June 30, 2015

Bits of Broken Matchsticks

There are all these ages and the layers of sediment they left behind

Robot plows do the strangest things with equations and GPS, which is more equations

The atmosphere is full of trace elements like any good story

And I keep thinking about a pile of matchsticks

Or piles of matchsticks

Rows, cross-hatched, bundled on an end, broken and jumbled up

Did you grow up with Lincoln Logs?

I did

Have you been to Lincoln, Nebrasksa?

Do you have a favorite President?

A favorite time of day?

I like to keep it close

I miss the occasional ice cream binge

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 22, 2015

Accumulation and/or Cactus Mentality

It sounds good to have been a metal kid, but I wasn't a metal kid

And my allergies rolled up on my tonight

Before that making drinks, drinking, eating, baseball on TV

Each day full of a day's worth of decision

Each day a little bit shorter now

And keep on saying it quieter and quieter and we're all crouching down until late December and you got it

Every time you are dancing and that song comes on it's probably gonna be a good time if you let it

You got your cellphones and your pictures and your hashtags and your good times

You've got your bed and your sheets and your roof over your head

You have a toolbox of tools and a bag of tricks and wooden cross beams and places you like to go

Like, want, need, forget

Naive, national, nature, nine more

Tracks, I mean

Cornering and decisions and going

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 15, 2015

All Sorts of Treachery Captured for Your Viewing Pleasure

All the sentries you can remember

Scores and scores, scoring, scouring, scrounging

Everything divisible if you have patience and enough decimals

Everything you've shouted and heard shouted

Give thanks for this roof over our head

All the better to project

And thunder that shook the whole house -- have you been there for that and for real? -- it's much more than what you've read

You can cross your fingers or press your palms against one another and it's not the same but you're getting there

What you do with your hair on a humid Sunday

What you do for lunch

That episode where Magnum's dad says tells kid Magnum has to tread water for 24 hours because then he'll be saved and then present-day Magnum treading and treading

Storms will happen all summer

Most clapboard is weathered

And perfect skies will look fake for generations

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

June 10, 2015

Cakes for Sale!

The 50s happened for like life

Your favorite kind of bread with your favorite meat and your favorite condiments

Entropy is always against you

But trees still happen and skyscrapers and nation-states

Sugar gets all over the place

You head south, everything heads south

Figures and pictures and real life

Logistics is to the military as triage is to the ER as asynchronous state management is to the 21st century

Your loading graphic is my spirit animal

Go find your own

Location:Baltimore,United States

June 9, 2015

As One, What Are You Going to Do?

Personality is one of those things that slides

What kind of tuning are you gonna go with on this one?

Globes of glass inside globes of glass and so on with ringing

All the things a gloved hand gets away with

Summer coming on in the Mid-Atlantic

Scooters and flip-flops and sunscreen

You write something important on a strip of paper and twirl it into a tight little cylinder and then put it in your pocket

And repeat that again and again until you have a pocket full of very important things

How much would that weigh?

Turn other things inside out

A box can take more doing

Seasonal everything and water and predictions

Everyone loves a parade, so there you have it

Location:Baltimore,United States

June 7, 2015

Whatever What Was Intended

How a bricklayer approaches a place where there's going to be a wall

All the places one may find a furrow

The times you approach a corner, better yet, the times you wonder what waits around that corner

There comes that moment when the phones you knew in your youth are gone

And so many things seem ridiculous

Have you seen what happens when hyenas get their way?

And then department stores, manual transmission, hell, internal combustion while we're making lists

YouTube videos of massive domino runs

On the horizon is gravity and old age and who knows what else

Time, time, mountains

The moon so very far away

Here comes the sun, here comes the night, here comes the sun again and the night and the sun and the night

Have you been in the harbor?

Have you seen it?

Have you walked the shore as the sun does all the things a sun can do?

When you roll up your khakis, grab wayfarers, and become President

When you roll up your sleeves and get down to work, and your hands covered in ink stains

When you take off your glasses and everything's blurry now but it's a cinematic indicator of new perspective and that moment right before inspiration

Or rubbing your temples

Or your hand on the bridge of your nose as everything falls apart around you

So much to tell every day you walk this Earth and surely long after, when you are wandering the stars and making all sorts of discoveries we'd never imagined

Location:Baltimore,United States