October 23, 2009

And Now Wunderkammer on JGP

Or at least Paula Gilovich on a picture of JGP that she didn't know was JGP. It's a great piece, and it's a picture of skinny ass me in an unflattering wrestling singlet... How could you possibly not click through?

"Writers as Kids: To Wrestle," Paula Gilovich (at Wunderkammer)

October 18, 2009

JGP at Wunderkammer

Here's the picture of Melissa Walker that I started with. Here's the piece I wrote.

Thanks again to Kathryn Regina for putting it together. Be sure to check the many other great ones in the series (since my last posting, I've really dug many but will call out the Christopher Higgs-Sam Pink pairing!).

October 16, 2009

Entire Contents of my Seven Year-old Daughter's First-Ever BCC'd Email

October 14, 2009

Writers as Kids (at Wunderkammer)

Kathryn Regina pulled together this great little series for a couple weeks of guest editing at Wunderkammer. She solicited photos of writers as kids and then swapped the photos around (without identifying who was in the pictures) within the group. The writers then wrote brief pieces (400 words or less) inspired by the pictures. I don't think it is great because I participated, but I can't wait for mine to show up.

This one by Della Watson (about a drawing of a photo of Matthew Savoca) is my favorite so far I think: OMFG, Outfield Again. (Been there.)

And the picture of Adam Robinson is adorable, don't miss it!

October 7, 2009

On the Way to San Francisco: Interim Update

O'HARE INTERNATIONAL: One of the women next to me was very afraid of flying. She clutched the seat in front of her a number of times, which was oddly nice for me, because she generally overflowed her seat and when reaching forward like that overflowed it less.

I'm glad she didn't get sick.

The i.e. reader looks good and the proof changes should be minor. But do note that pre-orders help pay for galley changes as well as the payments on the Narrow House corporate jet and corporate Miami-based cigarette boat.

Bananas are perfect.

I get a runny nose when I fly. The first thing I do after landing is go to the bathroom and blow my nose. Then I get incredibly dizzy for a bit.

I have my best run at an outline /sequencing for the heroine story. I, of course, put it together during the descent into O'Hare.

October 1, 2009

On Doughnuts

In keeping with Very Most Good's new brand promise (Taking on today's most pressing topics®), I ask: