April 30, 2015

The Train Ahead of Mine Apparantly Hit a Guy and He Died

Listing like leaning to the side

All kinds of things in life will make you think about what it's for

Water vs. the drain in your bathtub

Snake eating its tail vs. its tail

Theory vs. reality and so on

You can only hear someone go on and on about context so many times before you have to catch up on email

And then maybe your niece pranks you and you end up texting a bit

I mean, that's what just happened

I mean, there is always so much everything pouring in

And while the cup is only so big, it really isn't

Like right now, you thought a cup and you just need to think it bigger

Like way bigger

And then there is all this stuff about beginnings and endings and endings and beginnings

The sun is streaming through the trees and through the window and on the other side of that rusting relay station is a stream

Maybe you find the same rock in two different locations 100 miles and four years apart and you don't even realize it

Somewhere there are two identical snowflakes where somewhere is someday, too

Look at that

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April 29, 2015

What What What Works Just Works

We'll ask you about everything that's been long

We'll ask you about trash pickup in your neighborhood, yeah

We'll ask you about the long haul

As in, what's the plan from here?

Chapters imply sighs

Where are the handholds?

Fatal final finish

Fantastic fables foundered on fast breaks

Brown brown bristles bruise

Some area down by some other


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April 28, 2015

Surely You Would Like to Be a Part of Things

Sometimes the questions aren't getting any better

There are all kinds of things in this world, it's 2015

Spend some time thinking about just how long moss has been around

I mean this neighborhood

And then comes the miracle that is ice skating

Pressure to a point, a point to an edge, the way things go, I mean melt

Resistance is an equation

Resistance is futile

Resistance is

Further down the line a steam shovel

Further down the line a dozen bars

Further down the line utter perfection

My measure, my kinda day, my lately

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April 27, 2015

Less to Say for Now

Lest to say, today

My eyes are itchy, and I have eyes

My ears are ringing a bit, and I have ears

My allergies are all up, so I can't smell a thing

I have socks and shoes and a place to sleep

I'm thirsty, but water isn't too far off

I have to brush my teeth

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April 26, 2015

You Brought Us the Empties

You brought us the emptiest

Everyone's been asking your friends how you're doing

Then walls made out of wall stuff, as they say

Higher, thicker, faster

You bank me

You send it all sky high

The sun is out, but the moon is still whispering to the ocean

Not every lap's gonna be a victory lap

And a governor is just another thing in a state full of things

The counties sit down to talk evacuations vs. excavations

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April 25, 2015

I Won't Miss This

Like like rain when the day is what it is

Like your leg extended into the air

Nothing begets a billion stars

Like crosswalks

Low tide

I mean crossing guards, their lives when they aren't working

Forward, forward, forward


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April 24, 2015

You'll Pick the Email that Tells Your Story

When you get to the end

Ligatures and Flannery O'Connor

Days of the week, cute skeins of yarn, habits

I mean memory foam, salty cheeses, and fantastic sunsets

Everyone searching for the sun's last home while the moon is forever falling

You don't have to be a genius to stand in the surf

You don't have to be a genius to save money packing a lunch

You don't have to be a genius to find the colors that are best for you

You get a hundred points for just getting up every morning

Here's your badge, everyone is so proud of you and clapping and they want to know how you made it this far

Your story has so many flavors that we've forgotten

Out west again, they are burying children to the waist while the water rises

Your the last one to remember the score

Someone said, Excuse me

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April 23, 2015

Most Everyone Has a Face (So Far)

Oh man oh man oh man oh man

Oh man #latergram too

Like when things are running

Like multiplying the atmosphere

Project a column straight up, do a bunch of stuff, and then project a column straight down and do it all over again

What would a field of reference be all about?

