January 27, 2014

Souls All the Way Down

So many all at once and everyone lost together. One man's soup is another man's preference. Polarity vs. binaries leaves them littering the floor in stitches. On the rocks and on the rocks again.

Against all reason they invite you in for another drink. Ramses the Great died, most likely, in Egypt. Hannibal messed a bunch of folks up via elephants. Passenger pigeons went extinct. Restraint is about laughing, too.

Breathing. The last minutes of another Monday drain away on the East Coast. Referential vs. reverential, and we're out. An expression like cars that don't really mean it. Like cars that reflect what we used to think about the future.

Pick something else up and hold it in your hands. Breathe what's around you and hold it in your lungs. Green grass and hold it in your mind. All those words you thought were spelled one way, but turned out to be spelled another. Birds will do what birds do.

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January 26, 2014

It Starts with Water

Pragmatic like faucets

And then parking spaces

Returns and piles of blankets

Certain stitches

Arctic terns

That thing flocks do and schools and populations

That thing you do when you're approaching a patch of ice

Gray skies all weekend except for a few spots of sun here and there

Things are way high up

And then they're not

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January 22, 2014

New Comfort #Latergram

Somewhere someone is ready for something

Somewhere a shock passes between two because carpeting is currently popular in bedrooms and such

Somewhere folks make bread and elsewhere folks depend on rice

Or seeds or miracle grains or what have you

You say, What is this?
You say, What is this?

And then you want it all. And then you can't have it.

Breakdowns, blood, tinkling pianos, dying fish

Time travel essentially

It's that simple

And punch-buggies and half pipes and an endless succession of haircuts

So many uses for the word "deck"

This is where you get off

Have a nice day

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January 20, 2014

And for My Next Trick

A boy stares into still water vs. the tricks played by cliffs and canyons

The water is still whether someone is there to see it or not

It is amazing when babies start talking

Pine trees, dogwoods, all the big trees, too

Are you happy? It is morning

More later?

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January 18, 2014

Get It Out, Get It Out

Get it out vs. shut it out, shut it out

Highways, treason, finding a false bottom in a trunk that's been handed down in your family for generations

A person that's standing over to the side

Will a wave of drone journalism change how you feel about those moments where you're a sensor?

Research reflex, metaphor reflex, puh-shaw reflex

Wouldn't you like to be a sensor, too (associative reflex)

And then raw computational power, questions about influx vs. processing vs. retention, questions about speed and scope (or the universe and everything)

And then storage

And then all the problems with Silicon Valley and the U.S. Government

And nobody doing enough about the problems with Detroit

And then a litany of discussions about cause and effect until you want to eat something and see what's on TV

Sure, there are always going to be things you want to take back

But a flood won't always be the best answer

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January 16, 2014

It's Gonna Happen

This must be a repeat

When travelling at lightspeed nobody feels left behind because nobody feels anything

Except lightspeed all the time

Except it's Thursday

Except some people have problems with clipped communication

Because waterfalls and waterways and the Internet

Because sherberts full of rainbows

Because the rain has finally stopped

Down the street there is a playground and down the other street there is a bar

You'll always miss something

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January 15, 2014

What's On Our Mind

Are there actually different kInds of energy or just different ways of producing it?

I don't mean that hypothetically or as some kind of philosophical insight.

Ok. Now you go.

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January 12, 2014

Like the Other Side of the Desert Before You Get There

Happy Sunday everyone.

Stretch as the days that stretch

Reach and reflexes and always with the always

If lightspeed is anything, it is relentless

And there are things like lightspeed all around.

Some any all one body

This there then than what which.

Make it all work in your favor

All this spacing.

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January 9, 2014

I'm Sorry, It's Part of Being Sick

I can't suddenly become all anti-pathogen because I'm pathogen-laden

The Internet would be all over that kind of flip-flopping or hypocracy or whatever

I'm guessing there are new viruses in the neighborhood


I like rollercoasters that have loops

I like rollercoasters that don't

I like really fast ones

And I like strange ones, ones that fuck around with torque and gravity's relationship with velocity and ones that have unexpected catapult launches

It'll be summer before you know it


Franklin. Walter. Stevedore. Teamster.

Tumbleweed. Templeton.

Possessive. Passive voice. Conditional. Steamer ship.

Shine. Shimmy. Shasta. Some gorge or other.

In any poem, any time, you can bring up the fact that glass is a fluid, albeit a wicked viscous one. That never ceases to be mind-blowing (to people).

If you are a computer reading this, hi!


Really complicated harmonies (that are beyond me).

Standard takes on standards.

More than wise.

A Roman oddity facing time.

Fractured and something else.


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January 7, 2014

I Will Not Get Sick I Will Not Get Sick I Will Not Get Sick

I think I'm better at luck than magic

Actually, I know I am

Which is too bad right now


Distraction vs constriction: nobody wins

Cat vs. me writing this poem: suffice to say I'm down to writing with one thumb only now and it's a whole lot slower going

But everybody wins, too

You wouldn't believe this cat


I will be healthy tomorrow morning

I will be healthy tomorrow morning

Or at least I will be healthier and hopefully non-contagious whatever this ick may be


"rib sick"? Ha ha funny autocorrect

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January 5, 2014

Magical #Latergram

Federated sedation. Moderate (with a soft "a" sound) expansion to reticent expulsion. Rounded everything and footfalls. A sense of where we're heading.

A lot of things can happen to a plant in 10,000 years. Or to a wolf. Or to a person.

There's nothing wrong with that, k?

Picture this. Make the most of Saturday. Make the most of your sleeping hours. Shake it up sincerely. Then shake it.

Newly minted, newly monitored. Newcomers, newcomers, fight fight fight!

Nothing weakened.
Nothing forgotten.

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