said there were two kinds of people in this world
Those that are at peace with their gut and those that aren’t
And maybe I am crossing that gulf

The language of birds here
And the language of birds where you are now
And now and now and now again

Location:Thanon Charoen Rat,Chiang Mai,Thailand

November 13, 2018

Taxi Cabs and Pop Music from Somewhere

Mopeds and motorcycles flow like water around all of us slower moving chunks of metal and rubber

Languages slide sideways and gestures make due

Where you look has always mattered and so have you

So many worlds so many lines up

Every day a day

Every star a sun or something better

Be still be still be still

Keep moving keep moving keep on

Feed it all we’ll feed it all

Location:Thanon Sathon Nuea,Bangkok,Thailand

November 5, 2018

We Sold the Bankruptcy Because Bankruptcy Was All We Got

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

All Kinds of Countdowns

Good night, good night
Spectra, spectral, spectrum

Artistic or artificial
Clock clock hammer

Home nice bird and knight
Knife knife connect

When the moon is low and the tide tiding
Riding, tightening, tidying, lightning

Strictly struck and left to die
Left to grow by row by row

They came by boat

Location:S Morris St,Oxford,United States

October 5, 2018

Chew Up the Miles

All these words, a rush of air

All these hours and all these that which what

All the souls, look at the people

What what what’s up when

What what what whether you like it

What will will what will

Call upon your people

Friends, foils, fortresses

The festered pour forth

Five senses become six become seven

You become you become bigger

Once there wasn’t a moon, they say

Do you believe it?

Once there wasn’t time or space, and then there was

And we don’t have to agree how that came to be

So many intersections and overlaps and working togethers

So many getting ons and getting alongs and getting goings

The speed of light is what it is

But only in a vacuum

Who wants any of that

Location:Wynnewood Ct,Halethorpe,United States

From Rogue to Rogue vs. Quick to Fast

September 30, 2018

There Is No World Where

There is no world

Location:Brinkwood Rd,Baltimore,United States

September 27, 2018

Cottoned Pressure

Packed tight a cotton pressure
Mouth pink mouth insulation

Tension calls a line
This this volume and container and contents

Continents call
Callous calls

Cats on a bed
Birds, et cetera

The river before the tea
The mystic and the mystic’s pants

Will be will be

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

Broke Not Broken

Location:Hanover,United States

September 24, 2018

You Can’t Play Them All

Like catch and release
Like Python is a language
Like all the boats and all the people
Like a pickup truck rigged with an awkward load
Like a housecat most times

What melts or breaks or banks or brands

And so

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

Because the Night Belongs

Can an aging robot shake off rust?

Ashes walking backwards and the sunlight

What’s worth what weighs what’s wending while

The shadows descend on that childhood memory

All the holes filling up with all the water

Grind it to grout


Eat better and again

Eat better

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 23, 2018

Where Do All Our Summer Jams Go When Summer Is Gone

It felt like September out there today

Don’t get me wrong

September is my favorite month

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 6, 2018

All the Exits, All the Days

This is a spell to be written.

Location:Old Sulphur Spring Rd,Halethorpe,United States

July 16, 2018

Are You Dancing with Your Eyes Closed?

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

I’m a Fool for Your

Empty words and fading evenings

The places we find

Found and foundering and foundries

Sound sundries sever sounding

Subdued sunsets and lounges

Coast to coast to coast

Everything downhill

Everything solar-powered and wind-powered

Chimes and jetties and jetsam

Same same same


Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 20, 2018


I was born on a naval airbase in Falmouth, MA on the cape. My dad was a Marine. You always are a Marine when you’re a Marine until you’ve passed than then you were a Marine.

That’s like 56 miles from here, but I’m not home.

I lived on South Weymouth Naval Airbase, also on Mass, from 2 to like 5 — I’m too tired to Google whether that base is closed or not. I saw Close Encounters and Star Wars there. My mom got this cool turkey trophy for bowling a turkey in her league. A kid bit me in the eye and got held back from kindergarten — I pushed him off the top of the jungle gym when he bit me. The Blizzard of 76 was amazing. I went under a moving car riding on a skateboard on my belly. My mom’s friend gave me my first drag of a cigarette. I survived both of these.

