August 5, 2009

Make a Day of It

I use more paper products than anyone I know... napkins, tissues, paper towels. I do try to use rags in place of paper towels. And I'd probably use cloth napkins if they were around. Though, too many nosebleeds removes the possibility of handkerchiefs.

I get uncomfortable eating a meal, or even a snack, without a napkin. And prefer a second backup napkin when available. RE the backup: Is that because I eat so quickly and voraciously? Do I not trust my hand-to-mouth coordination?

I wipe my hands on a napkin almost constantly when eating. This isn't always the case. Sometimes I eat an entire sandwich without putting it down... but this is me consciously avoiding wiping my hands.

You'd think I'm OCD, but I love eating off other people's plates, don't wash vegetables when I'm the only one eating, and generally think dirt, grime, and the weaker side of microbes or evil chemicals are all good for me in the grand scheme of things. Like exercise on the cellular level.

I ate cake off a barroom floor once. A glass fell and broke where the cake had been mere moments later. This story always comes up when someone is first getting to know me.


JON LEE said...

Note to self. Things to buy:
Steak Knife.

Jamie Perez said...

If you had a housewarming, people could at least bring you a steak knife. ;)

Love the new apartment!

KA Gorman said...

I understand- I can't eat Indian food with my hands without wiping them between each bite.

Unknown said...

I always get a backup napkin and use it 90% of the time. Jamie you slob.