December 26, 2021


This is what you do.

Kit, build, a build, this build

Reincarnation vs. resurrection

Vs. barrel-strength that one.

Pulls your mouth, this one, like.

A tea towel is an everyday thing some days.

No snow, just reverse it?

Restraint, reset, restart, but first to the left and then to the left again, etc.

I used to search department stores for secret doors,

I was that kid, and so many clothing racks are just clothing racks.

So many sales, so many Septembers starting school.

So many Springs with days stretching longer.

It’s ok to be tired, just rest.

Rest up, and later I’ll make us a fire.

December 18, 2021


Under the wire and through the woods.

Always a pine forest and forever it’s night.

What is barren is what is changing,

Fallow follows and kingdoms fall.

Stacking two days, one atop the other:

Meals, morning coffee, dog walks.

Everything wound right and nothing bleeding.

Keep it together another step and another.

I held a sphere of light in my hand to know when I was

And you had a dream for me that collapsed distances.

“I lost a friend,” you said, and another and another.

We’re stepping across the gap, another train, another meal.

The sun knows that endings are in the beginnings.

Another train, salutations, another star, another, another.

December 13, 2021

Half-Told Truths on Style in 2021

Words and things like pipes

The Internet and the arc of a deep three

All the cats I’ve lived with in 47 years

An Altoids tin full of mismatched buttons

Nobody has loose change anymore, it seems

Late nights at the Crown or Nam Kang with late night drinks

Split-second decisions and life-long learning

December 5, 2021

You Decide When It’s Done

Who decides when it’s done?

A chorus of mice comes close this December

And darkness ain’t falling anywhere.

Did Moderna give you weird dreams or just more memory?

Tomatoes are a fruit and potatoes, a root vegetable.

I still want to do well in this life to come back a drummer in the next.

Busy Earnin’ on my year-end mix for year-end drives to Western Mass and back.

Don’t break it; don’t buy it; don’t ship them; this isn’t 2015.

What do you want me to tell you?

Who’s story do you want me to tell?

There’ll be peaches and oranges, cherries, and fires.

Some keep count to make it through others to enjoy the ride.

The everyday miracle of time travel, my friends.

My friends, my friends, everyone’s alone sometime.