Then we were in East Bridgewater until I was 11 or 12. I had some good friends there — and actually stayed with one of them for the summer past when we moved to Virginia.

I lived in Sterling, VA until I went to college. High school was high school and I spent a lot of time going between crowds, avoiding violence and trying to get with the ladies. Moderate success on all fronts. I wrestled in high school and developed this big thick neck in the process that would atrophy over four years of college.

I’m too worn out today to see all this through, but suffice to say Home is a weird and complicated thing for me.

After 15 years, maybe Baltimore is the first hometown I’ve ever felt. Maybe not.

See you soon.

Location:Dartmouth St,Boston,United States

June 19, 2018

The Murmur Indoors

Like dust and corners

A draft, your skin, the people that came after

Softly treading prior-trampled undergrowth

The silent work of sheep in pasture

The path stars etch into the sky

Everywhere, eyelids

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 5, 2018

It’s a Trap

June 2, 2018

Thirteen Is on the Way to Twelve

Colors change from time to place

Falling asleep is just something you gotta do

Lichen to ferns to trees to grass both like and unlike the way Spring becomes Summer

Like unlike dislike dormant

We place are heads so many places, damn

All the things you hide until some day it just doesn’t matter

All the things in plain sight and all the planes and more

You feel time slipping away, but that’s a trick

You are here. You are here. You are here

Location:W 36th St,Baltimore,United States

May 30, 2018

You Can’t Always Get 75% of What You Want

Wombats on Otter Day

And Squirrel Appreciation Day a distant memory that’s getting distanter and distanter like snowy sidewalks and icicles on overhangs

That hats you wear and the days you pass

If you want to be a knight you gotta get used to being a subject a good long while

Roads come in all shapes and sizes

More people wonder more things about neutron stars that you would’a thought

But as we’ve noted, the theme of 2018 is 2018

And the penalties will ever be inconsistent

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

May 24, 2018

Darker Matter

Dark matter darker
Mad matters, matted, material

Everything comes apart
Everything wants the middle
Wants the tired
Wants the unburdened
Everything everything

On empty

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

May 14, 2018

Rain-Soaked Streets

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

May 10, 2018

Let It Be

Far, far cry, far away cry
Into the corner, the distance, the dwelled in
Desertion deserving no one
Know how nothing nothing now
Again before begat beginnings
The head of a pin, the last pin, leverage
Bread rises, everything rises, everything
How grass becomes straw
How a forest becomes a meadow
How mountains are born
How answers become questions

Location:Siden Dr,Hanover,United States

April 18, 2018


Under over again again

Somewhere someone’s gonna hang themselves up on a lip and lose their board

Somewhere someone’s gonna wind a clock that much too much

And the places where that camera shutter sound on cellphones is mandated by law

They surveil the surveillance

They milk the cows

They come up with words for different clouds and colors and sunsets

Somewhere someone’s reading a book or making a drink or making a drink and reading a book

All the things versatile

All the things that this way come

All the days and the nights

All the pains staked

Somewhere someone is hunched over a screen

Somewhere someone is learning

Somewhere someone is disappearing

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 17, 2018

Back Back Back Back

This isn’t the day when all the things are coming

As opposed to this news piece that was playing back some wicked mudslides out in California

But like mud, like clouds on a cloudy day, like soup

When your friends throw you in the back of the boat

Half the phases of all the moons

And so the threads fray so so you go

More salads for more meals

It goes around whether you like it or not

Let it

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 12, 2018


Find your thing
Vascillate, regulate, respirate
Muscular or not
Macular, vascular, vellum
Skin skin skin
Several that sound several that safe
Pieces of wood, wingnuts
Ditches on the sides of roads
All of Canada, the whole goddamn’d thing
The things that bring us together before the thing that tear us apart
Years, altitude, levity
Languishing, longitude, leverage
Everything translated
Everything mediated
Everything present when the present just doesn’t exist the way it used to
Speed, degree, volume
Vacillate again and better
The sun’s down and we’re making the most of it

