June 23, 2012

It'll Rush Away from You

Let your foot mark the chapter

Reminders and stepping out yards

Often counting to twenty to mark a wall, and all kinds of barked orders from one direction

Gentle and firm instruction from the other

Attack, assault, barrage, tackle, yelling, whistles, etc.

We saw the first place they see the sunrise everyday on the east coast

We saw pre-historic animals

We were many

The tides are massive, all kinds of things are breath-taking, the weather

This was almost the speed you brush the dirt off

There will be plenty of laundry and folding and catching up

There will be plenty of movement still

Finish lines are for fantasies

I guess

I bet I'll always be a sucker for irises

Location:Eden St,,United States

June 19, 2012

The Best or the Bested

The best followed by the best

The sound of walls vs. winds

The bay into the shore

Water, water, water

The sound of breathing is close by

Imagine the picture to pull you through

Just plumbing doing this or that and nothing more

It's no longer daytime, meaning it's night

It's past midnight, meaning it's tomorrow

I long-napped earlier, meaning I'm still up and you probably aren't

Massachusetts, I've been here before

Shadows of midnight and shallows and shapes, I've been here

Eyes adjust, ears could, time should

Constants adjust to speed, rhythm adjusts

Headwinds, headlights, highways

Trade winds, tail lights, good night


Location:Shore Rd,,United States

June 17, 2012

All the Beaches I've Ever Known

Good morning, North Truro

Cape Cod, it's been 30 years

Does fal mean good or bad?

I've put together dirty mouths for decades

A Jones Beach of Uptown Girls and seaside breakfast and myths of naked people in the dunes

Bethany, Rehoboth, Ocean City stretched across years

Duxbery full of horseshoe crabs

Florida full of jellyfish

The English side of Tenerife

Up and down the Outer Banks, I don't remember who I went there with first, and I'm not going to try to hard today to remember -- the Wright Brothers at Kill Devil Hills, kites

Nassau or something similar: snorkels and girls that wanted corn rows

Off a highway in Monterey the Pacific tackled me right after I tackled someone else

Huntington Beach on the way to San Diego was just what you'd expect

Someplace that I think was someplace in Massachusetts I can't quite place -- there was a bridge and brackish water and it mixes with a Michigan memory from years later with an ostrich egg omelette at brunch

Myrtle Beach, we can do this all day

Location:Shore Rd,,United States

June 16, 2012

And Here

Location:Schoosett St,Pembroke,United States

June 12, 2012

Well, First, This

That dream where your skin peels back and you're metal underneath

Someone gave that to you

What's the difference?

The one where you are stone underneath

You know plastic is organic?

The one where there's more skin underneath

Or the one where you're just bleeding and dead

The one where there is a little city or a hive of insects

The one where there are tentacles and lights


I like you better awake

I like most everyone better in the fall

There is tempting magic in all bad things or they wouldn't be bad

They'd just be stupid and I'd be stupid for toying with them

But you're right, there's a time for being stupid

The Bible told you so and you told me


Singing a note until you pass out is no kind of magic

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is a passable quote but also no kind of magic

Life is no kind of magic, really

Wonder is no kind of magic, I don't think

I might try figuring that out

I've got some time

Location:Newton St NW,Washington,United States

June 10, 2012

A Memory Lane, A Must

A measure and a measuring stick

An accumulation of notes like so many other pile-ons

A warning that there is something happening nearby

Let go of applause and spotlights

Let go of new-found features, New Foundland, nurseries

Build the world one noun at a time

It's how we do, but it won't be ok forever

They want more: more worlds, more loves, more lovers

Must-haves vs. already spents

Collision and noise and heat and blood

Collisions and noise and heat and everything you ever wanted

Collisions and hear it?

It's getting minor, it's getting drawn, it's getting water

This could be where it all begins

We went to the moon for the first time like yesterday

Close your eyes tightly and wait for tomorrow

She's coming

June 6, 2012

I Fell Witness

Everything like it matters

Braid the days

Feign wishes in the Wishing Fields

Surf secrets and secret genuine

Like it matters

Here we have ways

Here we have words and hours

Here we haves meals and meals and meals and sleep

What will melt when the hunched shoulders thaw?

