December 30, 2013

Lovely Ladies; Beautiful Ladies

I've had this song stuck in my head on and off all day and so when I saw Emma hanging out at the bottom of the bed, it popped right back up. So I took this picture. But this isn't about lovely and beautiful ladies, or is as much about that as anything I write. Which puts it at kinda sorta?

I was thinking of a band name or a New Years resolution earlier today and it was Pure Everything

And I've been thinking about everything, all the time, forever a lot, too

Everything at once

The Grand Super-Imposition

This will be the new parallax and the new juxtaposition and the new Swiss fonts and the new chunky glass

And it will have always been that way once it begins

Calculations when algorithms sound better

Spreadsheets over everything

Robots risen and life re-raised on interstellar travel

Plenty of time for everything squishy

And sunrises

And loads and loads of consumption

Sharing, including breaking bread, expression, exposition, and lots and lots of memories

See yourself from the outside

From flattering angles

No filters anymore

No latergrams necessary

Because we were all there

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Resonate, Resin, and a Little Donkey, Too

Ten months ago sooner

Everything burning up but not uncomfortable

Story after story after story after story

And then you're up

Parallel lines can end even if they can never meet

Look for an escape

There's always something

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December 28, 2013

A Break Is to Breathing

Amaru. Chemise. Chemistry.

Constantly with the opening outward and with the breathing in the new year.

Constantly with the remembering that dust is the skin we shed and the skin our loved ones shed all around us.

And star dust. And cosmic rays. And the chance fact of all of our protections.

The permeability of boundaries.

The impermanence of barriers.

And this turned to more opening outwards.

Exhale like a broom.

Dream like a 40-year old man.

But no stars with all the light pollution around here.

It's daytime anyway.

There are all kinds of things that are there even when you can't see them.

One of many things I hope to learn this year.

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December 27, 2013

All the More Sleepyheads

The interworld of interstitials on interstates as the interglacial passes by

You forgot about the Internet and the internecine warfare and the internists all around us

Spilled drinks, unkempt everything

New days

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December 26, 2013

The Hour of I Haven't Done Anything Good with My Life

I can already feel it slipping

To "good enough" and on its way to a more cloying "need to do better better better"

It's the hour when you see typos in old blog posts

And you aren't doing anything about them

The hour on an aging iPad looking at social crap when you know you should just read a book

You have a good book to read

And mom and dad are making mom-and-dad coffee upstairs

They've been up and about awhile

And you've just been up

Things are going to go wrong every now and then

Maybe more

You are going to think you really hit the nail on the head only to realize it was your thumb

Or worse someone else's thumb

That's what kills me enough to write trite and shitty metaphors

It's almost 2014 and 2013 was really good to me

But there is always the hour for this

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December 23, 2013

More Latergram

Happened vs. happening

Eventually explosives, of course

Ripple effect meets sight

On-site echolocation

(Is the best kind)

I have this moment of wanting to travel east and to also slow everything way down

There's this moment where it'll come together

Magnifying glass vs. microscope vs. where digital photography is headed

More and more outer space

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December 22, 2013

Still Nightime a Bit

There's this thing about we can't stop

And there's this thing with wires that bring power

And diodes or something that bring light

But don't waste a lot of heat

On purpose

There's this thing where wordplay isn't wisdom and rhetoric isn't right

There's still this thing where things don't run we and we don't take any shit from anyone

I'll get some resolutions together soon and sleep will be on the list

But, man, the light in here is something, even if there ain't much

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December 21, 2013

I Don't Remember What Woke Me Up

But it was a heart-racing / mind-racing lot of something

That I remembered for a few minutes

But that was two hours ago now and counting

I remember a dream or two a year at most

Is my prejudice against dream journal poetry some kind of jealousy

Or is it just another part of how tired all those Dali posters got on everyone's walls

Shit, I had one

But it was a strange crucifixion, not dripping clocks

(Autocorrect so changed that to "drilling clocks" but that is no doubt another story for another time and I changed it back)

