May 27, 2024

I Think Thinkable Things

I’ve read many books, I won’t name them now.

I’ve listened to so many songs

And talked to so many people

Forward and back and I imagine.

Constant change and constants

Speed downward that’s long for velocity

Both senses of banking and both sides of the coins

What’s true, what’s false, what’s known.

The pitter-patter of so much technology

The boundless sums of everydays

Sets folded into bigger sets wrapped in bigger sets still

And the stillness of the surface when no one’s looking.

Fast friends in faster times fear the falling apart

It’ll come again and again, more than you can remember.

May 7, 2024

Make Yourself Useful

Make yourself large or craven or blue

Make yourself mirrored and wondrous

Coffee and meals and moments in between

There was sleep and there is sleep and there will be more

Centuries have accumulated and it’s all happened

I mean centuries have accumulated and we are here

You’ve spent countless moments counting

There’s nothing and nothing you can get back

Put your head to pillow again

Breathe it all in and breathe it all out again

The world is winking at you while you’re winking in and out

The breaks are sometimes subtle but their still there

So bring on the reset we’ve tumbled too many times

Witness the fusion when you’re back and we’ll see how it goes this time