August 16, 2015

Winning Sometimes

Sometimes winning is like wrestling a greased pig.

Sometimes winning is simply stepping on the court.

Sometimes winning is everything.

Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism

Winning is great, sure

Winning is everything to catch up on

Sometimes winning is actually setting your sights on what everyone around you says is impossible.

Winning is not a sometime thing

Winning is for losers

Sometimes winning is just getting back on.

Winning is forever.

Winning is not enough.

Sometimes winning is losing.

Winning is a choice.

Winning is to campaign with joy.

Winning is my motherfuckin' protocol.

Winning is to be kind.

Winning is no accident.

Winning is finishing.

Winning is her goal.

Winning is fun, but it teaches you nothing.

Winning is half the bummer.

Sometimes winning is a dramatic kiss-the-ground kind of experience.

Sometimes winning is just surviving.

Sometimes winning is quitting.

Sometimes winning is no fun at all.

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August 7, 2015

Because Morning Is Here Quickly and Robots Are Your Friends

What do we have to do with the best?

What do we have to do that is not an issue?

What do we have to do with the other side of the best?

That when which which where what when

You can get the same as the best

They pick up trash weekly in this neighborhood

I shower daily, for the most part

Parties aren't just for partying

Eating isn't just for eating

I get this thing and I walk it around to all my friends, my family, the people I know, the people I work with

I have a car and I drive it -- sometimes to work, sometimes to the train station, sometimes other places

You have these opinions, you know

You have ways things work out

You have ways you think things will work out and then ways you think things should work out

You learn all the important words early

You straddle worlds and cultures and that matters more for some people than for others

You can add up numbers

It's been one of those weeks in one of those seasons in one of those years

Did you ever play with a spirograph?

I mean if you didn't, I think you should

I bet you can get one real easy online

Make sure you eat something

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August 3, 2015

Like a Table

I'm not.
I'm not.
I'm not.
I'm not.

There was a guy that just had thumbs.

There was a guy who lived for music.

There was a guy that was the best of all.

There were afternoons that you just let go of.

There were evenings that were full of heat and expectations.

There were mornings piling up outside your door.

Nothing to do with Monday

Everything to do with style points

Tiles, clouds, other elements, journeys, agility

We keep trying to make the thinnest layer so we keep trying.

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It's All Practice, Now

I have a hankering for a fighter right now -- are they making any good fighters anymore?

I want something to eat, too

Something salty

And something to drink that's cold and delicious

Things really can be that simple if you let them

New keyboard? No problem

There's some perfect balance of violence and centering and perspective that keeps it all together

Why sweat the unravelling before The Unravelling? It's a disrespectful waste of these raveled times

I could tell you things about my life and my family

We could take stock of all the spaces between things and be like Oh snap!

A wall is made brick by brick if it's a brick wall

The grass here is pretty with dandelions here and there

All the ping pong balls are dented, but you'd expect that by August

The sun, the sun, the sun

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