I mean, I love the whole-sit-in-front-of-a-painting-with-a-spoon-in-your-hand-until-you-fall-asleep-and-when-the-spoon-hits-the-floor-and-wakes-you-up-and-you-see-the-painting-in-front-of-you,-you-are-really-seeing-it thing

And I love exquisite corpses and automatic writing all the way down to that Amherst surrealism that all the Amherst kids are doing these days (or maybe that was yesterday)

I love a lot of stuff

But I find Freud real tired

I guess that's what I'm trying to say

Don't get me wrong... When it comes to changing the world we live in my totally historically naive white guy self goes Jesus -> Darwin -> Freud -> Turing

But man is Freud tired

I promise I'll actually read him rather than about him some day

Yeah I'll probably break that promise

I'm so awake

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December 19, 2013

We Make Great

We make gears

And fishermen and diverse lifetimes

Scattered shores

Churlish pride

Childish something else

Sine waves vs. corrections

Complex cargo to trade imbalances to tariff after tariff

Tarry on the throughway

Tally against calendar against discoveries thousands of years old

Reach, reach more, and then reach for more

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December 17, 2013

Something Quickly

Clinicians and 9-1-1 operators

Numerators by the numbers

The temperature dropping 10 degrees while you were inside doing whatever

The times when a cast iron skillet is just the thing

The promise of better nutrition

Still the nosebleeds

Maybe some rosemary

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December 15, 2013

That Rhymes with Again

There are sayings

Crop dusters dust fields of crops

An old Chevy with a broken axel

Fishermen gather on banks and in shallow-hulled boots

A thing about shoelaces

More with the sun going down

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

November 18, 2013

Sometimes You Feel Like Something

Just do, s'il-vous plâit

Strong suits and wheel houses and mill wheels and steamships

Lighter than air aircraft


You go on and on

I've been up to other things all month

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November 4, 2013

I'm NaNoWriMo-ing so not too much here for November

Maybe I should drop in chunks of it while I go.

I seriously thought of doing the whole nanowrimo on my phone -- like everything I do here -- but that seemed like too far a hill to climb.

And that's part of why I don't want to drop pieces of it in here... It seems like cheating putting all the finger-typing up in here. It's, like, so blog 2009.

We'll see.

I hope you're doing well.

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October 28, 2013

Sunlight Floods

Floodlight plains

Indiana enters

Fingertips out to their tips, then clenched fists, then conscious breathing

Breath and breathe and loss and lose and loose

Fabric softener

Cuddle bears

A buffalo heard on an island in a lake really happens

Natural bridges that come and go with the tides

Getting salt from the ocean makes me think of soaked clothes

Makes me think of sucking the salt from soaked clothes

And that Kobe Bryant does this with the edge of his sweat-soaked jersey

Which is the only story about Kobe I like

It is morning. Hello.

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October 24, 2013

Don't Take Something and More

I wrote a lot of great notes to myself in the car, but they are still there and I'll have to get them later

A lot of words were stringing together today

There were interruptions everywhere

Today was anti-endings; it was a technical issue

The kitten is crazy for scraps of paper right now

Eyes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and utility

Instincts vs. reflex like software vs. different software

Nature vs. nature

I've met far more grammar nazis than Nazis in my lifetime

There are a lot of people living on the planet right now

Lots of flowers, too, and insects and other things

That thing you do where you don't blink

That thing you do when your breath hitches

That thing you do when you look up at the sun to try and get that sneeze out

All these years and still the bleeding is leading

Let's let's let

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October 23, 2013

When You've Been in Primary So Long that You're Thinking of Skipping Secondary

You can turn to something and be all like, you consume me

Most of the liquids in my life are measured in English

I drink soda maybe once or twice a year

Tear into a box of something

Crack open a door

Shutter a window

And shutters for show

And show well in a competition somewhere

Or curb appeal

Or what's going on with wages vs. what's going on with the cost of living or inflation or cable TV

