March 18, 2014

Keep Looking for Out

Earlier today I took all kinds of pictures of deer in my backyard in Baltimore

I swear one was missing a hoof

There was sadness

But there was also a lot of snow and fawns, too

We're looking at a hard stretch of days

Little sleep, too many miles

Bad food is the real enemy

We do this for a reason

It's March and soon it'll be April

How do you feel when you've written something a thousand people have written before and millions on millions have thought?

Do you connect backwards or feel worthless?

That's not hypothetical

I plan on connecting to tomorrow as hard as I danced today

And I hope there is some dancing tomorrow, too

Big ups to everyone that deserves it and to some folks that don't deserve it but will do better yet

Goodnight, Philadelphia

Location:Packer Ave,Philadelphia,United States


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