Location:10th St,Bowie,United States

April 11, 2018

This Is Like What You Like

Give gave the Given the Giving

Bird leaf bird leaf bird

Vegetable matter, animal products, what’s more

Wince and wind and a whining hinge on a cloudy day

Save it so you can save it

Almost all

Quiet still

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 10, 2018


Tag tag Allen take Allen all’s tag

Burn bellow bet bet belfry better best

Willing will whelm no over none now

Selling search leeching lent leavening levering levetating last

Heels, toe, heels, ball baller ballast best

Best best best best best best best

Nesting nest nestled joist joust gentry

The skies, all of them

The days, all of the Them

The nights and the eclipses and the solstices and the stays of execution in the non-moritoriumed states

Moribund mausoleum like mouse like mousse like master

Matter of fact Mayflower

Death is all around

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 9, 2018

Faces in Fog

Static, sand, waves, smoke
Smothered vs. smoldering, shouldering, shunt
Shoved and shut up shut up shut up
Centennial and saviors
Savory sauces
Scrawl my name scrawl my name
Severance and seldom and shut-eye



It’s all practice
It’s all space
It’s all stars
It’s all taste

Open the opener
Better bailed
Best be gone

Location:Terminal Access Rd,Boston,United States

April 8, 2018

Sonnet (Because Too Much Heat Is Vibration)

Because too much heat is vibration

Transitive properties or transitions or perspective

Substitution or constitution or salvation

Where the First Things and the Last Things meet (deep in the heart of Texas)

Sidelines or sideways or similar or seldom less

The threads you pull when the pulling’s good

Fixed width vs. finer grains

But salt you make from the sea

And all manner of things that come ahead of schedule

Arrival and aviator and everything grayer

Brackish and branch and blinding

Because so much heat is inoperable

As epic as awe as mythic and falls

The bottom is still, always with us, all around

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 7, 2018

Whip the Horses and Make Them Stand Up

No no no

No no no no no

All you birds that were dinosaurs and your quantum eyes

All you trees that talk to each other and get shit done

All you waterbears chilling in space

All you bacteria that say fuck it all the time

All you wolves and humans with your social structures that externalize what everyone else internalizes

All you amazing

All you world

Boundaries as a moving target or a perspective or an overlay false but usually helpful but sometimes hurtful but as real as you make them

Because lies aren’t always bad

Because ants can be frozen into stasis and then come back and not just because people fuck around with them, but because nature

Location:Main St,Ellicott City,United States

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And I've always thought this poem / book was called Tape for the Turn of the New Year, but I guess I've never been afraid of a little redundancy ;)

April 6, 2018

Turn Train Trial

Speed almost Spring and Spring technically so

So landscapes and overpasses and

Location:New Ridge Rd,Hanover,United States

April 4, 2018

Blind Bid, Buried Well

Blind well, bid well, buried well

Pinched, pliant, plowed

All manner of torn things

Turned soil, clockworks, cleverness

Some numbers are more equal than others
Or something like that

The sun sets, that’s what it does and
The sun rises, because that’s what it does

Bodies in motion, bodies at rest, it’s all bodies

Someone wakes up and they discover a new kind of radiation
Or waveforms or forever something about gravity

Bring things together so we can tear them apart

Like lead, like read, differently cleave

Clever clever clever
We’ll put some air in it

Location:Connecticut Ave NW,Washington,United States

April 3, 2018

Start with Dirt and Call It a Day

Start with dirt and call it a month

The times you wrap yourself in a blanket vs. the times you blanket your dreams in mud