Two people don't need to know each other

In other situations, you can take all the heat out of it

In other situations, like will meet like in unexpected ways

I'm losing all my pictures, I'm running out room

These are old problems that aren't supposed to happen anymore

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April 22, 2015

When the Choices Don't Reflect the Situation

So you take and retake and retake and retake

Spectrums are in fashion

The time of closed loops is fast upon us

Choices before us, around us, and about us

Ideas underneath us and more ideas above us doing the same thing until they are the same thing

We've been in the thick of perspective longer than anyone can remember

The struggle between atoms and molecules and where do you stop

Junot Diaz on the violence we do to our identities so that others can deal with us at all

And the dealing never ends

It's not nosey to ask what you want all this ammunition for

But I'm not holding my breath for an answer

There are machines in the days of machines

And this is one of them

Go on with the questions

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April 21, 2015

We Will Have Had Calories

The space between validation and valid

You put things on top of other things

People get focused on shapes that have insides and volume and paths

You take a piece of paper and you tear it into smaller pieces of paper

You're on a field trip, a younger you, and you do something really smart or really stupid, but the point is you remember it and you are older now and you are remembering

Levers love fulcrums, that's factual

Air conditioning, likewise factual

And then perspective and then time

Them, that is, which which was, forever, for for for with what what whatever

The gray begets the grayer begets the fewer, greater, gains, gantry

The ocean laps the shore

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April 20, 2015

Whatever It Is That You Say and Then the Weather Rolls In

And all of the kingdom right over there

Like dive on in

Like everything in sight is bitter

Like English gardens and French gardens and whatever kinds of gardens we have round these parts

Like a pile of rocks, like silt, like what you're expecting

Like all this red clay everywhere

Evening is coming

I mean evening is here

There is this game called limbo you play, where'd it get its name?

Who dropped this and who dropped that

The way we tell stories will change, too

We see more frames per second

We feel acceleration

We see time

Plastic wrap is a thing and so on

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April 19, 2015

What What What You Were

Together, a deep breath

You break it you bought it
You break it you bought it
You break it you bought it

Exit all to get to the point of it quickly

Extemporaneous and such

And set it
And sit with errors

Shine the fenders and call it a day

There are the people who live like this

Switches switched spectrums

Multiple doors and not so many tries to try

And then rust

And then something is back

And then we drag it all out

What was missing was a picture

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April 18, 2015

Deep in the Box, a Dangerous Hitter

Or, I meant to write this at the zoo

There were flamingoes and penguins and elephant

There was sun and lemonade and convenient parking

Is it a statement of fact if I start it off with "did you know"

Like if I said, Did you know the sky is purple?

Is that a statement that claims the sky is purple

I was wondering that listening to a Jiffy Lube commercial

I like to get my oil changed there

Somewhere between idiom and ellipses makes language worth living

What's the space between jargon and idiom? Is it power?

And what about Italian food in the spring?

Yeah, I made a drink and put the game on the radio

Build it up one thing at a time

Make this the world you were meant to live in

As best you can

There will be autocorrect

There will be expectations and family and whatever

It's on

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April 17, 2015

How Soon Is Never

You're supposed to be somewhere else

It's supposed to be earlier

You should've gotten more done

That duck doesn't have a head

Dark dark dark in the air

Dash dash more air retreat

There's more space between some dinosaurs than there is between some dinosaurs and us

Speed is a spectrum and a circle

Everything a spectrum and most things a circle

Free this, assisted that, fair these other things

Attack, retreat, regroup, fortify

Minerals vs. mineral rights

The air you breathe vs. the water you bathe in

Court danger

Court wonder


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April 16, 2015

What Huh What What Want

Lean to wane to wanting to wine

Cowgirls vs. cows as in something something pasture

Discount this this this

Vine on all right

Want when

Want wisdom

Wellfires, gears, constitutions, constituents




Symptoms of something or salvaging something or other

Statues, stints, strikeforce

All right?