TB is viral, the flu is viral, most colds are viral

Mad cow disease? Not viral

Staph infection? Also not viral

I'm making my way to a point

Enter the talking animals and personified days of the week

Enter a painted sunset that is less painted and more a testament to where you've been till now

Enter some agrarian utopia myth

Then 21st century building materials, unimaginable populations, wildly diversifying dialects, and real breakthroughs in energy production

Eat it all up thank you

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October 22, 2013

Tuesday Going on Wednesday

You can't blame gravity or rebellion

You can't blame the river

Fire has to do with oxygen

Then there is the lightning, the asteroids, and the careless campers

Dinosaurs became birds

And while that's useful now, it'll become less useful over time

Radiation, fashion, utility, Miss Jackson

Constriction vs. the discomfort of boundaries encountered during a period of expansion

A whole lot of hair

Always with the smart jackets

And the smart jacket weather

There are those that plan

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 20, 2013

They Missed Him by His Hair

Gone. Gone. Gone.

A broken nose here, a torn ligament there.

Broken arm, concussion, contusion on contusion.

Never concision, rarely concession.

Weekends follow weeks.

Monday rounds a corner.

Tuesday evens out.

Then you drag yourself across a desert

Where people roll there Rs

You drop things into hot oil and it all starts again.

You find a goal and then you share it widely.

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 18, 2013

At Angles, Archangels, Etc

There are a variety of things to wash out of your hair on any given day

And I still don't have an emoji keyboard running

If I was a geologist (?) I might know the actual difference between an island and a continent

I figure is has something to do with volcanoes

When you get a phone call from someone on an island

When you get a phone call from someone on an island in a different timezone

Some timezones are island-poor

Continents move

They just do

Then there is sound and the things sound does

There are logarithms and algorithms and functions and such

Piles of technology

And logic and association and all that, too

Wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, Saturdays

Trains and their stations

A big ole moon

Watch your head when you get in

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October 17, 2013

I Gotta Fix My Emoji on This Thing

There are boundaries to any situation

There are blunders and weaponry

There are force multipliers and all kinds of stuff, but that's not so much what I'm here to talk about

You can buy new ways of seeing because this is a time after some time in the nineteenth century and we just keep passing these skills down

Useful skills

You can buy dinner, you can buy seeds to grow food for dinner, you can make a nice dinner for your friends

Obligatory mentions of fish tacos, San Diego, beverages

You can see things from a great height -- we've inherited so many fabulous things

And there is a train in motion and so on

There is the moon passing through phases over a period of days

And faster the tides rise and fall

Blue crabs are delicious
Oysters are delicious
Shrimp are delicious

And I'm hungry right about now

There is cold metal, cold stone, and glass that is cool to the touch

There is a mug in the freezer, but I'm not home

There are awards for smart people doing smart things

Someone traipsed across England putting up all these damn fences

Someone planted apple trees

There was these giant cheetahs that we're eating fucking everyone

We were together like the continents

Life was wild

Location:Savage,United States

October 15, 2013

I Wrote This on My New Phone I Didn't Want to Get but Had to When my Old Phone Died

And this is the first picture I've taken with my new phone

I haven't been writing much lately, I'm not sure why

But I think I'm going to write an honest to God novel (well, at least the first draft) in November

So if you have any ideas for what it should be or what should be in it, holler

Though I think it's best if I try not to think about it at all until November 1st

So maybe just email me with "hey this is an idea for your novel, don't open this email until November 1" as the subject line

K? Cool


It's October already


Conflict. Closures. Clozapine. Climate. Climactic.

Unpeeled. Undulating. Euthanasia. Ultimately.

Rhinoceros. Rectangular. Wrongly. Regular.

Rapturous. Raptors. Wrestling. Righteous. Rancor.

Yellow. Yet. Yes. Yes. Yes.

And then the favors.
And then the fevers.
And then the ground trembles and things fall.

All things fall.

Weapons clatter when they hit the ground.

Cards splay in bedrooms when they slip their boxes.

When I mean ricochet.

When I head home or get gone.

