January 31, 2013

Don't Be Silly, There Are All Kinds of Poets

(Still some things stay the same)

I won't even tell you what it was

Sitting so still you can feel messages traveling through your veins

Or they are so loud or heart rate or static

If you run, you'll be running

You think you feel

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States

January 30, 2013

This Isn't My Conversation

This isn't my conversion

It was warm and before that coldest and before that we'd travelled south to the warm

I want to slow it down and make it beautiful and maybe that'll happen this weekend or next

I want it empathy

I want it entanglement stretched across the universe

I want it the most of everything

There is my pocket and before that my pants

There is a walk on pavement, a problem with the trash can, it's more a feeling than a scent, but there is definitely the smell

Perception on the back of your eyeball

Dehydration, curses, drug-resistant baddies vs. all the goodies just trying to get by

All the maybes

Taxation, representation, the modern-cum-contemporary world

A fistful of degrees

A day full of rotation

Bring it home

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

Some Now Other Now

I get the specificity of it

How that works for you

But then there is unseen vs. unseeing

What kind of person dreams about the Great Unseeing Eye?

I should write a story about that eye

And it'd be like Lord of the Rings or Siddhartha, I guess

What's the genre where the movie's about a character being chased?

I like road movies and westerns and buddy pictures

Actually, you're continuously unseeing things

And unknowing things

Undoing you coat, untying your laces

Unburden the burdened

Wash for the worsen

Static shots, rolling average, lane hugger, higher standing, seated massage, more

Oxidation comes and goes

The sea comes and goes

We eat and we sleep and then we do it all again

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

January 28, 2013

Rise of the Rust-Water

You'd say it comes on in the oddest places

If you didn't have a map

And a well-worn list of omens


When the boredom of cause-and-effect finally breaks you


He who controls the speed of light controls nothing

He who walks in a straight line is re-enacting yesteryear's fantasies

He who echoes into the future is a source of signals surrounded by reflective surfaces


A mirror makes a nice gift

A sheet of polished aluminum makes a good gift

A sealed concrete floor makes a good gift


There is the brash student finding patience and a well of unending power by knifing fingers into raw rice hour after hour

There is the brash student finding his keys, the laundry detergent, the correct train

There is the brash student, watch his brash wash away with the years

There is the brash student, he looks much better with the haircut


Recognize. Re-supply. Stabilize. Syncopate. Trundle, trundle, trundle. Eulogize. Un-end this right.

Right this day.


I belong to
You belong to


Better days

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 27, 2013

Recline with Something OK

What comes first?

What are the flavors or today?

What is true skin or true coverage?

What is a true cocktail?

What is the true heart and true soul of true karaoke?

I don't know where this is going or what it's meant

I'd say it was real had it been

Or if I was talking to you years ago and we were young men and young women getting in from a long night that included one of our favorite bands and all kinds of drinks and a few things one of us regretted

In real life

Laugh out loud

Oh my god

Et cetera

Have you slept?

Location:W Laurel Ave,Sterling,United States

January 22, 2013

Play Something for January, Darling

That's not time to sleep music

That's not the way home

That's not one thing then another then another

Sometimes you'll be forced to lie

Other times it will happen instinctively

Survival, reflexes, something to do with your spine making decisions minus the decision part

This was going to be something bigger but there will be time for that

And there will be time for water and rest

Aside, "R and R and SNL" belongs somewhere else and to someone else

I'm guessing nouns and precision or at least clarity and specificity will crawl all over February

But there still won't be a dog, I'm afraid

And it'll still be winter for a little while

Put on a warmer coat

The days are getting longer, but they still have a ways to go

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 21, 2013

That Reporter Isn't Even Looking at the Camera

I had to get back to it

Things are getting out of hand

I have this urge to follow that up by heading off somewhere fanciful, finely illustrated, art deco, Gulliver's Travels, little people or big people

The world keeps happening and I keep happening in it

I don't condone anything, right now

I don't have blood on my hands

And I want to say, "Not for lack of trying," but I'm wasting everyone's time with these lies

I get out of practice so quickly, no shit

This is like the rusty water that comes out first when you get back from vacation

It tastes bad

It won't kill you

Nothing will

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 10, 2013

Focus on Breathing

That's not how you do it.

For a second there was this fox leading me to a secret tunnel through the hill

For a second there was this guy showing everyone how to build even higher diving boards out of regular diving boards

For a second there were these dogs chasing a ball while people watched

For a second there were sidelines and second lives and all kinds of things

The fox was brown

The diving boards began as the blue pebbly kind but became something unexpected

The ball wasn't what you would focus on

The sides were beveled, n'est-ce pas?

We meant no harm, this time

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

January 6, 2013

Second Sunday And So Forth

What do you miss right now?

It's Sunday where I am

My knees are feeling fine

I wish I was breathing slower and deeper

So many great things are lined up behind

So it would make sense for so many great things to be ahead

Don't confuse this with value

Don't confuse something I'll lay out later

Right and wrong vs. right and on

You take piece of wood and you fashion a wheel and before you know it goods and resources are rolling from one hotbed of economic activity to another

How much is this worth to you?

The difference between you and me is how it all works

A small hare emerges from somewhere around the edge of the frame, poking in his cute small hare head to add, don't you see

Well done small hare

Division is magic if you let it be

A hand appearing in mid-air offering you a chalice of fine liquid is magic

Wine is alive

Tomorrow is coming

We'll do it again

Now, watch his hands closely

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

January 1, 2013

This Is the Second

A couple days ago, I lined up all the first lines of pieces I'd written last year

It felt good, but it wasn't especially inspiring at first

So I waited a day and then alphabetized it and started sorting through it

Picking my favorites in each letter group

Until the Ts grabbed me

They had the right repetition for me and the right amount of declaration and mystery or whatever

And that's the first thing I wrote this year

Early this morning

This is the second, later tonight

There's gonna be a lot of writing this year and lots of different stuff

I got the gift of lots of different for my birthday and I'm looking forward to it all

I'm planning on taking better care of myself

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States