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April 15, 2015

I Meant to Write This in Chinatown Today

Something I mean vs. something mean

Imagine something incredibly fancy

And then all kinds of manufacturer's samples

Dancing matters

Issues, models, mantras

Load up on carbs and call it a day

As in and aand aaaaaand

Or a redistribution of wealth I can believe in

Robots undone from their beginnings

Competition and reward

The root of reason

I mean what's underneath all these conversions

And the place where the speed of light meets absolute zero

And I'm still afraid of losing you

So so so many stars

So so so many stats

You can, you can

I love those chord changes

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April 14, 2015

My Lap, All Kinds of Room for Cats and Let's Watch Some Baseball

Can you believe it?

Have you even been to Stockholm?

No, I haven't. And they aren't calling.

But dinner is cooking and here I am and here I am before the day is over

And our terms keep changing, but that's ok

And this is what I look like and/or this is what I'm about and/or what are we going to do about all these problems

With climate change or dictators or the price of wheat


As in they've been in all kinds of movies about growing up, but now they're all grown up and what are you going to do with them

I mean, did you run cross-country in middle school?

I did

It's a nasty nasty world you live in

Did you see that?

Good luck

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April 13, 2015

Storage Centers and Staged Readings

Length of story will vary

Intensity of results will vary

Centered on what?
Nothing? Nothing important? Convenience? Low real estate values?

Family situations, empty gestures, monthly recurring costs

Some forever turtle wrapping a forever string around a forever stick

Something like that

Intention vs. talent

Taste vs. airport cooking

Fluid vs. fluid vs. time

You want a reflector? Get a reflector

Location is where I landed, not where I wrote.

Location:N Dee Rd,Park Ridge,United States

April 12, 2015

What Are We Going to Do with All These Conferences

What were you looking for?

Ore by the mountain

Restful conditions on overtime pay

Same, similar, simulation, equivalence

Weigh this, weight that

Weigh, way, weight, mass, Mass, massive, matter, madder

Made in the make-up

Made out, made whole, maiden voyage

Master, master, master!

How much farther, faster, longer?

Surrounded by sticky situations, our little band of heroes

Happens on a cache of preserved meats and dried fruits

Days away from the nearest settlement

My take stock and count their blessings

While the Earth continues around the sun and the moon is right where you'd expect it

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April 11, 2015

Pre-Gaming Y'all

I was thinking in the shower this morning about starting a journal of baseball-themed occasional poetry

Think that'd work?

I was thinking about all kinds of occasions big and small

Like a poem for the 6th game of the 69 World Series

That'd be a great one

And of course the expected -- opening day, the World Series more generally, and so on

This was from / for mid-day yesterday, but then we were paying the check and walking and I forgot to hit "publish"... So there you have it

The Orioles lost, by the way, the score was like a million to not-a-million and the fog kept up until the game was over

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Can All of It Matter?

Unfortunately all of it can't matter

The same is a hard place to get to
A hard place to be

They have these boulders they call erratics and they're not just a thing in the Adirondacks

They're everywhere
Which means a lot of places

Glaciers move slowly whatever way they move

There is advancing
There is receding
Or retreating

Do you make the coffee at your house?
Do you do the dishes?
Can you cook a steak?

There is a thing these last few hundred years, but especially the last thirty or forty and

That thing is a list

Everywhere you go
Which means exactly what you're thinking

Everything I say or write or do

That favorite place and
That favorite thing and
Some quality sunshine

When we make a simulations -- and I mean a pretty broad "we" here -- at the bottom of it all there are a handful of equations duking it out at any given moment

Sometimes just two equations with a whole bunch of what-ifs crowded around

Everything gets in the water if you let it

Currents carry if you let them and

The air wants to be breathed

Dust yourself off everyday and in every way

There comes a time for the doing

More sunshine

And everything expected and unexpected

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April 9, 2015

You Can't Miss What You Can't Touch

Palaces of wisdom

Everything's covered

Like perpetual motion machines and the boys of summer

Like problems with vermin

Like safari guides, the printed kind

Here's a map, constellations, conservative predictions

The trees are just starting to bud so there can be leaves and then leaves can fall