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October 10, 2013

Less Later

Swollen eyes from laughing so hard

At so many ridiculous

At your friends and colleagues

Wrap yourself in a title and love it

The robots will offer so much and we'll laugh ourselves right off the place and a buncha other stuff

I'm forgetting what else I had to say

It's been a long one

That's how it's supposed to be

I'm real good with this belt

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 7, 2013

Ray of the Chosen

Ray of the choosing

If you fall you chance or flail

A board with cups and balls and holes and pegs

Sheer poundage pounding pounces princely pawns and pricey pairs

Pick a Packer and peck your eyes out

Lose your mind to fine French cooking

Economics and word choice aren't the best of fuck buddies

Then tomatoes and potatoes and vanilla can be quite a flavorful flavor if you give it a chance

Tahiti and then Madagascar connected by a pouncing red arrow

Your heart is firmly in your chest for now

You are surrounded but your hands stay down

Your face is not on the floor but the hostages are being released one by one

Another arrow and an evening and a shelf

Before it goes all wrong

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 6, 2013

Later than You

A building that is also a mythical whale

Middle of the evening allergies

Fasten, fashion, bastion

Bane over everything

A string need not be a certain length

And a penny need not be heads-up, but the shiny one right next to the bed is

I figured out a good riddle today

And I are well (for me)

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

October 5, 2013

Details to Come

Lots and lots and lots and lots

And lots, lots, lots

Fictions, facts, tons of details in both

Interruptions and flow and stringing from word to word to word

City streets mostly intersect with other city streets

Long loops of long-looping material

More paradoxes than I know

Clouds are so big, you know?

And some things are so small

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 30, 2013

Exercise, Fiber, Proper Rest

Breathing. Ideas and their opposition.

Winding out against winding down.

A variety of environmental noises in a man-made environment and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The new nature for falcons and squirrels and things much smaller and much scarier.

Every single little thing that goes bump in the night + all the things you bump into on the way to the bathroom when you are half awake.

The thoughts you hold dear when you are half asleep.

Hurtling anywhere through anything and a whole buncha metal.

The 80s happened with their grandstanding and a lot of us were there to see it go off.

Then the jump, followed by the jump cut, followed by the entire day unfolding the way it would.

Location:P St NW,Washington D.C.,United States

September 28, 2013

Truly a Magical Time in a Series of Magical Times

Gravity and running.

The lasting impermanence of things, if that makes any sense.

When you are less than yourself and yet still yourself.

Like, that's not a threat, that's a promise. And maybe more like, that's not a celebration, it's a hard truth.

File with warnings, evil tidings, and statistical inevitabilities.

And there is moving very quickly without getting where.

And there are these numbers in marched lines that you can try to get your head around to pass the time or the pressure.

The pile of other things makes a picture in your head and then another and then another.

Fluid systems lead to the itching.

Some unconvincing connection to tattoos and early America.

Something quiet still and something blue.

To one side then the other.

It won't be about the chairs or the place settings or the name cards.

But it will begin with recognition, and then you'll get a chance to rise.

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

September 24, 2013

We Live in a Time Where Most People Know First-Hand that Some Things Can Not Be Unseen

If I had more time I'd dig into the relationship between time and matter

I've got matter and energy on a lock, and I'm facile enough with space and time

So then there is energy which has wave properties (and maybe matter does, too) and that has to do with the movement of particle-like things through a space with a frequency (a function of time)

And it's already funny, because you're facile with the space and time things being the same thing so the wave is a function that divides one kind of space by another kind of space

Ha ha

But if I had more time or a better attention span or some kinda drive to care deeper there'd be some place where mass-energy locks in with space-time to make some wicked matrix or maybe even a real-world grid

With some dimensionality issues
I'm sure

But suddenly energy, matter, space, and time would all be tangled in a big conservation dance and before you know it matter would be time and we'd have new kinds of bombs and time travel

It would be cool and dangerous like so many cool things are

I'm sure people would learn languages faster but terms like "faster" would be complicated

What is tomorrow's gravity well?