You dreamt of a frozen summer

An Antarctic skiff skating across the floes

You dreamt of curly-haired beach boys with tropical tans and tropicali sounds

Tabs rolled on tongues give way to harsher free falls

Dead open space and deafening nothing

Always like everything

Tomorrow it'll be one shoe and then the other

Location:Emory St,Baltimore,United States

June 4, 2012

Heading Up to Push Out (and Making Light of My Scary)

I'm nothing if not dropping away from expected

This subway smells like Dr. Hazel's office

He gave me a spinal tap right there on his desk when I was two

I don't remember what his office smelled like that actual day

I had a fever and now I'm pretty sure he's dead

What does spinal fluid smell like?

I'm betting you and some wifi can figure it out


Next, shampoo

Next, motion

Next, conversations, mechanical sounds, the hiss of compressed air no longer compressed

28th and counting

Coming and going

This day holdup for trains and rain and baseball and friends

This day is for breathing and figuring it out


The motions, simple, static, blessings, acceleration, lights, shuddering vs. trembling to rumbling

Ramble seat, the nineteenth century rule, inconsistent breaking

Acceleration in the opposite direction isn't true either

Friction, fluids, heat, alternating currents, no service, no service, no service

The phrase "bottle blonde" has never done much for me -- maybe because I don't see blondes as anything special

More blessings, more rumbling

At times this city feels like steamer trunk belted to the back of an antique car

Things usually seem a little larger than they really are

Your eyes and brain work together on this

Take a picture of the moon and you will see


Children this and children that

Rumbling gives way to rocking gives way to more no service

Many, many places for everyone

Location:Varick St,,United States


Location:Vreeland Terrace,Jersey City,United States

June 3, 2012

Sunday, Baltimore

Hours, seconds, days

Weeks, months, repeat

An accumulation of dead skin

The removal of dead skin

Thousands of little things attacking your eyes

Continuous running, more days, changes in weather

Injuries adding up, more years

Remorse vs. regret is a possible story

A tendency to light fires, another

Stories about moths and flame

Stories about children on the way to not being children, or other children tried like adults

Roadside stands vs. roadside memorials like tomatoes vs. mylar balloons

Packing tape vs. brads

Lightpoles vs. crates

The first person to ever say, this, too, will pass, is no longer with us

Buckets, chains, reactions, etc

There are artificial hearts and stem cells and iron lungs

Theirs is a future getting smaller

There is glass and no shortage of water where I live

There are gas prices and roads

Look around back, the helipad is bitchin'

Location:Washington Blvd,Baltimore,United States

June 2, 2012

She'd Like "Taxi" to be a Word You Can Use More Often

I'd say adventure starts here, but we made that a way of life a long time ago

Lunch starts here though

And I'm sticking with this Three Meals a Day Revolution

I'm thinking about an Eight Hours of Sleep revolution, too

There's this ongoing thing about writers being blown away by things everyone else already knows

Obsessed, occupied, whatever

There's this ongoing thing that is my entire life

There's all kinds of finite stuff I'm cool with

The sun is operationally infinite -- also useful

Sunshine, plain air

Somebody invented hair de-tangled and then somebody else made it better

I don't even have to research that, it's just true and we all know it

Corallaries aren't spelled like that -- but the correction is beyond me and my robots at this moment

Corrals have horses and are generally great

Shoot outs are generally less than great

Getting shot in the neck plain sucks I bet

Getting your face eating sucks bad, too, I'd guess

But this is America

Shit's gonna happen

Somebody's gonna claim they cold fusioned

Somebody's gonna sell you something you don't need

But somebody else will make you a sandwich and some-other-body else is gonna invent an artificial pancreas with a bunch of friends and it'll be great

Till then, this is Jamie Gaughran-Perez signing off

Sunshine, pretzel bites, absolutely no bears

Location:Warner St,Baltimore,United States