Proximity to a heat source, a light source, self esteem

Sometimes a cut is just a cut

Rationing your radiance is no way to live

Water flows

Horizons stretch

Clouds cover

Location:F St NW,Washington,United States

March 25, 2018

Back On Back And

The right pant, the right heel

Healing, heaven, heft, heathered, heathen

The better the better the better the best

Let the line out and the sun saunters

Severed selfies aren’t gonna change anything this time

A sliver of sunshine
A cup of memories
A spoonful of you said it

Get it and go

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

March 22, 2018

Back Back Back

Let fellow let

Lines times levers lend less

Lesser less lesser less leering leans

Liaison left enough enough now

Severed separates gone home

Bring Brant brought

Burn book becomes brag roll

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

March 7, 2018

Like Memories

Skirt skirt on reject
It’s original
What do we got?
vs. It’s natural
What do we got?
Ozone layers and laser beam eyes
Colors that smear and block
Blockade and blocky
Hand over mouth
Stifle stifle stipple staid
Last of all.

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

March 4, 2018

This Morning I Had a Really Awesome Line in My Head (No Power Blues)

This morning I had a really awesome line in my head
You know where this is going
I forgot it
I was taking a hot shower after being cold without power for a couple days
And phone power being conserved I didn’t just type it into my phone, which was pennywise pound foolish for sure
It was all skeptical and near-dark but in my head it was a windup to a big “But...” on the way to how wonderful life is
But also a giant tree fell on a neighbor’s house (everyone is OK)
And now they are saying our little strip of houses won’t have power until Tuesday
But everyone else got theirs back
So I guess I can go over to George and Ann’s to charge up my phone if I have to
And the fridge is going to undergo a glorious reset when the power comes back
It’ll be good to get rid of all the crap that’s been hiding in there
But I hope all the amaros are OK
Yeah, I’m not down with the word “amari”... having that many in the fridge is bad enough

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 26, 2018

Invocation (Republic)

[clear throat]
Um um
[clear throat, look around]

Center central status
Centered base
Fractured waste
Ventilated substandards when sea level just wont do

Congress congregants coffin candor
Cantilever lasting fever-favored flues
Forget it all forget it all forget

Find your foundation
Feed your foundation

All the numbers are wrong when
All the stars are wrong
Empty your head of stars

Here you go
You can have it

[smash right fist into open left palm]

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 25, 2018

These are stories, not possessions

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 20, 2018

Incantation (Places)

[sketch / draft]

We started with triangles
Forgive the mountains, the oceans, the lees

The valleys are ours and you can have them
The windows are ours, the fountains are ours, the wind is ours

And you are the wind
Sunshine severs space everlasting
Sunshine saves sunshine safe
Sunshine sunshine seven shells shade

[a lot more writing will happen here]

We started together
We were all together

We started together
We were all one

Location:Brinkwood Rd,Baltimore,United States

January 15, 2018

Like That Like That

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 10, 2018

Incantation (Invitation)

I don’t know what the fuck this is for
It’s three circles
It’s twelve stars

It’s an invitation
It’s all the limbs of all the trees waving “hi” as you walk on home
And the waves to the rocks to the shore are “hey there.”
The stars, the wind in the grass, the penitent moon.

In a ditch by the side of the road you feel the turning of the Earth. Put your lips to it.

And in the place behind your teeth is the sun on its endless path around everything true.

In your heart blood moves from one chamber to another and you feel how all of space is growing

Always with you
Its arms around you tighter still

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 8, 2018

Incantation (Current)

Bags of dirt
Motherfucking bags of motherfucking dirt

Austin, Texas is a sound
And Tejas and Tejas and Tejas

Remember all the birds, Virginia
A bow on the days, a string in the night
A rubberband for your fingers and something more for those ankles

There are stars and we feel them because there are stars

There are open sores and we feel them

There are bent back pages
There are motes in corners
There are trunks and trousers and trowels

There are new days and we feel them

Bags of dirt
Bags of dirt
Bags of dirt

Is it the opposite of what is clear or the thing you can’t resist? This is where you decide.

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States