August 27, 2012

Way Up and Over the Middle

The flood of the most boring panorama ever told

Trauma minus trauma plus time and all kinds of spread out

Not a house every ten feet

What you wish was a cowboy has some weird northern European accent going on

It's a tangled path to the cowboy

It is a strange field and it is often online

Pain, preparation, boredom, elevation, cramping obviously, bandages

Viruses as living languages over-sharing all over the place / all over again

There is a call again and again

Where do you live

How fast are you moving now?

Herds of laser born by cats

Bring it

We'll bring it together

Come on

Location:S McDonnell Rd,Millbrae,United States

August 22, 2012

Would You Have Him Consumed?

Nails are driven into wood

And things are made

You could take an arm and wrap it in gauze and then wrap it in cloth and even cover it in plaster

You can put tape upon tape until your fists are like rocks

You can take a smooth piece of wood and scratch an idle mark here and another there

Phone calls can break your heart no matter the century

Bicycles to aeroplanes to home theaters and satellite television

Putting the professional back in

Hanging the lighting

Preparing the wonder

I don't know how so many things work, they just do

You're on a beach, touch it

There's the sun

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

August 21, 2012

Like the Sound at Night

Pictures through screens

Or my view blocked by a purring cat

Or the sun's already down and the kids are out and about

Or the way they talk in Canada

When it's harvest time and nobody calls it that

Various painful points

Hello and how are you

And the weather and constants and and

Double positives vs. double blind studies

Two people talking, ignoring what's going on around them is different if they are seated before a French meal

Trains follow tracks except when they derail

And people put down those tracks

So many things rhyme with intention

And my name is none of them

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 19, 2012

Waiting Things Out

Sometimes waiting things out

Stuff on stuff

And stuff on stuff on stuff

A heaping pile of facts

Apples, Sundays, sunshine

How would you like a knuckle sandwich?

How would you like your eggs?

I'm allergic to them, but I love making frittatas

I also love making fish tacos, good drinks, red sauce, Indian food

I love cooking for people and watching them eat

I'm usually less hungry when I cook for a bunch of people, and then I can't really taste the food either

Adam Good taught me how to make grits proper

I'm going to have some in the morning

Count back from 30

Count back from 28

There's more

There are a hundred ways to die

People drowned all the time

There are the oceans, rivers, lakes

Creeks, bogs, streams, aquifers, pools, seas

Quarries, tanks, bays, and harbors

There are more and none of them know you

They are out there, full of water, and they don't know you

They never will

Even if your lungs were filling with water

They don't have brains

They don't wear shirts

They flow and your forget

They flow and you breathe air

With your brain and your shirt

You breathe air

Good on you

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States

August 17, 2012

The Burning Is Nothing Like the Rich Kids of Instagram

I feel like my skin is on fire and it's two in the morning

Incredible meals prepared by personal chefs, expensive cars, champagne, massive displays of good times in the water, indoors, in the air, outdoors

When it subsides I'll try to get back to sleep

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

August 14, 2012

I'm Writing This and You Can't See It Yet

That's the way it has always been

It's time to get to work whether your hair is curly or straight or whatever

Healthcare in the 21st century is a funny thing

Families in the 21st century are a funny thing

These, too, have always been

Myth voice, viruses, big, small, appointment viewing, gold coins and really old gold coins buried in the ground

Images is what images does

More and less vs. increasing pain

You'll see how much they care and then you will, too

Sharp edges, implements, transformations, thinners, pooling

Wait wait wait the change is coming

August 11, 2012

My Dad Went to a Rain Delay and All I Got Was This Stupid Poem

Floating tension

Rewards and exclusives

Surrender vs. Release

Wrapped in air, attacked by air

Buoyant and then less buoyant

Celebrations, freedom, waiting

Buoyant once more, sunrise, replicas

The people of Baltimore

The people of a young nation and protection and a storehouse of fresh water

The place we keep all our ammunition safe

The place we keep away

The palace, it has it's own hill and it's own dialect

The valley has loam and a can-do attitude

Be free! Be free!

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 8, 2012

Second and August

First, second, third

Snores that aren't human

Babies that aren't human

The key to the life on other planets

The gateway to everything right here

Meander to the sound

The sights and tingling nerve endings

Surface tension vs. surface

Skin deep vs. general

The way to be vs. the infield fly rule

Pitchers who bat


More America

Bloodless things that are somehow anemic

Kids, lawns, off

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States

August 7, 2012

Everyone Gets a Chance

YouTube Video

Will you be up at 3am?

Four lines gone forever because not good enough meets an iceberg and there ain't a movie star in sight

Five is obvious

Six ate seven won three oh my!

Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous

Hydra-headed and up through modeled rubber

It begins again and so on

Tying a knot, tying another

In the know

I wonder what you'll have time for

The sound of stacking

The sound things make when they fall on a tile floor

The sound of dinner

Dimanche always with me somewhere in the background

Says good night

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 2, 2012

The What, the Why, and the Broken

You are getting from this

Corkscrew, tension line, movies

Folded in half and again, back to coils, and right before the end of the beginning

The dark side of potential energy

Labs in gold mines and then labs again but the gold mining long gone

You can detect this

You can measure this

Vs. measure of

Vs. born this way

Vs. I didn't come here to do anything on purpose

If you build a tilt-a-whirl and it gets out of hand, then what?

When you understand something enough to correct it, what does that say about the corrector and what is the corrector saying about the correctee?

Stories about saving and thermodynamics

Stories about not sleeping

Stories about August

I wish all the months led double lives as adjectives or ages

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States