December 12, 2023


Like so many things before me, take this bread, December 12th

Forgetting today, forging next generation alloys, and nothing ever done but with allies 

Like various symmetries or a wheel spinning or all the piece lining up on the metaphorical board

Like cake, like cookies, like the last days of your last years

Two houses jammed together to make a bigger house

As porch is to galley is to deck is to roof deck

So back is to back is to back is to back

Like a truck or a train, but so very far in the future

But I’ve gotta say, I know your friends. I’ve met your friends. I’m cool with your friends.

I still have so many pets and so many snacks and a roof over my head.

I don’t know where we’re taking this thing we call life.

Let’s keep breathing though, and let’s keep our eyes to the sky.

In Baltimore there’s a radio picking up a faint signal

Signaling which why is gonna matter most this year.