October 22, 2017

Bar Top Bar Talk

Because human isn’t good enough

Watches and instant replays and radio telemetry

Soaring glass towers soaring for every season

Let me help you with that and that and that a thousand times over

It’s not all snakes and tails because it’s those things so quickly

Blink blink blink-blink-blink whole generations forward

Faster until nothing faster than a left turn

There was jumping before there were humans. Believe.

I’m here and now and you’re what?

All of me coming and going day by day and all of you, too

Look at the way the sun comes through it all

That motherfucker

Location:S Hope St,Los Angeles,United States

October 17, 2017

Make Sense of It / I Remember

Make sense of it
I mean make some sense of it
Making sense
Make make make
Trenton River train crosses
Take your time but not too much

I remember
Remember when?
Do you remember?
We remember
I remember
Remembering the way that we were

Lock the door and leave
Lights off
Lights on a timer
Street lights
Gas lamps

Historic districts every day

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 11, 2017

Yes Yes and You All and Good Night

Like a gun but dependent

Every word like flowers, that is both a noun and a verb, and flipping back and forth from singular to plural

Rabbit-duck; old lady-young lady; vase-two profiles looking at each other

Yes-and yes-and yes-and like I-got I-got I-got

Snapping to and the power of both

Some skulls are gray, I mean

And you can’t buy them in stores, at least not legally

Stuck in that slapback a moment, and a moment longer

For effect

You see that cliff? And that one?

There’s another.

You’re gonna love the Second Act.

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 10, 2017

Some Things Small

Sums, tangents, strict adherence
To vetted protocols, Corvettes of every states

Stage managers stage managing
Like Lords around Christmastime

Fellow follies fled failed nations
Grown great we think with all the ending

The thing about amoebas
That thing you do
The prevalent nepotism in the last second of Earth’s history

The role of change and all the other things you squirreled away
I mean I mean I got I got I got
Imagine a circle on the floor around you

Is it chalk or salt or sand?
Ask yourself, regions, relentless

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 9, 2017

There Is a Dance

There is a bend in the road

There is the final touch to a fine drink

There is a candy bar all the way down low

Or a comb and some other something you lost track of

Calling back to your first favorite game

There are opposites that come together every summer

Then every week and even every day if you want it

Grids are the last to fall away and the first to come back

Skewing used to take perspective

Now are the days of sunflares without sun and shutter clicks without shutters but nobody really needs to sweat all that

We’ve been living past need a long time now

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 1, 2017

I See You There with Your Zero Fucks

And I’m the guy with all the fucks

There are so many great dams in the world generating so much power but the Hoover seems the only one I can name so picture it

Those crazy power poles jutting out sideways all the way down have stuck with me

Just like so much of that drive from Virginia to San Diego and so much of the sprint back

Just one finger, just one story, just one hill or one cloud or one night

Find some thread and unspool it

Find a bag and rip it open, rip it up

My beard grows a little everyday and grows a little whiter

I wear what I wanna a little more often

I see a lotta sunrises

I wear what I wanna a little more often

And boulders and chainlink fences and knots, y’all

The winds at my back, the winds in my face, the sun’s up high but shadows all around

I need water and all I have are Sundays stretches out all around me

I need water and

I’m the guy with all the fucks or I wish I was

I wish I were

I wash a lot, I wear a lot, I wind it out

Location:Scott Dr,Baltimore,United States