I should've spent the last few hours with Banks, I'm guessing

But hey, my fantasy team pulled it out and Peyton put on a frickin' show

Ceci est le twenty-first century, actually

No shit

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 22, 2013

Rid Them of the Wet Streets; Later Over Everything

Everywhere you look, fire everywhere

Well-managed barbecues, and pits, pilot lights, and smart ranges

Raging forest infernos leaping from branch to branch, brushfires, ill-planned pyrotechnic displays, overturned cars, runaway trucks, planes tumbled from the sky, rocket impacts, lightning strikes

Two crossed pieces of wood make an X and a smart little flame stands up

Cinders ride currents up into the sky -- you can see them better at night

Or they are just prettier then

Light is a big and wide thing

Summer tans start tilting away

The Mediterranean is still pretty sun-soaked, though, I bet

Carriage, coach, tender, and broke

Swaddle, dander, rooster, lanterns

Spend the day laboring to afford fuel

Spend the night burning the fuel to stay safe

The moon was full on Thursday and so it begins

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 20, 2013

All Lights from Here

Camera, eagle, angels, angle.

Drywall and marked measurements.

Organic shapes vs. organic shapes of different colors.

Many, many, many local situations adding up to something different.

Is not in New Jersey.

Vestigial everything. Adolescent everything except where it's a map.

Taxation, representation, the usual.

But engine after engine after engine after engine.

War engine. Steam engine. Combustion engine. Blood engine. German engine. Aircraft engine. Hybrid gas-electric car has more than one engine? Electric engine.

The heat death of the universe is on more people's minds this week

Because that's how the Internet works

Reminding you distance was never the problem.

Scarcity was never the problem.

Hurricanes were rarely the problem.

Good night

Location:Washington Blvd,Baltimore,United States

September 17, 2013

Certain Days Beg Certain Questions

Limits of language like this: lead, tear, read

When you have a wall of fire to your left, are you on the left hand of fire?

They will re-invent the Camaro

Canyon walls will do the same

Something about pools of water so still they are mirrors

Make that Greek pools of Greek water

On to really dense matter

The oxygenation of the planet and eventually the reverse

Evaporation and cooling and buoyancy and Brownian motion

Little things that look like big things and really big things that look familiar

I don't really consider anywhere my hometown, really

I'd like to get to Maine again soon, though

And I'd like to drop a lifetime roaming civilization and loving up dialect after dialect

And let me come back as a drummer once, k?

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

"The Skeletons of Controllers and The Controlled" over at the Pink Line Project

The Pink Line Project has some of the best lo-fi active states on their nav. They also have the fantastic Buck Downs picking their poetry. In a moment of weakness, he succumbed to publishing a poem of mine over there, "The Skeletons of the Controllers and The Controlled," and said some really great things about me, too. I hope you dig.

I think this is the first blog post I've typed on a not-phone in a hella long time.

There Was this Sound and this Heat Rising Up

Because everybody has something
They like to do
A lot of things a better way

There's gotta be and/or we gotta find

We'll drop the constants because the constants change

We'll keep the contestants because everybody still loves a story

Illustrated vs. illustrious vs. paying your taxes

And then Peyton Place and Payton Manning and the Manning Bowl and the fact that there are still Raiders fans out there somewhere

There are

And I look at the wall of fire that was chasing me back then

And the storm clouds and the hurricane warnings and beachfront property everywhere a-shudderin'

And here, now, my limbs and no massive scars to speak of

I'll stay fascinated, surrounded by evermore

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 9, 2013

Gold Chains Dripping in the Bathroom

Fountain faucet

Great green

Henlopen Park

As in, Hello, can you hear me?