Look at the grass, it's coming too

Before you know it, rain delays

You can make it work

All of it

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 8, 2015

Come On / Come Back

All kinds of things rip

Agreed upon value vs. assumed values

Climb the ladder, claims adjuster, colonoscopy

Crinkle, kruft, krunk

Krankle, krankle, kranky, cleft

You see it in the grass and you track it to the left

You see it in the wild and you head home

You see it out of the corner of your eye and there are a string of things that happen outside your control

Blinking light, steady state, stare it down

It's time

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 7, 2015

More with Time, More with Speed

All the places you place your worries

The salts beyond seasoning

Brink, break, broken

Brownfields, broken backs, and a collection of lines we call excuses

Magic numbers call on traditions

Coincidences take time

Call it in, collection plate, coallated copies

You made it through another day

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

April 6, 2015

Exploded View Dreams of Explosive Views, Scanning Electron Microscope

When he asks to see

Their helpful energy

Predictions of intercepts nightly told

Our firmament

Awful loud lingering

Textbook headwinds in store

And now you want another year?

Location:US-15 S,Mansfield,United States

April 5, 2015

We All Want It to Be All Kinds of Real

We all want it to be real

We all want to get closer to this

We all want to collapse moments on moments

Views are known to do all kinds of things

Telescope and then leave it

Leave it all behind

Projection and then project and then try it again

You don't have to rinse

It's been raining

You have a box, but you've already taken the gift out of it

You've dug a hole

A river works through canals until it is a river again

Cities rise and fall because time, because the economy, because whims on a huge scale

Cover it all
You got it
Don't be shy

Be be be be be be be

Howso, Howey

How does and goes

Paint it, patent leather, pawnshops, power

Pride, pride, proud

Prance it out

The family that stays together stays together

Location:Wincanton Dr,Fairport,United States

April 4, 2015

That These Outward Signs Might Never Matter

Try more when than which

That I'm afraid of telling you what I'm really afraid of, because I'm afraid it'll make it more likely to happen

Are you here vs. do you want to be here

Are you really here vs. do you really want to be here

Do you want to be here really

Really really which and then when

Wants and needs

Respiration, inspiration, digestion

There is a report and there is everybody else

Are is ours

When when which

A block of granite, a block of marble, and alloys

Brick by brick

Build it up to bring it in

Location:Cataract St,Rochester,United States

April 3, 2015

Put It All Together For Go Time

Your collection of notches and a long road

What are you going to do with all that wind?

Here comes the season

Cones, diminutive everything

Thing, thing, another thing

What you're looking for in structure

From structure, super-structure, more warnings

That which when when always wonder

Someone's gotta run the show

Your time, anytime

Location:Wincanton Dr,Fairport,United States

April 2, 2015

The Later I Ask, The Later You Tell Me

When you reach for your elbow

When you send your ways to me

When the rain goes halfsies

Skates and skimming and Salvation Armies on every block

When you wake up a few minutes ahead of your alarm and just watch the clock without anxiety or unrest or anything

When the clouds roll in and it's just the weather

When it's time to conserve some water or energy or whatever

There was magnetism and electricity and petroleum-based products lining the shelves

When they sweep the leg

Or you find just the perfect coat for the season's ups and downs

Jackets come next

And sleep

And there's always a dance waiting to happen

Location:I-86 W,Campbell,United States

April 1, 2015

This Is How You Make a Diamond

This is how you make a diamond.
This is how you can make a diamond.
You can make a diamond.
How you make a diamond.
How to make a diamond.
Making a diamond.

Go all the way home.
Spell everything backwards.

Pile, pile, pile, pile.
There really were dinosaurs.

There are things we breathe on purpose.

Diamonds can be yours.
Make a diamond.
Make a good diamond.
Make the right diamond.
You'll make a diamond today.
You can make a diamond.

To just want it out there.
This is not how you make a diamond.


...and so NaPoWriMo 2015 is underway -- with great thanks to Maureen Thorson for all she does and all she gets us to do. Because it is good for us.

Yeah, I didn't mean that to sound crazy.

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