February 22, 2009

Why Would You Lie About How Much Coke You Have? (for February 22)

...a draft of something I think I'll read tonight.
UPDATE below for people coming from a search result!

Obama planning to slash deficit, despite stimulus

Drought adds to hardship in California

Paltrow’s performance as lifestyle guru has amused some and mystified others.

Dusting off a family heirloom

At Binghamton, move to Division I brings recognition and regret

The Ram vs. Tito Santana

Tuning your ears to Spring

My back seat view of a great romance

Britons fuel diesel cars with cooking oil

Revising initial claim, U.S. concedes Afghan attack mainly killed civilians

A lonely and bleak existence in the West, tending the flock

Former chief of eBay tries a new bid. It’s political.

Upgrade to warning system on tsunamis is going slowly.

Washington ex-Mayor has kidney transplant.

Arrest near in 2001 killing of intern, authorities say.

Chet Bulger, 91; helped Cardinals win the N.F.L. title

Governors see slow recovery, even with stimulus funds
And I don’t know what to do next.
UPDATE: It seems like this is popular with google... I'm guessing you did a search for "Why would I lie about how much coke you had?" looking for lyrics to a song you heard and dug. I love that song... it's Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend and is definitely where I got the title (after many other attempts at writing through that). BUT... the line is actually "how much coal you had" because they are all faux upper crusty like that and getting "American Jane Austen"-like. Still -- it's a great song, the best on the album in my opinion -- now you have the title and can track it down.


Anonymous said...

Its funny cause it sounds like he says 'coke', but to see that its 'coal' makes way more sense. What I find surprising is that anyone who's done coke latches on to that line and develops an affinity for the song. I can only imagine having known many a cokehead that many the old addage strikes a chord with so many - you cant trust a cokehead.

Justin said...

Rubbish. I have never had Coke but it make no sense at all to say "Coal" really? its "Coke" and thats it :-)