Eye of the storm of the century

Jackals all around, face-carded


Kill them all

Leave the leftovers

Man, woman, floorplan

Never reset

Location:S Greene St,Baltimore,United States

September 4, 2013

What You Don't See Here

Acorn and sunny

Holding on to what you have as you turn your face into a healthy breeze

This terrible poison ivy creeping up my feet

Reducing a sauce until it stops being real

Incredible names of English pubs

Bad ideas, better ideas

Batter-flavored ice cream

This is all ridiculous

And I still haven't written the sequel

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

September 2, 2013

Always with the Spying

There are so many things worth telling you

There are those who won't seek your validation

There is pressure and equilibrium

There is the change constant even before there was one

Heat loss, also a constant

Gravity, not so

I remember learning the lowest point in Utah was higher than the average height of Maryland

We're talking about sea level

Water freezes from the top down and I've always held on to hydrogen bonding allowing for life as we know it

Then there is life in ways we don't know it and likely wouldn't recognize

More math, more Mondays, someone said something about letting the time spool past

Hold perfectly still and you'll shoot through time

Move too quickly and you'll never be the change you seek

A story hates spectrums and perfect balance points -- it wants black and white, it's always wanted black and white

Kodak would eventually fuck it all up

A salon here, I'm out of here there

Forest fires, seasonal blue moons, the miracle of baby feet and the series of moments that add up to a grown child

Put your arms around the darkness and breathe it in

And spiders will keep the insects in check

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 30, 2013

That's It for the Freaking

Enough sharp intakes of breath

Enough of this day that came after the previous and so on

The sun will come up tomorrow

Location:Hollins Ferry Rd,Lansdowne-Baltimore Highlands,United States

August 29, 2013

More an Additional Script than a Postscript

Nightmare: there is a trigger that never burns out

Or a fear

There is a crawling that never grows up

The infinite numbers that extend beyond the horizon vs. infinite numbers that exist between two right in front of you

Lonely numbers, like on a clock

Rational numbers, like on a spreadsheet

Imaginary numbers, like if electricity is your thing

Preachers never people my nightmares, but I find them effective in horror films

Because I find creepy more effective in horror films than terror

Like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, I believe in the violence that happens offscreen

I believe in summers in the South, or at least am starting to

I believe in the blessing that is spiders

The cats, they think I should be sleeping

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States

August 28, 2013

Some Things Hold While Others Do Not

I'm working on this sequel to a poem because Joe Young said the right thing AND more poems should have explicit sequels by now

But this isn't that sequel

That sequel is three memo pad pages scribbled while driving on 95 and if you know me that makes sense

And more of it is rattling around in my head -- but I want to let it do that for a bit

I can't believe we lost that game to the Sox

I won't let that rattle in my head

I swear

Location:S Greene St,Baltimore,United States

August 27, 2013

Summer Theme #Latergram

More paint

More tires

That was the Summer the Collins boy went missing

That's the abandoned mine

Well the buildings

And that's where we came out

I want to tell a complicated myth about the Rambo II that never was and how it was all intentional, never sloppiness

So many of the leaves are already turning

Up here Fall comes earlier

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 13, 2013

Some Would Call It a Wheelbarrow

And maybe thanks for calling is the way out.

If centripetal force isn't what it seems, what is anger that goes in a circle.

Oxen go free, red barrels, exhibits of poor judgement at rodeos and state fairs and county fairs.

The dream of matched weight and volume without crushing uniformity.

The dream where uniformity stops crushing.

The dream with corners you take in stride, gears that never grind, and well-used turn signals.

What would you break?
What would you squirrel away for still tougher times?
What would you polish a little too often?

Hello in the air tonight.

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States

August 11, 2013

So Many Somethings

When there is something going on

Climate control


Lacking a certain focus

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States

August 7, 2013

All Kinds of Applications if Pressure Physics Does Not Make

You see how they did that? Long Lost Longshoreman Blues. Full of pills, full of days, full of so many things to do for so many people. Full of lists. Full of people and full of food.

Empty it out and call it a day. Look at how lights paint places. How far we've come, how fast. How time melts.

And tunnels, and building wraps, and refrigerated shipping, and one position followed by another.

Hives, mobs, teams, queues and switchbacks for queues, assortments, amassments, massives, collectives, groups and gangs and things that just come together. Dozens.



