August 26, 2020

I’m In

What’s good vs. what’s good?

All the checkmarks in all the columns

Everything that is right about an onion

Choosing a two-way arrow to connect the clearest concepts

Meanwhile, a grab bag of aphorisms posing as a viewpoint or a conversation or a country

Or a collection of screenshots standing in for an experience you’ll always remember

Mostly, admittedly, candidly, and curt

That’s the thing about an echo

Or a period

Or an internal investigation into a matter of finances

It’s the number 1 more often than you’d think

It’s the presence of just the right number of coincidences

You can build it up from the classics or break it down from the sky

There are stars and there are seeds but we step back and they are just one thing

The stretches of space are the loneliest

Fare thee well, friends

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 19, 2020

All the Things That Lean

You look around and you don’t have it quite right

You don’t think

A glass of wine but a pint of beer

Just the right framing with great lighting

But marks and means and more

Mooring I mean

And you say circles. See circles?

Cantilever comes to mind

And better times with any number of better things

I can tell you about the Money Money Bar in Chiang Mai and the plate of chicken that melted Margaret’s face off

Or a crab shack on the water with all of our friends

Or sitting in the backyard with folks rain or shine or both in one day

But the forest probably smells the best it has in 50 years — maybe more

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 18, 2020

No No Rave Gave Up

The unburnt the unbecoming

Once where fuel began

Or look up how limestone happened and think of just how much that was out there happening

Listen, every argument has its kinks

Every country its kids

Every coat its closures

Every base putting it all together the best it can because it believes

How do you believe at this point?

One foot in front of the other?

The right-sized bowl for every goldfish?

We don’t have to get it all to get somewhere

Let’s go

I’d end with “let’s go” every time if I could get away with it

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

Sketch for Portrait of Shadows in the Golden Hour

Innumerable things are not my cup of tea,

There are, there are

Staging left and right as boulevards shudder

I will not, as I’m looking

That I am, that I will, as I’m looking

Clouds over head, cups of coffee, still, as I am

The days of the week, they conspire

But it all started with a break in the middle, they tell me

Satchels full of assumption about you, about me

Are they even scales if they are lopsided?

This world you live in and everyone it was made for

Twisted like that, like these days you make it through

You’re told to think of a number, but you head is filled with swimming tests

I’m told to take a minute, and everything is suddenly golden

We are assaulted by counterfeits, you and I

We are doing our best

What do all their metaphors about Rome even matter

Streets are sinking all around us and they want to talk perspective

Keep a go-bag at hand, we’ll leave after sundown someday

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 15, 2020

I Don’t Know When I Don’t Know Why

We all start somewhere

Around the world, outside your door

There’s a rash of indoor planting

Indoor playing, indoor connecting, and so on

I don’t know when because what is time now

I don’t know why because, still, what is time now

Speed can be an equation and can be part of this

Equations can be functions and might be part of this

But if we start joining reasons and seasons then I’ll show you this is dangerous

Like speakers saying books are dangerous

And videos vis à vis radio stars

Phones before them, the internet after, and phones again after that

This soapbox was made with a phone

And so fishbowls, dynamite, the price of tea in China, rain again or sunsets

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 13, 2020

Day Many Lost

Kinder quartered coughing

Chameleon kindred finding blenders

Anything to save the salt or save on salt — I can’t quite recall

Anything to sit with rolling clouds, scattered sunsets, and golden hour after hour

By the water, by the woods, but we’ll take what we can get

And always will

Want me to string something out for you?

Sing a chorus of basement salamanders

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 12, 2020

Can’t Hurt, Won’t Hurt

Full of fists closed over fists

Quantified waves when we need them and when we don’t

We let out our length

We keep it there

And there and there

They’re gonna come for us

They are and always have been

But we are and always have been, too

I mean, the world has ways and so do you

And from corner to corner there’ll be collecting

Then unexpected explosions, then flash floods, then algae bloom after bloom after bloom

You’ve got so many fonts at your fingertips but so many fewer feelings

There’s a camera

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 11, 2020

Wootchoo / Woot Hop

The thing is caramel

The thing is time

The thing is disruption, distraction, and distortion

I mean birds in Virginia, backup singers, and bad choices

Because someone invented musical roads

And there’s a house somewhere with two Albrights in it

These things can make sense

Like an unexpected complement of succulents on an otherwise ordinary day

Fuck. That. Guy.

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 8, 2020


The felled over long-ass days all Summer

One life smears into the next

Too many stories and too many styles

Every song a siren’s song

This wheel, that beachcomber bonfire

This jacquard became the center of our lives

That switch became another became another and now we’re driving places after sundown

When gains are twinned with memories

When your sense of self subtracts time

When gravity

When back-lighting

When dilation

When deference

Smoke rises into the night somewhere

Let’s count

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 3, 2020

Wares, Err, Mod, Five

Everybody comes to me
A fish with a suitcase
Your fourth grade teacher
And the other one, too

The castle walls are prickly with vines
We tell stories in the evening
We’ve had our supper
We are still Americans

What’s left is relative
Pile pliable materials for pickup
Remembering those small fridges
Small ice trays for small ice

We’ve got what we got after we get it
Amber and then asphalt and still time

Location:US-6,Eastham,United States