Location:I-76 W,Philadelphia,United States

Did we really lose you? <eom>

Location:Maiden Ln,New York,United States

August 5, 2013

Surface Texture

I want to give some piece of my brain over to this kind of writing

It's a better world with a group of people out there plugging away at ones and zeroes, whatever the polar opposite of a fad diet is

And all that biomass churns until something for everyone emerges

And I feel like I'd be better off if I could keep a quarter that way

Dreams of connection and disconnection collide


Location:P St NW,Washington D.C.,United States

August 4, 2013

The Things We Do

This should be one in a series of millions and exceedingly mundane

Like the ones I want to do that are just reportage on various articles of clothing

Like observational data tracking the sun from one equinox to the other

Subtly shifting arcs across the sky

"Cutting cool arcs across the sky" would sound good, but the sun rarely does "cool"

Pictures of the sun wearing sunglasses

The sun cold in the sky on a cold and hazy late-fall day

The Voyager probe looking back at a pinprick of a sun as it leaves the solar system

Tangled up in perspective and the tricks shifting adjectives play

Half of that isn't like me and I'm sure wont be something I'm writing about a day from now

The things we talk about at parties vs. the things we write in poems

O'Hara vs. Whitman

Stevens vs. Williams

Was the "Carlos" a middle name? That's easy to find out

Wikipedia vs. The Mystery

These are all fake battles

Truces are for Sundays

Location:Burlington Mall Rd,Burlington,United States

July 24, 2013

World Grip Gravity

When everything is moving, what is moving?

Sequences from Michael Bay movies slowed to half-speed.

When everything is balletic, what are bullets?

The things they can do with graphics; the things the planet does with water; sunsets for years after a real good volcanic eruption.

Cancelled vacations; falling objects; breathing meditation.

Insertions and deletions; fair taxation; an approach for a day like tomorrow.

When everything is an opportunity, what does the corner hold?

Stanchions for miles on a good day.


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 23, 2013

Seven Left-hand Hitters

No make that six left-handers

Backdoor, ganders, point breaks, outs, holding

Networks go gone

Gobs go greater

What will save us from this pile?

Like what's the going rate on eBay?

Going O, going gone what're you gonna do with it?

Go as the End of Times?

Go as Edo before the fall? Should we call it an infestation? An infilitratrion?

Go as some who's numbered his days?

See what you'll do. Then see what we'll do.

Cuba's a ways away.


Location: On the way from NYC to Baltimore; not quite past Trenton

July 22, 2013

Words Like Monday Come Around a Bend

There are those that have the fur and those who wield it

Weld, welt, welp, welcome

Savannah, meadow, forest


Target acquisition
Advanced target acquisition
Predictive target acquisition

Adjustments for velocity, relative velocity, gravity, wind, atmospheric distortion, planetary curvature


Tracking, trackball, scouting party

Excellent soundings

Excellent plaster casts of the getaway cars tire treads

You are a database search away from breaking this case wide open

And pay phones are rarer and rarer


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 21, 2013

A Wooden Sorry, Good Night

One tree planted after another without so much an apology

Later there would be fallen trees, lichen, moss, mushrooms of all sorts

What was growth changed to become undergrowth

There will be a time for sleeping and softness

A wooden sorry, goodnight

This isn't who I am, it's what I do


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

There Is Some Rain

Verbs vs. title casing. Camel casing. Intestinal casing

Breeds intention. Breaded reading. Buffalo sauce.

Mean, mean, measure, better.

Mean, plan, measure, better better.

Butter churned from.

Protein in all its many forms.

Cheap and dirty chemistry labs when efficiency be damned

When the rewards are so obvious

When the timescale is so glacial

Geologic, epic, meteoric, dynastic.

Dynamic duos vs. trios vs. confused mission statements and circadian rhythms.

Vs. Autumn

Vs. gravity

Vs. the great and crushing crusher that's not quite space

The meat quite literally falls off the bone

The day pitches

Some seem crazy

Others have forgotten the sound.


Location: Swan Lake Swim Club, Baltimore, MD.

July 19, 2013

Bridge + Expanse

A collection of wood

A thing that is both small and ugly

A dress for the drycleaner

The sound that comes with sunset

The right doughnut at the wrong time

The way of the quiet office worker

This stress before bad weather

This envelope properly posted

This question heard but not answered

You begin and you begin again

You circle the point then circle the circle

You bring it to another home

July 18, 2013

Everything to Everyone

I just don't have it for erasures right now

I have it for the firehose and the flood and the synchronous

I have it for the Collapse of Space and Time taking a look at us and saying, silly humans, this has nothing to do with singularity

I have it for a view of everything breaking down to neutrinos being anything but gray or just not giving a shit about gray

All these images in my head that aren't pictures

Strings of words and/or rhetoric and/or narrative shreads

Jokes and half-ideas and half paragraphs

I want to make some space for rabbits, so I just made some space for rabbits

Brown ones
Whites ones
Spotted ones
Those giant ones with the long fur
They are German?

Noses and then otters and then rivers and then the air

From whatever-saurs to hollow bones in how long?

It's all amazing


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 17, 2013

I Lost a Post

And I meant it and that's a bummer

I mean, I meant what I wrote

Even if I was on the Metro at the time

And I was metro-ing between U Street and Dupont Circle (transfer at Chinatown)

But that's not enough to put it back together

Funny what autocorrect won't correct

Funny this time of night

Funny what time of morning I'll be up

And out

And "Hey Yeah" was a great song, you're right

It still is

Let's put it on tomorrow

[I wrote this a few days ago, but found it in my drafts instead of having been published... Whoops.]

Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD

July 10, 2013

Amtrak, Weeqhuahic Park

Sixty-four pitches and we're still in the third inning

Some people are red-hot

Some people are doing well

Some things are not forthcoming or are working their way around or are taking a little time

Some things are wild.


Jargon. Dialect. Heteroglossia aka mixing it up.

Remix. Collage. Cut up and cutting it up.

End. The end.


Sometimes you'll even have something to say.

July 7, 2013

No Trees, Now

Heat on heat
Heat on humidity

Near-charcoal smolders under a fine layer of ash, not because I dug around for the right word, but because that's what it does

What it's been doing all night
Night after night

Fan it and fan it some more

The sun will come up and splay oranges and reds down the way

The sun will go down and a host of other stars will get a turn at making you dizzy

You're floating
They're floating
And they're burning, too

Get some sleep, Monday is on its way

June 29, 2013

What Color

Night time. Pink. Putrescence and the quality thereof. Rhetoric against inhumanity. The page, remember that.

Thingness vs. thinginess. Thinking thin ice. Frenchmen walking.

Bread buying. Future markets. And it was time to reset the units. To set it straight.

Re-straighten. Straits of Magellan. Iberian Penninsula. Sino-U.S. relations. Who put the station in station wagons?

Left hook. A well-cared for place where people play golf.

Rainbows over Baltimore, IRL.

June 26, 2013

It Was Taco Night

I've been up too long

Others would say I've slept too little

There's that guy who goes and lives in caves for really long stretches and his circadian rhythms get all out of whack

There are types of training that take years, if not decades, and it's not even like you're gonna be a Navy S.E.A.L.

White expanses become static and become white expanses again

Field, fields, screens, windows

Negotiating a view-port is no way to live your life

Taco night happened

Reality does not end at your ability to understand it, but some say it does end at our ability to observe it

I'm not sure where I land on that one

I'm not sure I have to

And then there's Europe. All of it.

June 25, 2013

Funnier Things Have Happened

Funnier things have happened

So the tyranny of pretty shit

So the days that come one after another

Again, dinner while the sun is shining


Waves meet solid boundary

Rudders and steering wheels and all sorts of helpful things

The sextant is an invention like language

Is a technology, is engineered

Look down the road like language

By the pool, belly up to sunshine like language

The mechanics of a change up or a drop shot or a good feint like language

Then the grit whether the teeth kind of the eye kind